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25 Perfect Examples of Self-Care at Work

This past week, following a bout of back-to-school illness in our house, and recovery that took more than a couple of days,  I’ve been talking to my Sacred & Sexy Creative Community about what self care means to them.

As women, we often have a focus on others and not ourselves. We put others’ needs before our own and we prioritise everyone else’s schedule ahead of our ours. We were potentially taught to do this from a young age. We are usually the primary care-givers and are the ones holding the household together.

Not for one minute am I saying we should refuse to do all or any of the above. Family life could potentially fall apart if we were heading out for massages, mani/pedi’s and reiki every night during the dinner hour. But what I am saying is that I believe that if you have a happy, relaxed, focused woman –  you have a happy household.

I enjoy picking my daughter from school, and being able to attend little events and milestones. That’s one of the perks of working for yourself. But working for yourself (and others) can come at a price. You can work into the night, you may invest all of your money into your business and be totally skint, and you are often so tired, you end up saying no to everything you used to enjoy!  I have been all of the above!

So, I’ve been on a quest to find out what Self-Care means to creative entrepreneurs from all industries and from all over the world. Here’s what they said was most important to them… 

1. “Making myself say no when I don’t want to do something is one way I have learned to look after myself. I spent years saying a half hearted “yes” and then carrying around resentment and feeling exhausted. It’s hard to do as I like to think of myself as a helpful person and will go to great lengths not to upset anyone, but I’ve learned that if I don’t care for myself I have less to give to others”. Jackie Marsden, Sexual Health Nurse / Trainer & Writer, UK

2. “I exercise –  I do yoga..swim and powerplate mixed with cardio and leg weights”. Nickie Theobald, Model & Make-Up Artist, Ibiza

3.  “I have 6 sacred disciplines, but I’ll share this one: connect with a warm body each day. Big, heartfelt hug and soul connection with your kin. Share your energy!” Kate Berquist, Health Coach, USA

4. “Walking is my biggest self care tip. I walk 2 hours a day and have discovered so many benefits”. Karen Hodgson, Spiritual Promoter of Spiritual Technology, Ideas and Tools, Australia 

5. “Just meditation”.  Nikki Nightowler, Teaching Assistant, UK

6. “Yoga, meditation and a clean vegan diet”. Flavia Bernardes, Illustrator, Ireland 

7. “No rules — that is one of my biggest self care things. No rules to beat myself up with. Also managing money in a way that keeps me feeling safe. Plus nourishing food”.  Leila Hussain, Writer & Poet, UK

8. “My first self care tip is to have my access bars run (a technique for energy work focused on the scalp) to create space and ease in my life. Dancing one song a day keeps the mind away and yoga every day”. 
Marizete Da Silva,  Consciousness Facilitator, Yoga Teacher & Journalist, USA

9. “Talking to myself nicely, like I would talk to a friend”. Heidi Pryce, Veterinary Nurse, UK

10. “Self recognition in the mirror. I use affirmations which are appropriate for whatever aspect of myself I am working on at that time. E.g self-belief when going self employed
‘I am good enough to have my own business. I have extensive knowledge and valuable skills, which will benefit others worldwide”. 
Helen Courteney  – Award Winning Author, Self Realisation Mentor, UK

11. “Simply bath and bed”. Fay Johnstone, Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist & Meditation Teacher, Scotland

12. “Congratulating myself on a good job instead of criticising myself for not doing a good enough job, and smiling”. Annie Rose, Sexual Health Nurse, UK

13. “Hmmmm I have more than 1 in equal place so take which suits you! Yoga, Gratitude journal, Meditation, Juices”. Stacey Bout, Holistic Kinesiologist, Australia 

14. “When I go to bed and get up I recall 5 things that I’m grateful for and try and stay in the attitude of gratitude”. Liz Hoar, Reiki Practitioner, UK

15. “Stop giving others second chances. it saves my sanity”.  Sarah Steele, Executive Coach & Speaker, USA

16. “Exercise. It energizes my body and mind. I love Zumba, but yoga, walking, or whatever suits you is great”. Sarah Schwab, Content Creation Coach, USA

