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What’s your Woo-Woo?

So, I’ve half written a book. I started in when I was pregnant in 2011.  It’s plotted out all the way to the end and some chapters are finished. It’s a children’s novel and I think it has potential… It makes me happy when I think about it. If that mean’s anything!

Storytelling is a passion of mine, since my college days, where myself and fellow students took theatre in education sessions to kids in schools in Luton in the UK.

So, this book.. It’s one of my biggest dreams and I can’t seem to get it finished! What’s all that about? I am busy though. A story we all tell ourselves. I’m a single mum to a spritely 3 year old. I work and I blog and I have a good social life. (Lucky me)!

But, why is it that some of our biggest dreams get shelved…?

I’ve heard that Harry Potter was shelved for a while and I know it had masses of rejection before it found success.

I’ve been wondering about the fear of failure and if I have it around my book! As I’ve struggled with it in the past. I wrote a blog for 4 months and didn’t tell anyone about it for fear of visibility.

So, I’ve made a promise to myself to get started and make some bold moves on behalf of my dream. This means: super early mornings, a structured plan to fit more writing in and a little bit of woo-woo sprinkled on top.  Maybe a bit of theta meditation and lots of running! I get lots of ideas when I’m running.

As always, a great place to turn is the Sacred & Sexy Community on Facebook. So, here’s a little share of what a bit of Woo-Woo means to them whilst striving:

‘This may be a boring answer but I get most of my ideas whilst walking or driving, and sometimes washing the dishes. So while I do a lot of “research”, I find that when I just reflecting and pondering that things click in my head.’ Lana Le, Illustrator 

‘I write a blog for moms so my inspiration for each week comes from everyday moments but from a woo-woo perspective once I get the idea it’s almost like it clicks in my brain. Then I literally start writing in my mind and it’s like the words consume me until I can dump them onto paper. Sounds bizarre, I know. I have to get them out. I’ve been known to pull over and write in the side of the road while the kids groan and tell me they are going to be late!’ Jennifer Diaz, Blogger

‘Do something totally out of your comfort zone first. Like run up the down escalator like a kid. Sing out loud while walking down the street. Totally empowering. Breaks the shackles of normal thinking (and maybe rational thinking)’! Molly Green, Career Coach 

‘It’s not very woo woo but I start my day with a meditation and some handwriting before I go into my real work-related writing. Even when I have tough ideas I can’t easily work through I will write it all out by hand. Maybe it’s because I’m a lefty and it stimulates the right side of my brain but my thinking always comes out differently on paper vs on a keyboard’. Laura Jones, 

‘Wine always helps me write. So does coffee. But I have started pulling oracle cards and asking “what would it take to make this writing the best I can do”? Lacy Laubacher, MisfitMystic

‘Writing does not always come easily so it helps to connect to the Divine. I put my arms up to the sky, tilt my head back, and ask for God, Spirit, Higher Power to work through me and send me whatever I am supposed to create and share’. Karen Costello, Life Coach

‘I go to the source of all within myself and open up to what’s there trusting all I need to know now is shown to me. Being present is my way’. Denise Barbi, Reverend, Intuitive Healer & Teacher 

Some beautiful stuff here and as aways inspirational…

This quote sums up how I’m feeling right now..

“Why do I talk about the benefits of failure? Simply because failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me.” – J.K. Rowling

What about you and your big dreams? Need more Woo-Woo in your life?  If you’d like to join our special community of women, then we’d love to see you there. Click here! 

Have a big beautiful week ladies..

Kerrie xox

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Progress, Perfection, Permission & Persistence

Progress, Perfection, Permission & Persistence……

…..and why we need a little of all four for creative success

Most things we do – or don’t do – in life come from a place of confidence or from a place of fear.

We are either confident enough to do something, make something, try something, create something. Or we are fearful of it. Then we don’t do it. Or we procrastinate the arse off it, and perhaps hopefully do it eventually. Neither are wrong. I just know so many creatives who are stuck, because of this fear.

However, both fear and confidence are important and almost an integral part of the process in creation. Understanding this logic is imperative and is often the trigger that can move us back into a place of creative movement and momentum.

