Creative Confidence in 3 Simple Steps

Creative confidence in 3 simple steps:

Many people think they are not creative at all. The creativity myth is commonplace in our culture. And even those who know they are creative – don’t always have the confidence and courage to step into their flow or they feel overwhelmed at the prospect of revealing their talents.
It’s been half term holidays for us here in my part of the UK and I always try to build as much creativity in as possible around work for me and my daughter. This week has included: hanging out with friends, several parties, a charity event, taking part in International Soul Art Day, a trip to the coast and a spa day with my best buddies. As we were lounging in the jacuzzi, one of my oldest best friends (who is an exceptionally talented painter and artist) and I discussed how people, who are not following through with their creative nature are often overwhelmed by their own talent and don’t have the confidence to let it shine.

Here are some simple steps to letting it shine through:
1. Have a ‘Reality Party’. By getting real on what we want and what we can realistically achieve and committing to it, we set our success wheels in motion. Try not to overwhelm yourself. Break things down into small steps.

TIP: My favourite planning method is the 3×4 mind-map. I use an A3 piece of paper to firstly brainstorm ideas. Then I set everything out as follows:

-Three larger objectives achieved in the first year
-Three goals this month
-Three goals this week
-Three actionables to do today

Then you can start to add more items into your scheduler or diary as the overwhelm decreases.

2. Permission to Fail Granted. Stop taking yourself and things so personally if they are not working out. I found this exceptionally hard. I tried but was never cut out to be an on screen performer, as I took each rejection to my heart. It took a long time to learn  that everyone on their road to success has had setbacks and failures. It’s part of the journey.

TIP: Start a text thread with your fellow creators, to keep you motivated and on track, where you can check in on each other and support each other during the week.

3. Community Rocks.  Learn to empathise with your ideal client or audience. Take time to get to know your ideal customers or fans. The more you get to know each other, the more you empower yourself as a creator. A few years ago, I produced a large art commission that engaged with nearly 3,000 people. In the beginning people didn’t get us, but after time and consistent communications, people loved what we were trying to achieve. Building the ‘know-like-trust’ factor takes time, but the more you do, the more confidence in your work and yourself you develop.

TIP:  Talk to people. Do a quick market research exercise to get you connecting to your community. Set up a SurveyMonkey to find out what people in your tribe want. Locate their pain and pleasure points. Interview them, get into their heads!


Having confidence in that which you are here to do is built in your mindset. The upper limit struggles that we all face as creators are not really road blocks -they are hurdles in your path that were meant to be leapt over. Understanding that fear and failure play a part in all success and that they can be great assets to us in the long run.
Keep striving and keep creating.

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2 thoughts on “Creative Confidence in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Mindi - June 1, 2015

    “The upper limit struggles that we all face as creators are not really road blocks -they are hurdles in your path that were meant to be leapt over.” This will stick with me. Thanks for sharing some inspiration.

  2. kerriedg - June 1, 2015

    Hi Mindy, I’m glad that this struck you. We face so many and sometimes this keeps us stuck or going in circles. I think once we know how to break the cycle, we can hurdle more effectively. 🙂

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