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True Love Rocks

True Love Rocks

Well, I had a sweet weekend and it was full of sweet surprises..

I went to one of my oldest and bestest friends 40th birthday parties. It was at a cute little venue in the town that I live… Her name is Buckie – well it’s actually Clair – but her surname is Buck, and we call many of our friends by their surname. And it suits her, she’s a teeny petite woman with a massive aura! She’s like a spitfire…

We were all instructed to be there early… So after a bottle of champagne at home with some mates, we headed there at about 7.30pm. We were the first to arrive, which is pretty unheard of for me.. As any of my friends can tell you..

We ate and chatted and drank mini bottles of Prosecco with straws until the majority of guests arrived.. The dance floor was getting busy at about 9pm…  Which is pretty early, but we were all loving being together.. It’s not that often that all our friends are together in one place to party!

I popped to the loo and as I came out I realised the music had stopped.. and as I got towards the dance floor I realised there was a speech going on! It was my friends partner Darren who is also a DJ… BUT then I noticed that she was wearing a bridal gown with a cute little headband and a bouquet of roses in hand…. I was trying to suss out what was going on for a few seconds as Darren’s words became a bit of a fuzz…

Then it hit me! She’d got married! They’d got married…!

Only for a split second was I surprised.. Then, I was like, of course they did, they are madly in love and are totally meant for each other..

In fact, I’ve never seen her so happy and settled. I’ve known Darren for many years, but at a distant really… He’s a great guy, genuine and kind and generous. Clair has two boys from previous marriages. And Darren is awesome with them too!

Buckie, I’ve been hanging out with since I was about 13, and we used to get up to all sorts of mischief together, alongside our other friends… (Another story)…!

The party then became turbo-charged.. Even the bride was seen doing the caterpillar on the dance floor among other party tricks and stunts…

This is Clair’s (and Darren’s) third marriage each. So, I supposed this is where we were all surprised… But in a good way.

Having married and separated myself I was so, so happy for them and also eager to know about her feelings… And this is what she told me…

“I never thought I would find happiness again, let alone marry again after my second divorce. But it never made me lose my faith in marriage. I met Darren 20 years ago when we worked together… When we finally got together in 2011, I knew this really was the one…Although I’d done it before, I never said forever (I know this is bad, but I never thought forever). I absolutely knew he was, and is…My plans for the future are nothing majorly complicated… I now have all I ever wanted… But OUR plans are to keep happy, healthy enjoy and take in all our fab times together… And mostly to keep true to each other.  I thank for everything in my life at least 10 times a day…”

This is a true love story. They are a couple who actually make me happy to watch them… And I kept welling up as I looked at all their photo’s..

With a lot of the current news being so sad and full of war of late.. This is a beautiful piece of news that I needed to share… My point being, that there’s always room for more love.

Congratulations Buckie and Darren, you guys rock!

Here’s a cute pic of them kissing! You’re welcome!




Big, beautiful love,

Kerrie xox

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Events Blog – Purely Angels Meditation

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a meditation class in Cockfosters, London.

It was held by Sabi Hilmi of Purely Angels. She’s Britain’s leading Angel Expert and author of ‘The Secrets of Angel Healing’ published by Penguin books.

I met Sabi several years ago and have attended several of her events, as well as having tried her various healing sessions. Having worked in the self-development field for many years.. I know Sabi’s work is up there with the best.

The venue on arrival was snug and warm. And it needs to be in this weather! The room was dimly lit and cozy with soft music playing in the background . With lots of blankets and cushions to keep us comfy.

It is only the second week and we were nearly full, so this is testament to Sabi’s work. We pulled cards and discussed our journey on getting there.. We then did two separate guided meditations and used the power of intention to draw us deeper into the meditation. Sabi is a very talented intuitive guide with an unusual voice, tone and ability to tap in to deep human emotions and experiences.

The class is suitable for everyone, as Sabi’s unique guided meditation is slow and visual, yet provocative and powerful. We were invited to share on our experiences if we wished and it’s always nice to share, as we get much from each others stories…

I’m not an organised meditator. (I’m trying though)!  I have a busy four year old, so fit it in where I can. I love to run, alone in the country, so I use this time to meditate..