I know when I started my blogs back in January, I was TERRIFIED! What people would think of me? I thought.  Would they accept my ideas and would they like what they heard…?

Now, I realise that I just have to keep writing and sharing. It’s not up to me who likes or doesn’t like my stuff. I’m just sharing from the heart.  I know that people read my blogs as I now have over 5,000 hits to my website a month, or thereabouts. I am also enjoying the consistency of writing and find it cathartic. I really miss it when I don’t blog.  (I’ve only missed three weeks when I went away during the summer).

Progress is about movement. And it’s also taking life into account.   Progress is taking steps, big or small towards a desired outcome. Progress just keeps going, even when we loose a the way a little and end up walking backwards.

Perfection is not always a good thing. It can turn a great idea into ‘this project is too big or too noble, then I potentially can’t handle it, so I maybe shouldn’t do it’?  Perfectionism promotes the notion of ‘Am I good enough?’ There’s no harm in absolute wanting to do our best, but not at the cost of NOT doing whatsoever.

Permission is the piece often missing from the creative jigsaw puzzle. It’s permission to feel the fear, it’s permission to fail and permission to fuck-up. When we give ourselves permission, we give our creativity the permission to live and breathe through us.

Persistence is different to consistency, but we need a little of both. Consistency promotes routine, whereas persistence is about sheer determination. I like persistence and know I have a lot of it, as well as determination. Occasionally we might want to have to take a break from something. Don’t beat yourself up. Your project might just need a re-frame and some time to germinate.

We are afraid to fall, yet the true falling is to never start.


-There is is no such thing as the perfect moment, only this moment, that can be made perfect with our say so.

-Being ‘ready’ is a bit of a myth. Sometimes we have to step into the fear and start.

-Our processes of progress and consistency are ours and ours alone. Trust your own weird and wild ways of growth. It’s all evolution.

-There are hundreds of elements to creative process and practice and it’s up to you to untangle yours and make it your own. It may take hours, days, weeks, months or even years.

-If you’re making progress then you’re bringing your creativity or art to life, and if you know that’s what you were here to do, then don’t stop.  Keep it up, the world needs you, we all need you.


Do you want guidance on your next big, brave career move?

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Have a big, beautiful week.

Kerrie xox

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Why creativity is so important to us and we should fight for it…

In the past month in the UK, the current government has cut the budget to many arts courses in further education. Anything that didn’t come under the STEM umbrella (Science, Tech, English, Maths) was cut at the local college where I live – a town where 35,000 people live and at many others colleges around the country.

Most of the art department was culled – teachers lost their livelihoods and kids had their courses ripped out from underneath them…Even those who were half way through.

I studied performing arts, dance and photography at college and travelled to the next town to study. I was lucky – I passed my driving test at a young age and was bought a little car for my birthday. I loved the little commute to college each day, to do the things that I loved and that brought me alive.

I loved my courses and the people on them. It was a total different story to my school life. I wasn’t academic -I took my maths three times and gave up after the third attempt after continually getting D’s.   I got a B in English on the second attempt and passed only a few more with C’s. I knew where my strengths were and I was lucky because my parents knew too.

I wasn’t thick or stupid – I was wild, creative and had a huge imagination. The school atmosphere made me feel stifled and a little nauseous. I rebelled at times and bunked to get out of lessons I hated. There was a drama department at my upper school for a few months when I arrived, and then it shut. I was gutted! Even now, in the few corporate or office jobs I’ve had – I feel uncomfortable being there and stuck. After being in the same room for nearly 8 hours, my soul wants to escape and jump out of the window..

I still got into several universities, again because I was lucky – my parents had been able to afford to pay for my ‘creative’ classes out of school, and at the time, my maths grade didn’t hold me back…

So, I was lucky to have been able to find my vocation early, because of the financial support of my parents. Not everyone is this lucky. A girl from my home town Georgia Coan, who I know well has had her letter to David Cameron published on the Huff Post after her dismay. ‘An Open Letter to David Cameron (cuts to the arts)’. Check it out here. She’s angry and so are hundreds of others like her.