17. “Sleep or just the permission to lay in bed”.  Corrin Elizabeth Knight,  Spiritual Healer, USA

18. “Buy yourself a bunch of flowers”. Claire Foal, Blogger, Australia

19. “Listen to motivating Cd’s so that no one can destroy me by harsh words. I am good enough after all”. Carol Wright, Entrepreneur, UK

20. “Having boundaries and not allowing others to compromise them. Plus meditation and a super awesome bubble bath with a good book and scrumptious beverage once in awhile”. Shari Mallinson, Artist, Canada 

21. “Doing less and delegate tasks in order to create white space for myself. Having the courage to take breaks, laugh, have fun and give time to the things I really enjoy. Be honest with myself…..these are some of the things I’ve been doing that have made miracles for me lately”.  Adina Camelia, Aspiring Coach, Romania 

22. “Honouring myself in the morning…setting the stage for my day with daily rituals..meditation, body movement, morning pages, nourishing breakfast and hot water with lemon”. Dana Pettit Canneto, Body Awakening Catalyst for Women, USA 

23. “I have two young children and the way I start my day before the chaos begins is to make a glass of water with lemon and honey. It cleansing and hydrating, and a ritual for self care before I take care of others”. Stacie Jacin,  Landscape & Garden Designer, USA

24. “Happiness is family when they are happy it makes me happy”.  Romana Richards, Lecturer,  Trinidad and Tobago

25. “Treating every day as a special occasion – i.e. treating yourself well”.  Charlotte Pingriff, Artist & Author, UK

I LOVE this list! The great thing about the majority of the above is that most of it is FREE. It is stuff we can just implement in to our everyday lives.

OK, so mine is as follows: Hot water and lemon  as I awake,  laying in bed snuggling in the morning with my little girl, eating really well 90% of the time, and going for a few runs a week…Catching a few movies, planning exciting trips away.


  1. An important thing – and us mums shouldn’t forget this – is to ask for help. Your wellbeing is critical not only to your business but to your family life as well. Ask for help so occasionally you can free up some time to do stuff you love or to just do nothing.
  2. Learn a technique that helps you slow down and be a little still. There is magic in stillness.
  3. Take up something that has interested you for a while, whether it’s a year long course that you’ve been thinking about taking or a crochet or fitness class on a Tuesday night.

Finally, if you already are doing too much, remember it’s OK to say NO too!

Wanna join the sacred & Sexy Creative Community on Facebook? There are more than 1,000 female entrepreneurs and we love new members! JOIN HERE! 

Have a big, beautiful week..

Kerrie xox


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Sweet Surrender – learning to do slow benefits your business and health

Sweet Surrender – I’m learning to do slow…

When my daughter was about 1.5 years, she had already been walking / running around like a loony for 8 months. She could not sit still –  EVER. She gets bored quickly. I even took her to see the health visitor once, as I was a tad worried (first child issues) and what she said surprised me. She said “Perhaps she get’s it from you? Are you a little manic..?” I couldn’t answer as I needed time to think about it (overtired, as per). But after a couple of weeks I actually agreed… I’m a little manic too and have perhaps have a busyness addiction.

In world where we are getting increasingly busier.. I’m asking female entrepreneurs how hard is it to switch off and do… well, nothing..?

I put this to the test this summer, as I had began to feel really worn out from working into the night more than a few nights a week. And sometimes it’s a must, especially for single mums like myself who work for themselves.

OK, so I was still doing a bit of work, I will admit (I can’t help it), but I decided to cut it right down and just do the essentials after reading a couple of books:

The Art of Extreme Self Care by Cheryl Richardson 


Sacred Success by Barbara Stanny 

I went away to Austria to visit my best friend who (luckily for me) owns a house in the mountains and then just worked part time for the rest of the summer holidays, while my little one was off.

So, what did I do whilst hardly working? I read books, watched movies, mountain trekked, cooked, listened to music, went out for play dates, picnics and team outings, played golf, went swimming and running… and I thought about work a lot! I couldn’t help it.

The negative side – I actually had to go cold turkey from my continual checking of my iPhone. Even my mum was looking at me feeling a little sorry for me…

The plus side – I’ve had sooo many ideas flowing to me since then.