A meditation class such as this is a great way to get started to to re-connect to self or a higher power or the universe or whatever it is you wish to connect to more..

Thank you Sabi, a first class meditation session.. I’ll be back again…

Classes are at The Hot Yoga Studio, Cockfosters.

Price: £10

Check out Sabi’s Facebook Page


And a few pics…



Big Love,



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The pleasure and the pain….

The pleasure and pain of life…

So, last week it was my dad’s birthday and on the day of his birthday, we went to listen to him deliver a moving and touching speech to a few hundred people at a packed out church in Bedford, UK.

It was World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims, of which my beloved 19 year old brother was one of them… He died suddenly on Halloween 1998, when the car he was a passenger in hit a tree at high speed on a rainy night.

The sudden death of a family member brings dark times. It’s hard to see or feel the light for a while. But slowly, the sensations of pleasure come back into your life… At first they are unwanted sensations, the guilt pings us back into the pain. The pain becomes comfortable…Eventually the pleasure brings new waves of euphoria and the realisation that life cannot be stopped. It is a force.

One such ‘light’ for our family was the Road Victims Trust. They are a charity who provide counselling and support to those left behind following the death of a loved one. Often people are so consumed with their own grief that they can’t look into each others eyes or feel each others hearts, or hear each others voices. So, to have a service, like this, that is free, and is there for you and your needs – is literally a God-send!

During the service, my heart was with those families left behind in the Paris massacres. A mindless, violent act that can’t be taken back. I really hope those families get the support they need to move on with their lives eventually.

Life is a dance of pleasure and pain… I’ve worked in the self development industry for many years and there’s an ideology that we’re looking for a perfectly happy, pain free existence… I don’t actually think it can exist… At least not right now…

Pain is an indicator… a yard stick that we can move. It shows us where we are at and that we need to work through stuff to push through to the other side… Pain can be found in family and friends, accidents and mindless behaviour…attempting to forgive and learning to understand others..

Pleasure is desire, love, open-ness, connection, soul-stirring conversations. It’s the flashes of inspiration, the warmth of an embrace and laughter of your little ones… It’s the happiness found in family and friends, forgiveness, true empathy and more love…

It’s all energy and it’s there for a reason… To bring us back to the into alignment, bind us and make us whole and present… It’s not meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be real.

Have a beautiful one…

Kerrie xox

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Birth, death and everything in between…

Birth, death and everything in between…

The last few weeks have been filled with important occurrences.

The 4th birthday of my daughter, the anniversary of the death of my brother and.. most importantly the birth of my new little nephew…

He’s called Ralphie and his middle name is Kevin, after my brother, who died. And he’s totally mesmerising. He was huge! 8lb 11oz here in the UK and 3.94  KG for those of you elsewhere… And my sister – for the record – is tiny. A UK size 6 and a very petite person. She’s a super-star.

Life’s made up of many of these little and not so little events. While birth and death are completely seismic, birthdays are beautiful little rituals. All are important –  they are extraordinary, key moments that offer us chances to love a little more… And keep us in tune with the natural rhythms of life.

Smack bang in the middle of these events, a few days after the birth of my nephew, my younger sister began to feel unwell. She had constant cramp in one of her sides. And after much pain and being unable to walk. She left her baby at home with her partner and went off to A&E with our mum.  The following day (in between pumping lots of breast milk), she went down to theatre and they removed her appendix and some debris from her fallopian tube.  She is absolutely fine now and we have an excellent health service here (lucky for us).  Something we take for granted a little. She was back home breastfeeding her little soldier by the next evening. This luck might not have been granted to our sisters across the globe in poorer places or to those women living in refugee camps.

Life is strange…in that it has so many twists and turns, ups and downs, but what makes it all seem right, okay and beautiful is family. Strong or not, together or not, dysfunctional or not. Of course, we are not always strong. Things fall apart, people fall apart, life comes apart at the seams. We get caught up in our own drama’s and others….