Are the government creating a ‘workhouse’ situation to drive manufacturing industry back up again in the UK? It feels this way. And odd too considering the stats prove that the creative industries are currently booming here… According to Creative Industries UK – the number of UK jobs in creative occupations grew by 6.4 per cent to 1.9m in 2014, far outstripping the 2.1 per cent average job growth rate for the UK economy.  Why a government wouldn’t be driving these industries to further growth, I don’t understand.

I’m reading Sir Ken Robinsons New York Times Bestseller  – ‘The Element’ right now and it is so uplifting. It makes me feel like I’ve come home. It lists so many people who have huge amounts of talent, and they often didn’t do brilliantly at school; Arianna Huffington, Paul McCartney and Matt Groening to name a few. None of these thrived at school. But they all knew what path to follow, trusted their intuition, were given tools, support and opportunities, hustled their hearts our and made it happen.

The book talks about the people who felt like outsiders, who eventually found their passions and actually made the world a better place because of these passions. It discusses how the IQ test was not meant for the purpose it is used for today and how the educational industries make billions world wide to keep us tested up to the eye balls! I know from experience that standardized tests are not all for one and one for all. We learn using different senses. We are inspired by totally different things. I am one of six siblings and we are all completely different.

Tonight I went to my youngest sisters leavers show (she’s 11) called Musical Madness, and while all the kids in her year took part, and they all seemed to enjoy it. There were about ten that stood out. They shone, they danced and sang their little hearts out. I felt so much joy looking at these guys feeling that moment with every fibre of their being! I also know that some of these kids may not be academic –  so what will happen to them? Let’s hope their parents can afford to send them to classes hey?

I LOVE this quote from Ken:

“The fact is that given the challenges we face, education doesn’t need to be reformed — it needs to be transformed. The key to this transformation is not to standardize education, but to personalize it, to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions.”   ― Ken Robinson, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

A long way off perhaps…?

If you haven’t got it- get your ass over to your bookstore to get a copy…

Big beautiful love

Kerrie xox

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Bellissima! Fun in Italy…

Well, that was something else… I had so much fun in Italy!

Last week, I travelled to work with one of my coaches to Puglia in Italy. It was divine on so many levels.I have had so many leaps  –  both career wise and personally over the past year and I attribute this to getting coaching. However, this trip has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Plus, what a way to do business. To travel to another county, stay in a beautiful city, eat in Michelin Star restaurants, taste the local wine, meet new friends, explore and have fun. And all while planning out my new launch. (More soon about that)!

It is so inspiring to get out our comfort zones and really make these things non-negotiable.  The past year has been filled with ups and downs, but once I got really clear on my purpose, then things started to take off. I’m so grateful and feel proud of how far I’ve come over the past year. And this was a manifested celebration of that!

But I thought I’d share some pics of my trip of dreams…  Enjoy…


Have you been dreaming of doing something beautiful and inspiring for a while? But have been waiting for the ‘right time’…

Well, there is never a right time – only ‘now’!

Make it a non-negotiable and get it booked…

Have a big beautiful week,

Kerrie xox

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When it’s time to celebrate…

Face Knowing when it’s time to celebrate…

This weekend I was shortlisted to the finalists for the ‘Woman  to Watch’ award at a national event.

I didn’t win my category, as another super-talented lady called Chrissie won. But I honestly felt so proud. Firstly that I was nominated and secondly that this has all happened in such a short space of setting up my coaching business.

So, I decided I’m still celebrating!



It was held at a gorgeous old Hotel in Birmingham City Centre and my very pregnant sister attended the ceremony with me. The food was divine and there were so many inspiring, interesting and adventurous women there who are lighting up their corner of the universe. I felt really honoured to be there and be a part of it.

Here are a selection of a few pics from the night.











As you can see, we had lots of fun! As a mum of a busy three year old, who runs a business – I don’t dress up as much as I’d like. So, after the awards, these are my new promises to myself:

1) To dress up more and wear sequins as much as I can.

2) To wear more red lipstick.

3) To get my glitz and glamour on more often, take chances and risks and live life to the fullest.