This place is what some call the ‘White Space’. And I now realised how important this place is for entrepreneurs. It is a place of recognition and restoration. It is where we re-evaluate and re-assemble. It’s where we find our next big, bold, brave moves. Most importantly, it’s also where we find the energy to execute them.

Barbara Stanny interviews many super successful female entrepreneurs in her book Sacred Success and what was apparent for them all was periods of ‘doing nothing or stopping’ before they discovered the next big thing for their business.

I will from now on savour the sweetness of surrender and make sure I’m making time for white space in my life and business.

Are you making a place for ‘White Space’? If not now, when..?

If you want more resources, tips, tricks and sweet stuff delivered to your inbox then come over to and sign up!

Have a big, brave week, whether it’s all white space or a super busy one…

Kerrie xox

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The Sh*t Hot Events Blog – Bedford Park

T Shit Hot Events BlogA couple of weeks ago – I went to Bedford Park to see two of my favourite old bands UB40 and The Brand New Heavies.

It was a beautiful sunny day and we got there early to drink bubbles and eat in the park before we went in. We were told that alcohol wasn’t to be brought into the park as there would be a licensed bar inside. So admittedly we guzzled many bottles before going in.

The music was 5 STARS, let’s not make any mistake about that. All bands were on form and had the crowd singing and dancing into the night. The sound was pretty good for open air and the vibe was relaxed and fun. There were all ages there too, which is always great to see!

The tickets were £35 which wasn’t a bad price with the two headliners and other good bands in the mix. We could enter the park from about 5.30pm and the queue was HUGE to get in, so we sat in the park outside to guzzle more bottles and watched the queue go down. When we got into the venue, the place was well laid out and the staff were all polite.

HOWEVER – there were not enough porta-loos for a few thousand people – there were huge queues for these AND even worse – the licensed bar they mentioned –  it was a gazebo with a couple of members of bar staff serving!!! After not being allowed to bring alcohol into the venue, we queued for over an hour to get served a few beers! OK, we did stock up but still – this is an absolute no-no.

Having grown up in pubs and night clubs (my dads and his brothers) and having run hundreds of events, it is the number one rule to have enough bar staff and loos…

In fact – people were just peeing anywhere because the queues were so big! Luckily there were loads of trees in the park!

So, for the events organisation – this event gets:

Events 2 starsIt would have got more – but the facilities and amenities are a major part of the experience. Take note event organisers… It’s crucial to get this stuff right. Otherwise, you’ll have people peeing up the gazebos! 🙂

I’ve made all the mistakes there are in events organisation –  so you don’t have to! If you want advice to launch your own live event get in touch HERE and we’ll set up a free call and I’ll gift you my ‘7 Steps to Launching your Live Event and Checklist’.

Have a big, beautiful, eventful week…

Kerrie xox





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Heels and Hangovers

I have had a serious hangover the past day! And sore feet from so much dancing. I’m not proud, but neither am I sorry..

I was a party girl for a long time. My dad owned the busiest pub in the town I grew up in for 25 years and I was always up for a party and a good time. My uncles owned a few of the night clubs in the town next door too. So, I often partied hard from Thursday to Sunday. In fact I know that I indulged way too much and it often interfered with my studies and work. And I absolutely believe that if this is happening a lot, then we need to address it.

In fact I even went tee-total for a year in 2008 and it was one of the best things I did for myself. After the sudden death of my brother, I was prone to depression and anxiety.

Nowadays I allow myself the luxury of letting my hair down properly every now and again. So it doesn’t interfere with my work or home life, I get my daughter looked after for the duration.   I like the occasional wild night out and it actually makes me a better mum and friend. Because I keep them entertained with photo’s like this: My Daft Punk get up whilst out in London at the weekend for one of my best friends birthdays! We danced and partied till we dropped.



In all seriousness, as long as partying isn’t interfering with life, then it’s good for you. Women do have a tendency to feel guilt for almost everything they do. If they’re not seen as perfect or always being good. I could occasionally do this too. But I know I’m more whole and real when I’m happy. And sometimes that means getting drunk and dancing all night.

