Beauty is not what you look like…


Beauty is not what you look like…

Beauty is a feeling. Real beauty is an act. It’s an act of being loving, being loved, being vulnerable, being creative. It’s an act of inner work.

We can’t be beautiful all of the time. And that would be boring and send us to sleep for 100 years, just like Sleeping Beauty…

Beauty is in the small things we do each day, that reflect our human nature.

It’s in the detail and attention in our craft, it’s in the love we share with our family, in the laughs we have with friends. In how we treat our neighbours and pets.

And of course, we can’t be kind all of the time either, as sometimes the beauty is in standing up for yourself and say a big, fat NO. Beauty is in having the strength to say ‘f*ck you’ from time to time and when it’s needed.  Beauty is in the confidence to be yourself. Whoever that may be…

Beauty is in the compliments we give – not only to people’s physical appearances but for the kind gestures and sweet things we do for each other. Outer beauty is attractive but real inner beauty is mesmerising.

I am mindful of what I tell my daughter…I often say to her.. ‘You are smart, kind and clever’. I want her to know that there’s more to compliments than just her physical appearance. Yes, she’s very cute and very sporty and smart too. But I want her to know that there’s more beauty in trying her best than there is in how lovely her dress or hair looks.

Of course, we want to hear that we are accepted and little girls love to hear they look pretty. Being pretty has become more of an emphasis over the past ten years. Although, humans are addicted to aesthetic beauty, and we have been for centuries.

We should be encouraging our children to work on the beautiful side of their personalities, just as much as how to contour their make-up, get good abs and take a decent selfie. This goes for the boys too!

As human consciousness grows and we learn more about the world around us, we understand that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. There are mini-movements everywhere. This is such an exciting time to be alive! But we can’t all be brain surgeons, we can’t all be athletes, or astronauts, or presidents or super models. We all have our unique gifts and it is through those gifts, we bring our true essence… Our inner beauty.

‘In the end, you will not see the physical beauty in others that caught your eye, but the fire that burned within them.’ Shannon L. Alder.

Big beautiful love,



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