As I write these, I am feeling teary and thinking of a good old friend, Nicola Satchell – who passed away yesterday from a long battle with cancer. She wore red lipstick and laughed with all her heart. So, laughing  more is also on my list. I’m celebrating her life today too.


Are you celebrating enough? I’m learning to celebrate all the small wins along life’s journey –  make sure you are too!

Thanks to everyone for voting for me. As always I appreciate the love. Have a beautiful week…  I’m off to Italy…

Kerrie xox

***Dress by Hellavagirl

***Make-Up by Maria Samuel


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What does Creative Confidence mean to you?

What does Creative Confidence mean to you?


This week, I’ve some exciting and interesting discussion about what Creative Confidence means to people – following last week’s blog on that subject.  Whilst most people got it, someone asked: ‘what does creative confidence actually mean…?’

After much deliberation about an exact answer (and I’m no oracle), my feeling is:


It’s actually up to you…


Since then, I’ve been on a little research mission to get into the hearts and minds of you creative types.  This week I interviewed people on what creative confidence means to them…


The conclusion I’ve kinda come to – is that it’s such a personal thing. We all approach our work in different ways. We express ourselves with uniqueness and that is our gift.

One strong commonality though- is our need to express our true selves, without judgement of others. To be heard – exactly as we are.


Here are some beautiful and vulnerable insights from amazing creatives from across the globe:

1)      Laureen Oliphant –  Writer

Being willing to create, produce, bring forth things that make you feel passionate and happy without worrying about whether others will like you or criticize you for it. And without stopping and never finishing it because you worried how you’ll feel about it in the future.

2)      Kamila Dowgiert – Art Student

I believe in expressing myself through art. To me, creative confidence means not being afraid to show the world your emotions and beliefs through what you have created, such as a painting, sketch or a photograph.

3)      Elizabeth Noell –  Writer & Licensed Desire Map Facilitator

It means giving myself permission to create however, wherever or whatever without fear of reprisal of any sort.

4)      Irena Kirn – Life Change Architect

It’s knowing your own authenticity, listening to your own Intuition and trusting your own Creative Process (knowing you are Whole and you are an important, unique part of the Whole – Nature).

5)      Caren Rich – Autism Expert, Psychology Professor & Licensed Desire Map Facilitator.

Being a trailblazer, one step in front of the other; ownership of what you create.

6)      Laurence Payot – Artist

For me creative confidence means trusting your instinct. Sometimes it can take months or years to get something that feels ‘good’ and ‘right’, and only I know when it is. Creativity is all about choices, and being confident enough to say no when things don’t feel right also.

7)      Helen Woollams – Fashion Designer

Creative confidence is the undeniable urge to explore and discover through my art. The passion that comes from setting new standards for myself; excitement in exploiting my licence for individuality. I do however think that it is a double edge sword as there are times when I loose complete confidence; it almost works in a regular cycle of highs and lows.

8)      Kirsty Calo – Life Coach

To me creative confidence is having the faith and the flow to create from my heart and be completely true to who I am in everything I do. I feel that I don’t have to hide or apologise or censor what I create because it’s coming from me and it just feels right! When I’m lacking in creative confidence I overthink and create from a place of ‘would people like this?’ Which stifles me and leads to feeling unsure of myself, and really frustrated inside. Creative confidence gives me the freedom to express myself and my purpose and passion on my terms!

9)      Timmika Ramsay – Singer & Student

Creative confidence is finding the beauty in failure – not everything I try to create is going to be amazing but I know if I keep on pushing and allowing myself to not get it right I will eventually find something magical.. Expanding my imagination has given me creative confidence: playing like a child to create a piece of music or to write a play. I It also is experiencing life and taking little parts of my life and other life’s and mixing it all together into something wonderful.. After all art is the imitation of life.

10)  Blaze Schwaller – Portrait Painter

Creating something without worrying about if it fails, confident that its purpose will be served no matter how it is received – by me or anyone else. Permission to create from the heart without worrying about what others might think about me, and without me worrying about my skill level or lack thereof.

11)  Nina Schmidt – Artist & Graphic Designer

Creative confidence for me comes with experience. So I have to be willing try a lot and make a mess. For a long time.