As one of my favourite coaches – Danielle LaPorte likes to say ‘Get your halo dirty’ and I intend to do just that…

Get your halos dirty ladies, as long as it makes you happy…

Have a big, beautiful and brave week.

Kerrie xox



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The Sh*t Hot Events Blog – Luton Mela 2015

T Shit Hot Events Blog

This weekend I went to the Luton Mela Festival with my mum and daughter. The last time I went to the Mela was in 2013 and I had started to go blind in my right eye due to a detached retina.. (another story)… So, I must admit, my mind was elsewhere back then! Both times however, I really enjoyed myself – but this year was definitely better in terms of event organisation.

Mela means ‘to meet’ in Sanskrit and it celebrates the South Asian religious, cultural and artistic practices and programmes…

The Luton Mela is run by a mainly voluntary committee, made up of people who operate from a community building in Luton. The event has a long history, from the first event in 2000 with a few hundred people attending to this year pulling crowds of 40,000 over the weekend…!

There is an emphasis on food and we sampled a few stalls –  the Indian cuisine was divine and the service matched.

The vibe is great at the Mela, it really is a nice family day out. Whilst there are no bars, there are many food outlets, info stalls, kids fair rides, horse and pony rides and two stages playing simultaneously. The main stage presents all the Asian acts from DJ’s, MC’s, dancing and traditional singing. The world stage has other local talent playing throughout the day. There were no queues for the loos, it wasn’t over crowded and all the security were super polite.

We had a really fun, family day out and couldn’t fault it. And it’s Free!

A few pics of the event…

IMG_6715 (1)IMG_6720IMG_6712IMG_6723IMG_6717IMG_6719

And the verdict….. 

Events 4 stars

Well done to the Luton Mela Team, another fantastic event – getting better and growing bigger each year! Looking forward to next year…

If you want advice to launch your own live event get in touch HERE and we’ll set up a free call and I’ll gift you my ‘7 Steps to Launching your Live Event and Checklist’.

Kerrie xox

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Birthdays, beloveds and besties…

It was my birthday on Saturday.. I was 38! And I’m definitely getting happier the older I get…

In fact, I’m way happier now than I was at 28 and even 18.

I hear many people complain about getting older and that makes me a little sad.. I think perhaps when you loose someone so young.. (my brother died at 19 years old), you do appreciate the years notching up. Each birthday counts…

I’ve had a blessed, if not a little crazy life.  Things haven’t gone to plan, they’ve messed up and gone awry. There’s been some serious ups and downs and much to be celebrated and commiserated. But, as I look back at the past 38 years, I feel a sense of wonder. My life has been like a giant brilliant, colourful patchwork… A mad mosaic, a tapestry of life’s art… The fuck-ups and the love-ups.. Much of the seam has come undone and there are all the dazzling colours under the sun.  It’s a big beautiful mess… But it’s my life and I wouldn’t have done it differently. I wake up to a little brown eyed cherub each day, my daughter who is without a doubt the love of my life and my biggest teacher.

I’ve come so far, yet there’s so much more to be done, places to go, stuff to create…I have a constant feeling of movement in my solar plexus, like Vianne in Chocolat.. I should have been a nomad…

This weekend, I got to play a little golf at The Kevin Duggan Golf Academy – a charity set up in memory of my brother who was a super talented golfer… It was the ten year anniversary of the opening of this superb little centre of excellence. It is funded by the Ryder Cup and is the brainchild of the force that is my dad, Declan Duggan. Proud is an understatement…

Then I went to the Luton Mela festival with my beloveds and got to see some badass Asian talent and eat homemade curry.. I was cooked a birthday brunch by my dad and baked a red velvet cake by my 11 year old sister..And yesterday I went to see two of my favourite old bands UB40 and Brand New Heavies at a beautiful park in Bedford. It was a glorious sunny day and I got to eat picnic and drink bubbles all day with all my beautiful best friends…

The simple pleasures of a person who is getting older and happier by the year!

Have a good week all.. Be happy!