But where would we be without it all?  Life’s happenings are the heartbeat that pump us up in the present, and keep us going. Whether that be forwards, side-wards or backwards for a time. Then there’s stoppage time and downtime. Play time and love time. Time to reflect and time to re-evaluate.

Life always offers us beautiful chances to go a little deeper… For me it’s all about the appreciation of it all…

Have a brave, beautiful week…

Kerrie xox

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What’s your Woo-Woo?

So, I’ve half written a book. I started in when I was pregnant in 2011.  It’s plotted out all the way to the end and some chapters are finished. It’s a children’s novel and I think it has potential… It makes me happy when I think about it. If that mean’s anything!

Storytelling is a passion of mine, since my college days, where myself and fellow students took theatre in education sessions to kids in schools in Luton in the UK.

So, this book.. It’s one of my biggest dreams and I can’t seem to get it finished! What’s all that about? I am busy though. A story we all tell ourselves. I’m a single mum to a spritely 3 year old. I work and I blog and I have a good social life. (Lucky me)!

But, why is it that some of our biggest dreams get shelved…?

I’ve heard that Harry Potter was shelved for a while and I know it had masses of rejection before it found success.

I’ve been wondering about the fear of failure and if I have it around my book! As I’ve struggled with it in the past. I wrote a blog for 4 months and didn’t tell anyone about it for fear of visibility.

So, I’ve made a promise to myself to get started and make some bold moves on behalf of my dream. This means: super early mornings, a structured plan to fit more writing in and a little bit of woo-woo sprinkled on top.  Maybe a bit of theta meditation and lots of running! I get lots of ideas when I’m running.

As always, a great place to turn is the Sacred & Sexy Community on Facebook. So, here’s a little share of what a bit of Woo-Woo means to them whilst striving:

‘This may be a boring answer but I get most of my ideas whilst walking or driving, and sometimes washing the dishes. So while I do a lot of “research”, I find that when I just reflecting and pondering that things click in my head.’ Lana Le, Illustrator 

‘I write a blog for moms so my inspiration for each week comes from everyday moments but from a woo-woo perspective once I get the idea it’s almost like it clicks in my brain. Then I literally start writing in my mind and it’s like the words consume me until I can dump them onto paper. Sounds bizarre, I know. I have to get them out. I’ve been known to pull over and write in the side of the road while the kids groan and tell me they are going to be late!’ Jennifer Diaz, Blogger

‘Do something totally out of your comfort zone first. Like run up the down escalator like a kid. Sing out loud while walking down the street. Totally empowering. Breaks the shackles of normal thinking (and maybe rational thinking)’! Molly Green, Career Coach 

‘It’s not very woo woo but I start my day with a meditation and some handwriting before I go into my real work-related writing. Even when I have tough ideas I can’t easily work through I will write it all out by hand. Maybe it’s because I’m a lefty and it stimulates the right side of my brain but my thinking always comes out differently on paper vs on a keyboard’. Laura Jones, 

‘Wine always helps me write. So does coffee. But I have started pulling oracle cards and asking “what would it take to make this writing the best I can do”? Lacy Laubacher, MisfitMystic

‘Writing does not always come easily so it helps to connect to the Divine. I put my arms up to the sky, tilt my head back, and ask for God, Spirit, Higher Power to work through me and send me whatever I am supposed to create and share’. Karen Costello, Life Coach

‘I go to the source of all within myself and open up to what’s there trusting all I need to know now is shown to me. Being present is my way’. Denise Barbi, Reverend, Intuitive Healer & Teacher 

Some beautiful stuff here and as aways inspirational…

This quote sums up how I’m feeling right now..

“Why do I talk about the benefits of failure? Simply because failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me.” – J.K. Rowling

What about you and your big dreams? Need more Woo-Woo in your life?  If you’d like to join our special community of women, then we’d love to see you there. Click here! 

Have a big beautiful week ladies..