12)  Maria Samuel – Make-Up Artist

When I feel confident, happy and positive then I feel creative. With peace in my heart and mind I can feel creative. Creativity will not flow if I’m anxious or stressed.

13)  Claire London – Artist

I guess creative confidence to me is all about following my heart seeing my visions for what they are and being true to my reasons for creating them. By enjoying what the universe shows me. The feeling you are always in tune spiritually. Creative confidence is all about learning to build dreams.

14)  Jackie Notman – Transformational Guide

Creating without the need for approval from others or without the fear of judgement from others

15)  Ken Harge – Student

It’s to KNOW that the good stuff will come. I’d say when you have creative confidence you stop the resistance and let the great ideas come through. I think it’s actually easier to be creatively confident than not.

16)  Heidi Linehan – Photographer

Feeling free to do what you feel without worry for what others think.

17)   Barbie Wharton Quinn – Event Manager

Using my voice and being ok with whoever hears it!

18)  Neha Awasthi – Spirited Weightloss Coach

Creative confidence to me means being in tune with the inner self and having the courage to listen, follow what is it telling me and to finally share it with the world.

19) Ciaran Robinson – Artist

I guess for me creative confidence (in may area of creating works of art) is a mix of both experience and clarity of an idea. The light goes on in your head and you know exactly how you are going to execute it.

20) Alexandra Wenman – Healer, Writer & Speaker

Whenever I create something I know is really powerful – whether it is a piece of poetry or a guided meditation or a beautiful drawing – it almost feels as thought it comes from outside of me. I fall into a kind of melancholy reverie and I am able to let go and let whatever it is flow through me. Whenever I tap into this, I know magic is going to happen. That’s my key to creative confidence.



To me, it is about making space to create, staying dedicated, being brave, taking leaps of faith, leaning on others when needs be, taking advice and trusting that it will all work out.


Your Actionable: Be yourself, trust your gut, and be brave. Let your inner creative take control sometimes – they know where they are headed.

As always, thanks for reading…If you liked this, then share that love and the post!


Big beautiful love,
Kerrie xox

PS – please see in the below comments for any links to the artists work…

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Creative Confidence in 3 Simple Steps

Creative confidence in 3 simple steps:

Many people think they are not creative at all. The creativity myth is commonplace in our culture. And even those who know they are creative – don’t always have the confidence and courage to step into their flow or they feel overwhelmed at the prospect of revealing their talents.
It’s been half term holidays for us here in my part of the UK and I always try to build as much creativity in as possible around work for me and my daughter. This week has included: hanging out with friends, several parties, a charity event, taking part in International Soul Art Day, a trip to the coast and a spa day with my best buddies. As we were lounging in the jacuzzi, one of my oldest best friends (who is an exceptionally talented painter and artist) and I discussed how people, who are not following through with their creative nature are often overwhelmed by their own talent and don’t have the confidence to let it shine.

Here are some simple steps to letting it shine through:
1. Have a ‘Reality Party’. By getting real on what we want and what we can realistically achieve and committing to it, we set our success wheels in motion. Try not to overwhelm yourself. Break things down into small steps.

TIP: My favourite planning method is the 3×4 mind-map. I use an A3 piece of paper to firstly brainstorm ideas. Then I set everything out as follows:

-Three larger objectives achieved in the first year
-Three goals this month
-Three goals this week
-Three actionables to do today

Then you can start to add more items into your scheduler or diary as the overwhelm decreases.

2. Permission to Fail Granted. Stop taking yourself and things so personally if they are not working out. I found this exceptionally hard. I tried but was never cut out to be an on screen performer, as I took each rejection to my heart. It took a long time to learn  that everyone on their road to success has had setbacks and failures. It’s part of the journey.

TIP: Start a text thread with your fellow creators, to keep you motivated and on track, where you can check in on each other and support each other during the week.