Kerrie xox


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The Sh*t Hot Events Blog – CityGirl Live Event

T Shit Hot Events BlogYesterday, I was lucky enough to support Grace Kelly of CityGirl Confidence at her first live CityGirl event. I went to help her in the morning for set up – and she was poised, relaxed and excited. Just how you should be, hosting your first live event.. even if inside you are nervous. (Some nerves are good BTW).

Grace and I used to attend many self development events together several years ago, when we both lived in London. We have always shared a passion of live events and self development. We went to book launches, spiritual events, workshops and seminars. We met at Alternatives, where I worked as a Team Member for four years, the place that gave me a whole new lease of life and re-ignited my purpose.

When Grace bravely started hosting her own I also gave her a hand then… Some of Grace’s past events have included venues like  basements in Piccadilly, to penthouses in Covent Garden and intimate halls in West London.

Grace, prior to CityGirl going global, was a true inspiration anyway. She’s relaxed, fun, warm and totally down to earth. She mixes her spirituality with her love of glamour and designer so well and isn’t afraid of exactly who she is and where she’s heading.

The event yesterday was so well put together, from the choice of venue – the boutique Bentley Hotel in SW London – to the service and technical support. The blend of opulent and classic surroundings and fun Italian tunes made it relaxed yet purposeful and fun. The art on the walls was a little crazy… along with the animal print fabrics.  But it added to the fun of the day! I felt like I was transported back to the 30’s in a middle eastern hotel…

I loved all the exercises that Grace took us through too. And the coaching was laser sharp and focused. The pace was excellent and I could feel the atmosphere in the room was charged and that everyone was getting loads from it. The only downfall is that it went too quickly!

A perfectly put together event. Well done Grace and CityGirl Team. You rock!


Here are a couple of pics:

london grp image

Grace and Francesco Kerrie pic London


Looking forward to another! Look out Los Angeles – CityGirl is coming…



… And the verdict….

Shit Hot events 5 stars

Want advice on your live events? Contact me HERE and I’ll set up a free call plus send you my FREE guide to launching your first live event….

Kerrie xox

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Fun, frolicks and photoshoots…

Fun, frolicks and photoshoots…

So last week was off the hook in terms of the fun factor…

I had a photoshoot with team Hellavagirl (an up and coming British label by designer Helen Woollams) in a stunning place with amazing girls and photographer Zuzia Zawada…Then I got interviewed by the Huff Post about my Sacred & Sexy blog and coaching business, and then I  got to hang out with my dad and went to the Luton Mela Talent Quest for the local festival (one of the biggest in the UK) and got to view some amazing artists doing their thing….I also treated myself to an early birthday present – a Macbook Pro!

Of course, life isn’t always like this…It isn’t always fun… It isn’t always linear and straightforward… And how boring would that be anyway… admin needs doing, the kids are misbehaving, the dishes need doing.. (for the record, I love cooking, but hate cleaning)!

I love working for myself and all that it brings… The fact that I can run my business around my little girl, while making money, being inspired, doing the things I truly love and living a life that lights me up.

It isn’t always like this, I assure you.. And I reveal more in my Huff Post interview… Coming soon..After a few major professional mistakes last year and separating from my husband, there were times when I was just about holding it together… Things got sad and tough.. BUT, I got myself coaching, got support from my nearest and dearest and figured it all out. Getting your hustle on isn’t always easy either… But – if you know you were born to do a certain something, then you have to honour that.. Truly.

Have you been considering traversing or jumping from corporate to creative? It’s easier than you think..

Claim your free Clarity Call HERE and I’ll tell you all you need to know..

In the mean time, here’s a few cheeky pics from behind the scenes..

11731740_1690114054549828_7430265871641218331_o 11782283_1690114051216495_2700389198439415658_o 11754460_1690122644548969_6978998543177378842_o11046213_10153057893227547_2250771508701659792_o 11225330_10153057892552547_5814051919764199730_o 11779852_10153057893952547_4746713317576686606_o


Have a big, beautiful and brave week..

Kerrie xox

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Why creativity is so important to us and we should fight for it…

In the past month in the UK, the current government has cut the budget to many arts courses in further education. Anything that didn’t come under the STEM umbrella (Science, Tech, English, Maths) was cut at the local college where I live – a town where 35,000 people live and at many others colleges around the country.

