7 Signs you are Living your Purpose

7 Signs you are Living your Purpose
Are you living the life you feel you were born to live?
Do you have a clear sense of what you are here to do? Are you inspired to be living your full purpose, but not sure how to figure this out?
Living our purpose is about having self-intimacy and self-love. We build the bravery to transform, leap, jump, run and shift. When we are living our purpose, we are generating the self-inner power to re-arrange our lives and endeavours to fit our soul calling.
Our life purpose is not just about having nice things. True inner success is not in our stuff. It is not in our hair or make-up, jewellery or clothes. It is not in our houses or cars. As much as these things can define financial success or freedom and are very lovely to play with; entropy always happens! And we will slip away from this lifetime with nothing but our memories and the love we co-created with our fellow humans.
Real purpose and success is determined in our heart and soul. It is the seed of potential. Like the oak seed is programmed to become a giant oak tree – we are all programmed to live a unique and fulfilling life. It is written into our DNA to be our best selves. Whatever our profession or job. Our purpose is threaded though our daily lives. In our relationships, hopes and dreams.
If you are already living your purpose – well done, lucky you. Here are some sure fire signs that you are truly standing in it:
1. You value yourself and you stand in your truth. You stop playing small and lean into your truth. You allow yourself to be vulnerable without letting your failures define you.
2.Your inner compass is strong. You know where you are headed. You take the risks necessary to take the next steps. You listen you your intuition.
3. You show up. You recognise yourself, recognise your talents, and recognise the strength you have within. You also have the strength to ask for support when you need to.
4. You have stopped blaming others for your current situation or past. You have got your big girl (or boy) pants on and know that you can in each moment, choose a new way to look at or re-frame situations.
5. You understand that you are worthy of financial wealth as a return of compensation for your gifts and the work you do in the world, serving others.
6. You actualise yourself by expressing your creativity. You feel like you are activated and that you are in control of your life and calling.
7. You understand that work and life balance is important and each leverages the other. You know that having fun is just as important as work, but you know when to say yes and no to things that don’t serve you or your purpose.


My life isn’t perfect, and I don’t claim to be all these on the above list. I’m a work in progress! As we all are. But I know a person on purpose when I see one.
Your call to action this week is to:
1. Honour your calling to make a difference and be all who you are meant to, whoever that is.
2. Be fully yourself and live your truth. Be vulnerable and ask for help and support if you need to. Lean into you.
3. Build on your successes. Day by day and small step by small step. Acknowledge and celebrate them!



When you empower yourself – you empower your family and you empower your community. When you decide to live your purpose, you are healing yourself and the world.


Be brave and shine bright. If this post lights you up – share the love!
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie xox

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