3. Community Rocks.  Learn to empathise with your ideal client or audience. Take time to get to know your ideal customers or fans. The more you get to know each other, the more you empower yourself as a creator. A few years ago, I produced a large art commission that engaged with nearly 3,000 people. In the beginning people didn’t get us, but after time and consistent communications, people loved what we were trying to achieve. Building the ‘know-like-trust’ factor takes time, but the more you do, the more confidence in your work and yourself you develop.

TIP:  Talk to people. Do a quick market research exercise to get you connecting to your community. Set up a SurveyMonkey to find out what people in your tribe want. Locate their pain and pleasure points. Interview them, get into their heads!


Having confidence in that which you are here to do is built in your mindset. The upper limit struggles that we all face as creators are not really road blocks -they are hurdles in your path that were meant to be leapt over. Understanding that fear and failure play a part in all success and that they can be great assets to us in the long run.
Keep striving and keep creating.

If you like this stuff – please share the love and share the post!


Big beautiful love,

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7 Signs you are Living your Purpose

7 Signs you are Living your Purpose
Are you living the life you feel you were born to live?
Do you have a clear sense of what you are here to do? Are you inspired to be living your full purpose, but not sure how to figure this out?
Living our purpose is about having self-intimacy and self-love. We build the bravery to transform, leap, jump, run and shift. When we are living our purpose, we are generating the self-inner power to re-arrange our lives and endeavors to fit our soul calling.
Our life purpose is not just about obtaining nice or expensive things. True inner success is not in our stuff. It is not in our hair or make-up, jewellery or clothes. It is not in our houses or cars. As much as these things can define financial success or freedom and are very lovely to play with; entropy always happens and we will slip away from this lifetime with nothing but our memories and the love we co-created with our fellow humans.
Real purpose and success is in our heart and soul. It is the seed of potential. Like the oak seed is programmed to become a giant oak tree – we are all programmed to live a unique and fulfilling life. It is written into our DNA to be our best selves.
If you are already living your purpose – well done, lucky you. Here are some sure fire signs that you are truly standing in it:
1. You value yourself and you stand in your truth. You stop playing small and lean into your truth. You allow yourself to be vulnerable without letting your failures define you.
2.Your inner compass is strong. You know where you are headed. You take the risks necessary to take the next steps. You listen you your intuition.
3. You show up. You recognise yourself, recognise your talents, and recognise the strength you have within. You also have the strength to ask for support when you need to.
4. You have stopped blaming others for your current situation or past. You have got your big girl (or boy) pants on and know that you can in each moment, choose a new way to look at or re-frame situations.
5. You understand that you are worthy of financial wealth as a return of compensation for your gifts and the work you do in the world, serving others.
6. You actualise yourself by expressing your creativity. You feel like you are activated and that you are in control of your life and calling.
7. You understand that work and life balance is important and both leverage each other. You know that having fun is just as important as work, but you know when to say yes and no to things that don’t serve you and your purpose.


My life isn’t perfect, and I don’t claim to be all these on the above list. I’m a work in progress! As we all are. But I know a person on purpose when I see one.
Your call to action this week is to:
1. Honour your calling to make a difference and be all who you are meant to, whoever that it.
2. Be fully yourself and live your truth. Be vulnerable and ask for help and support if you need to. Lean into you.
3. Build on your successes. Day by day and small step by small step. Acknowledge and celebrate them!



When you empower yourself – you empower your family and you empower your community. When you decide to live your purpose, you are healing yourself and the world.
Be brave and shine bright.
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie xox

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Clear Creative Confusion in 5 Easy Steps

If you are not serious about making your creative dream a reality – then don’t read any further!

If you are serious, then ask your self these questions – where do I want to be in three months? Do I still want to be going round in circles? Or do I want some clarity?


