Your way begins at the other side…

2015 was epic for me. In every way possible. I sometimes couldn’t keep up with it.  Here’s some sentiments on that…

Time is an anchor, a tool to make sure everything doesn’t happen all at once. It aligns the chaos and makes a runway for our desires. Time isn’t somewhere out there.. It’s where we come from.

Expansion happens with the fruition of ideas, the movement of plans and the follow through of those desires.  Feel the impulse of possibility, but make decisions swiftly.

Constriction happens after all expansions. It’s the natural rhythm of the universe. It’s the power testing you, on your power. Feel your way. Slip back into expansion.

Allowing is an art. Accepting is a practice. Having gratitude for them both is also power. Acknowledging the compliments of beloveds and allowance of your ‘loving self-talk’ is what should be guiding you.

2015 broke many barriers for me. I learned to harness my power, I burned brightly, I expanded, I constricted, I allowed, shut down, I realigned and re-learned. I went off course, then realised what was important.

Each human has their own desires. Their own needs and urges. We are one cog within a set of gears that is our family, friends and community or tribe.

It is up to us to live and own our truth. To step in to and own our power. To apply purpose to the sojourn we are on. To learn the magic of light and dark.  To feel the pulse of our heart and longing. To honour that stuff.

You and you alone know what that means for you. When we stop asking for others’  acceptance, we grow. Let go of that shit that didn’t serve you with deep breath, let go of 2015 with love…

Your way begins at the other side.
Become the sky.
Take an axe to the prison wall.
Walk out like someone suddenly born into color.
Do it now.


Big, beautiful love,

Kerrie xox









2 thoughts on “Your way begins at the other side…

  1. Jenny Duggan - January 16, 2016

    Dbeautiful kerrie xxx

  2. kerriedg - June 9, 2016

    Hiya, sorry Otis, I hadn’t seen your last post. Apologies about that… I’d love to know more what you liked about the blog or was it this piece in particular? For me, last year was just about sharing what I was learning myself. Sharing what I was going through. My blog until now has been about personal stuff. But it becoming more streamlined now. My only advice is just to start and keep on. Good luck and enjoy it!

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