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Creativity is a Force


Creativity is an actual force of nature or life or whatever you want to call it. It can – allowed to flourish – have a life of its own. And creativity can be brought in to all your daily endeavours, large or small. Most importantly – creativity can breathe and bring beautiful life to the smallest of mundane things or tasks.
Many people don’t think of themselves as creative, but in fact – just being human is creative. Each day has creative pulse, rhythms and process – from dressing in the morning to make yourself feel well presented or empowered, cooking lovely food and treats, engaging in conversation with others, laughing and joking, storytelling, making future plans for holidays and exciting trips and playing with our kids on the floor each night and stepping in to their worlds. Even our bodies are at biological creative play – a dance of molecules, atoms, energies and vibrations – light and movement.
Creativity is described as a ‘phenomenon’ or a ‘state’. It is the conjuring up of new ideas, plans, projects and generally being open to inventiveness and innovation. Without creativity, humans would just be ‘functioning’ and not in any way flourishing. I actually don’t believe that humans could exist without creativity. Surely all the mass migrations across continents and the sharing of linguistics came down to more than just an evolutionary need? It was also due to the need for creativity and the need to share ideas, seeds, culture and love – and then therefore to survive and thrive.
Creativity plays an important role within all the primary hierarchy of needs, as it makes up half of the need itself. We could all potentially bring more creativity into the smallest of tasks. I know from spending time in economically poor places and with people who have way less than we do here – that they are hugely inventive and creative with their daily menus and their décor and their fashion… and they are very culturally rich! And most often, they do not feel poor. Their traditions are basically creative heritage passed down through the generations which strings them all together, like a time line of pearls, shining the light of creativity.
All successful business is hinged on creativity, of some kind. And the ‘creative sector’ is rapidly growing – with more creative services being exploited via the web nowadays. There has never been a better time to be in a creative career, which is music to my ears!
How do we ‘be’ or ‘become’ more creative? Perhaps it’s the uncomplicated art of acknowledging and allowing our creative force to flow through us and out of us rather than ignoring and stifling it.
It can be as simple as:
• Showing up in the moment – being fully present and enjoying what the magical NOW is offering you
• Taking up that online hobby course you’ve been fancying for months
• Journaling – when you have a spare few minutes and letting the ideas flow
• Taking ten minutes to day dream
• Learning a new instrument that you’ve always dreamt of
• Visiting that art gallery or seeing a show

We are on this earth to express ourselves fully. Whatever that means to most of us, if we allow it – it will all be unique and enriching. More music to my ears…..
Enjoy your creative week!
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

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