Kerrie xox

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The Sh*t Hot Events Blog – The Wealth Chef

Last weekend I was lucky enough to work and help out at my favourite place in the world: Alternatives. One of the worlds leading centres for self-development, and known internationally as the UK’s landmark speaking platform for spiritual teachers, alternative thinkers, conscious business leaders and visionary thought provokers for the past 30+ years.

I worked here as a Team Member for four years and it completely changed my entire existence. As a self professed self-development geek, I still go back and help occasionally too, as the events are brilliant and world class.

The Wealth Chef on Saturday was no different. Ann Wilson is quite possibly, one of the best female speakers I’ve seen -and I’ve seen hundreds. Although they speak on different topics, she has a similar vibe to Marianne Williamson, who is my favourite speaker ever..  Ann is from South Africa; she’s witty, smart and dressed like a sex-bomb with killer heels and bright red lipstick.

We spent 4 hours in a masterclass and went through several exercises from her book – The Wealth Chef, which is published by Hay House. The pace was perfect and she made the exercises fun and informal. She made the sound of becoming finically free sound easy and achievable!

The venue’s are always different each week and I do love this particular venue, Heythrop College – which nestled away in a corner of a beautiful leafy square in London’s Kensington. It’s filled with the hustle and bustle of a theology college and has some really stunning and tranquil gardens.

The biggest take-away’s from the event were:

  • Learning the difference between saving and investing.
  • Income is not the most important thing. Assets and knowledge are.
  • Your assets create your financial freedom. Not your income.
  • You can create financial freedom from investing in Index Tracker stocks and shares.

I’m certainly no finance guru, far from it, but I’m really inspired to learn and know more and Ann’s approach and techniques are excellent.

If you need a jump start in any area of life, I recommend this place from the bottom of my heart. The events are good fun and amazing, you will meet like minded people and learn from the best…From the friendly team members who work there, to the inspiring venues and the world class speakers….

As always, a perfectly executed event Alternatives, until next time!


Some pics:

I’ve made all the mistakes there are in events organisation –  so you don’t have to! If you want advice to launch your own live event get in touch HERE and we’ll set up a free call and I’ll gift you my ‘7 Steps to Launching your Live Event and Checklist.

Have a big beautiful, eventful week.


Kerrie xox


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How to be our authentic selves…

How to be our authentic selves…

Myself and my group ‘Weird Sisters’ met last night… It’s a group of women who come together to explore spiritual and ethereal concepts and ideas once a month. Last night we worked on the idea of being more of our true selves and having the confidence to express ourselves fully. 

When you think about acting from a place of and being your absolute authentic selves… Do you feel free and alive or do you feel contracted and afraid?

I’ve been exploring this concept a lot since the break up with my husband…In fact, we do shed old selves several times throughout our lives.  Usually following a big break up or the loss of a loved one and the birth of a new one! I reckon I’ve had a few past selves…!

It was interesting to listen to some of the women in the room, and some of them said about how they often  suppressed their creative urges to fit in with the opinions of others. Living up to other peoples expectations.

Often as children, and as women we are expected to be good.  We let our lives play out allowing the expectations of others to rule our navigation. We revert to living our lives in other peoples value systems. This doesn’t serve us and never will. Of course, we have to live with some kind of filter, as we would never fit in otherwise and that could be a lonely place too…

Some questions for us:

What are our core values?

Are we operating from them?

Are we running away from them?

What would I do if I didn’t care what anyone else thought of me? 

And here are some ideas:

  • Worry less about our perceived image
  • Be more of the real me
  • Be wild and free
  • Say yes and no more
  • Give more compliments
  • Swear more
  • Be more playful and cheeky and let our laughter out
  • Have more courage and confidence in our voice and values
  • Prioritise our wellbeing – yes – even above your family sometimes

Telling our truth is not easy, but it does get easier with practice.

At a fashion show recently, Helen Mirren said, she wishes she’d have told people to fuck off more… “We were sort of brought up to be polite and sometimes politeness, in certain circumstances, is not what’s required,” she said. “You’ve got to have the courage to stand up for yourself occasionally when it’s needed.”