Creative fog creeps in at any time for creatives and left alone – it can be a dream killer. I know this too well as I’ve been there many times before. But the question is – how do we move through it and clear it? What if it was easier than we think?  Creative people can be passionate and proactive. They might love challenges and thinking outside of the box. But we also procrastinate. When we are bursting with ideas and have no direction – procrastination can strike. It’s called resistance.
The most important book written on the subject is like nectar for the artist’s soul. In ‘the War of Art’, Steven Pressfield writes:
“Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying. Why is this so important?
Because when we sit down day after day and keep grinding, something mysterious starts to happen. A process is set into motion by which, inevitably and infallibly, heaven comes to our aid. Unseen forces enlist in our cause; serendipity reinforces our purpose. This is the other secret that real artists know and wannabe writers don’t. When we sit down each day to do our work, power concentrates around us. The Muse takes note of our dedication. She approves…… When we sit down and work, we become like a magnetized rod that attracts iron filings. Ideas come. Insights accrete.”
Here are 5 EASY steps for moving towards your dreams:

1. Decide. Decide what? Just decide, that each day you will do a small thing towards your dream or project or work. However small it may be. Decide and make a promise. Your soul will thank you for it. This action alone can make the mountain seem smaller.

2. Don’t let perfectionism cripple you. Everybody started somewhere, somehow and as an amateur. Done is better than not done and projects are way better started than not started. Things get so much easier when you’re on a roll.

3. Write a plan of action, brainstorm, find a mentor. Setting strong intentions helps your left and right brain work together to begin to bring things to fruition.  Then practice, work, make, shake, groove, hustle and grind. That’s it baby! Stop talking about it and get moving with it.  As US super-coach, Marie Forleo say’s – clarity comes from engagement not thought.Try new things and experiment. The fog will start to clear and you will get trajectory.

4. Make a physical and mental space for your creativity. Honour yourself and your talents. If you don’t, don’t expect anyone else to. Take an honesty check and see if you are really making room in your life for your soul calling. If you’re not – then find support or an accountability buddy. Take small steps to create that space.

5. DEDICATION. As Pressfield suggests – the magic is produced, when you get up and show up. Make a plan, find cohorts, dedicate time, cut out the shit in your life. Most importantly, love yourself enough to honour your destiny! You are here for a reason. Let it be and let it shine.

I know this stuff works. I have seen it countless times with artists and creators I know. And I’ve seen it in my own life.
Be brave and be you.
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie xox

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Healing and Creativity

What do healing and creativity have in common? Everything I tell you!

Yesterday I went on a Women’s Healing Circle day. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, as it was recommended by a friend. Plus, the lady who runs the event – Denise Barbi, intuits the days proceedings rather than plans them out, so I couldn’t research before hand, which is what I usually like to do!  I am  a born enthusiast and I’ll give almost anything a try, so I was excited to hear that it was a day involving many things and modalities, some of which I’ve tried before.

We arrived at the centre, which was out on holistic farm in Bedfordshire’s Woodland. There are sacred spaces; springs, wells, labyrinths and even an underground meditation chamber! I was in my seventh heaven!


Most of the morning was spent in a cosy room called The Birch. Where we meditated, played with Guidance Cards and talked. After lunch we went to the underground meditation chamber and began the release of old fears. Then we followed the facilitator Denise out through the fields to the labyrinth, while she was drumming. I felt like I was in a cult movie scene but I loved it.

Once back in The Birch room, we made Worry Dollies and then did some Vision Boarding. Plus a we had a some Womb Healing from Denise, to welcome in the Spring and manifest new desires.

Healing is whatever you invite into your life to release old stuff and bring you to new spaces and places. Did I have a healing? Yes I did. If you show up with an open heart and open mind, there’s always room for more healing. I woke up this morning feeling rejuvenated, focused, calm and happy.

What I love about what Denise has created – was the safe space – to be ourselves. It was the nurturing energy she brought to hold the space and the fun she injected into all the exercises.

When was the last time you invested a little time and money on yourself, your healing and creativity?

Exercise: Find a Meet-Up, workshop or event that resonates with you, where you can go, explore, have fun, be inspired and most importantly – where you can connect with like-minded people and make new wishes and dreams for the future.

I have been on my spiritual journey for many years and attended hundreds of events. There is nothing better when the speaker is fun, light hearted and has a great sense of humour. Denise is all of those and I highly recommend the day.

The next Women’s Healing Circle is: Sunday June 14th 2015. 11am-5pm. Cost: £40.

Denise Barbi can be contacted here:

The Clophill Centre can be found here:


Big beautiful love,


Kerrie x





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