Build your life around love….


Amplification: Build your life around love…

We use many metaphorical frameworks in life.  We make our decisions based on them. We form friendships around them.  We make priorities based on them. They are the scaffolding of our daily lives.

Just like grapevines and ivy need structures to grow and flourish on – our lives need frames on which to drape our human nature on. If our structures are built on superficial stuff; money, material objects, trends, fads, clothes and stories, our human nature doesn’t quite thrive as it should.

The stuff and things we love are without a doubt the fabric of life. But they are not the actual structure. Because what’s left when they change, disintegrate, fall away, fall apart?  Potential voids, black holes, gaps and canyons…

I’m not saying for one second that these elements of the fabric aren’t important or fun. They are! I love my stuff! I love my clothes, my jewellery, my fancy dress up stuff, my running trainers, the pictures I hang on my walls, the products I use to make me feel fresh and smooth and pretty on the weekends, the books I read, the places I love to travel to, my phone and laptop and the music I dance to. These possessions help us to creatively express who are are as humans.

Love is the frame on which to hang our fabric of life. Love is the force that holds our world together. It is an energy field, the cosmic glue, that binds us and holds us, connects us to one another. To our family, friends, lovers, mates, acquaintances, colleagues, to our pets and to nature…

It can help us forgive when there’s no apology. It’s the support we can give each other when the going gets tough, it’s the laughs we have when things go wrong. It’s the helping hand we can give when the shit hits the fan. It’s the way we look at each other in times of darkness and light, it’s the way we encourage each other when we fall down. It’s sharing what we have when we don’t have enough. It bonds us with our nearest and dearest and binds communities in times of crisis and it’s the tiny day to day things that let our neighbours and strangers know we care.

Love is the GPS which can help us navigate our way through life. Everything else, our baggage, our hordes, can literally fall away at any point….

But when it’s all stripped back, when stuff decomposes, slips away or is lost, the only thing we are left with is love.

I LOVE this quote from Daniel Pinchbeck..

“The universe only pretends to be made of matter.  Secretly, it’s made of love’.

Big beautiful, messy love,






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