And I love this –  our generation can say no more and more with conviction and staying true to our real selves…

Let your  truth and inspiration lead you, step into your power ladies…  I’ll leave you with a quote from Katherine Hepburn.. ‘If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun..’ 

Have a big, beautiful week.

Kerrie xox


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The Sh*t Hot Events Blog – Oval Apple Festival

T Shit Hot Events Blog

This weekend myself and some best friends and our kids went over to lovely Harpenden to the Oval Apple Festival.

The Oval is a small private residential close, (in the shape of an oval, funnily enough), which is now run by a charitable, religious organisation called Youth With A Mission.

It was a totally magical day out. All age groups were there, frolicking in the autumn sunshine; playing archery, taking speedy tractor rides, apple bobbing, having hay fights and eating hog roast.

They open up their doors several times a year for different occasions, and they are in fact open most days as they have a lovely little cafe on site, as well as a church, residential apartment blocks, two schools, an apple orchard, farm land, playing fields and the gem was an old factory building. From the outside it looks like a scruffy old brick building but inside it’s a huge, old majestic, shabby wooden barn. It was decorated with bunting and old school apple games and filled with stalls of all home-made wares and goodies. A young folk band were entertaining us, which the kids were bustin’ some moves to. There was even a toffee-apple stall, one of my old fave treats!

This event was fantastic and the vibe was immeasurable. It was also free! We got their early and were the last to leave. When an event is planned with such love, care and thought, it is really felt in the atmosphere.

The verdict is….


Shit Hot events 5 starsYou can find the Oval Website here: and Facebook here:

Thanks for a really lovely and fun day out…  We all wanted to move in by the time it finished!

Here are a couple of pics…


I’ve made all the mistakes there are in events organisation –  so you don’t have to! If you want advice to launch your own live event get in touch HERE and we’ll set up a free call and I’ll gift you my ‘7 Steps to Launching your Live Event and Checklist.

Have a big, beautiful, eventful week..

Kerrie xox


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Just enjoying being mummy…

Why I’m just enjoying being ‘mummy’ more than ever..

I have really been enjoying motherhood lately. It isn’t that I don’t always enjoy it (although sometimes it sucks right…??!!) It’s that I’ve spent a lot of the past couple of years being a little bit too busy and always in a rush. I’ve heard myself on many occasions say to my little girl…’I haven’t got time now, darling’.. or ‘Later honey, mummy’s really busy right now’.. Only to see her little face crumple with disappointment. Last week she even said to me ‘you like playing with Freddie (the dog) more than me…’ and this broke my heart a little.

And of course, we are all busy. I don’t have other kids, but most of my friends do, and I see how busy they are. I have one little girl and she keeps me on my toes.. along side my business and doggie. I also realised I’ve been concerned about so many little things about parenthood that are quite frankly not worth worrying about.. Again, I know we can all do this as mums.. It’s our instinct and it’s nature.

But I’ve been thinking about what’s really important.. What stuff to sweat and what stuff to not…

I’ve been talking to my Sacred & Sexy Community about this and I love some of the beautiful and poignant insights they’ve given us…

Here’s the gist… 

  • Not worrying about rigid bed times all the time. Letting them sleep in your bed when they need to and giving them extra cuddles at night as they drop off.
  • Trusting yourself more as their mum and not relying on books and other peoples opinions and parenting ideals as law.
  • Stop worrying about the feeding and weening as much as we do. They will tell us when they are hungry and they will eat when they are hungry. Let them experiment at their own pace.
  • Getting to know them, really accepting that they are their own little personalities with their own wants and loves and needs and that we shouldn’t be pushing our needs on to them at all times.

I know, it’s not always realistic to just let it all go and live like there is only the present moment. We all need to get to bed and get up in the morning with other responsibilities.. For me it’s been about finding the balance.

It’s also about understanding and trusting that children are passing through lots of phases very quickly, and this is far more stressful for them than it is for us…

Here are some lovely quotes on being a little more mindful… 

“I wish I had known back the how to stay in the moment more with my little one. To not worry about my to do lists as much as I did but to devote concentrated mindful moments daily with little distraction. My first child had special needs as well and I spent a lot of time worrying for his future. He is a teenager and doing fantastic- didn’t need to worry!” Juliana Hauser Mills Morris 

“Enjoy every day cause it passes so quick, the house work work and washing can wait but smiles and hugs don’t.” Maureen O’Toole

“I wish I had been more present. I was busy cooking, cleaning, working etc and I really wish I had spent more time just looking into his eyes and appreciated him even more. It took me a long time to really understand that I should parent the child he is, not the child I think he should be. He was and still is an awesome, amazing human being that has taught me so much.” Lorraine Nylund

For me, I’m learning to embrace these times of toddlerhood. The imperfect day to day rhythms.  The 1000 times we have to read a single story, the night-time pillow chats about which what type of fairies we are, the ridiculously early morning chats about what our favourite breakfasts are and the general mundane stuff that will, in time, be distant memories…

If you’d like to join a tribe of beautiful, mindful, passionate women from all over the world, who are the game-changers then click here .

Big, beautiful, brave love,

Kerrie xox

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Progress, Perfection, Permission & Persistence

Progress, Perfection, Permission & Persistence……

…..and why we need a little of all four for creative success

Most things we do – or don’t do – in life come from a place of confidence or from a place of fear.

We are either confident enough to do something, make something, try something, create something. Or we are fearful of it. Then we don’t do it. Or we procrastinate the arse off it, and perhaps hopefully do it eventually. Neither are wrong. I just know so many creatives who are stuck, because of this fear.

However, both fear and confidence are important and almost an integral part of the process in creation. Understanding this logic is imperative and is often the trigger that can move us back into a place of creative movement and momentum.

I know when I started my blogs back in January, I was TERRIFIED! What people would think of me? I thought.  Would they accept my ideas and would they like what they heard…?

Now, I realise that I just have to keep writing and sharing. It’s not up to me who likes or doesn’t like my stuff. I’m just sharing from the heart.  I know that people read my blogs as I now have over 5,000 hits to my website a month, or thereabouts. I am also enjoying the consistency of writing and find it cathartic. I really miss it when I don’t blog.  (I’ve only missed three weeks when I went away during the summer).

Progress is about movement. And it’s also taking life into account.   Progress is taking steps, big or small towards a desired outcome. Progress just keeps going, even when we loose a the way a little and end up walking backwards.

Perfection is not always a good thing. It can turn a great idea into ‘this project is too big or too noble, then I potentially can’t handle it, so I maybe shouldn’t do it’?  Perfectionism promotes the notion of ‘Am I good enough?’ There’s no harm in absolute wanting to do our best, but not at the cost of NOT doing whatsoever.

Permission is the piece often missing from the creative jigsaw puzzle. It’s permission to feel the fear, it’s permission to fail and permission to fuck-up. When we give ourselves permission, we give our creativity the permission to live and breathe through us.

Persistence is different to consistency, but we need a little of both. Consistency promotes routine, whereas persistence is about sheer determination. I like persistence and know I have a lot of it, as well as determination. Occasionally we might want to have to take a break from something. Don’t beat yourself up. Your project might just need a re-frame and some time to germinate.

We are afraid to fall, yet the true falling is to never start.


-There is is no such thing as the perfect moment, only this moment, that can be made perfect with our say so.

-Being ‘ready’ is a bit of a myth. Sometimes we have to step into the fear and start.

-Our processes of progress and consistency are ours and ours alone. Trust your own weird and wild ways of growth. It’s all evolution.

-There are hundreds of elements to creative process and practice and it’s up to you to untangle yours and make it your own. It may take hours, days, weeks, months or even years.

-If you’re making progress then you’re bringing your creativity or art to life, and if you know that’s what you were here to do, then don’t stop.  Keep it up, the world needs you, we all need you.


Do you want guidance on your next big, brave career move?

Get in touch with me for your free clarity call here:

Have a big, beautiful week.

Kerrie xox

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