Most of the art department was culled – teachers lost their livelihoods and kids had their courses ripped out from underneath them…Even those who were half way through.

I studied performing arts, dance and photography at college and travelled to the next town to study. I was lucky – I passed my driving test at a young age and was bought a little car for my birthday. I loved the little commute to college each day, to do the things that I loved and that brought me alive.

I loved my courses and the people on them. It was a total different story to my school life. I wasn’t academic -I took my maths three times and gave up after the third attempt after continually getting D’s.   I got a B in English on the second attempt and passed only a few more with C’s. I knew where my strengths were and I was lucky because my parents knew too.

I wasn’t thick or stupid – I was wild, creative and had a huge imagination. The school atmosphere made me feel stifled and a little nauseous. I rebelled at times and bunked to get out of lessons I hated. There was a drama department at my upper school for a few months when I arrived, and then it shut. I was gutted! Even now, in the few corporate or office jobs I’ve had – I feel uncomfortable being there and stuck. After being in the same room for nearly 8 hours, my soul wants to escape and jump out of the window..

I still got into several universities, again because I was lucky – my parents had been able to afford to pay for my ‘creative’ classes out of school, and at the time, my maths grade didn’t hold me back…

So, I was lucky to have been able to find my vocation early, because of the financial support of my parents. Not everyone is this lucky. A girl from my home town Georgia Coan, who I know well has had her letter to David Cameron published on the Huff Post after her dismay. ‘An Open Letter to David Cameron (cuts to the arts)’. Check it out here. She’s angry and so are hundreds of others like her.

Are the government creating a ‘workhouse’ situation to drive manufacturing industry back up again in the UK? It feels this way. And odd too considering the stats prove that the creative industries are currently booming here… According to Creative Industries UK – the number of UK jobs in creative occupations grew by 6.4 per cent to 1.9m in 2014, far outstripping the 2.1 per cent average job growth rate for the UK economy.  Why a government wouldn’t be driving these industries to further growth, I don’t understand.

I’m reading Sir Ken Robinsons New York Times Bestseller  – ‘The Element’ right now and it is so uplifting. It makes me feel like I’ve come home. It lists so many people who have huge amounts of talent, and they often didn’t do brilliantly at school; Arianna Huffington, Paul McCartney and Matt Groening to name a few. None of these thrived at school. But they all knew what path to follow, trusted their intuition, were given tools, support and opportunities, hustled their hearts our and made it happen.

The book talks about the people who felt like outsiders, who eventually found their passions and actually made the world a better place because of these passions. It discusses how the IQ test was not meant for the purpose it is used for today and how the educational industries make billions world wide to keep us tested up to the eye balls! I know from experience that standardized tests are not all for one and one for all. We learn using different senses. We are inspired by totally different things. I am one of six siblings and we are all completely different.

Tonight I went to my youngest sisters leavers show (she’s 11) called Musical Madness, and while all the kids in her year took part, and they all seemed to enjoy it. There were about ten that stood out. They shone, they danced and sang their little hearts out. I felt so much joy looking at these guys feeling that moment with every fibre of their being! I also know that some of these kids may not be academic –  so what will happen to them? Let’s hope their parents can afford to send them to classes hey?

I LOVE this quote from Ken:

“The fact is that given the challenges we face, education doesn’t need to be reformed — it needs to be transformed. The key to this transformation is not to standardize education, but to personalize it, to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions.”   ― Ken Robinson, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

A long way off perhaps…?

If you haven’t got it- get your ass over to your bookstore to get a copy…

Big beautiful love

Kerrie xox

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When you gotta get away from it all

When you gotta get away from it all…

When was the last time you gave yourself a break from life?

When you actually said no to all your home life responsibilities… And you said yes to some you-time?

When you run your own business or work your ass off, or have kids and just are basically running around like a crazy lady – things take their toll! You start making mistakes like thinking you can carry 2 bags, your cup of tea and your laptop in one hand…Then when you drop your tea onto your laptop and it sizzles and breaks and has to go to the laptop A&E, you stop and realise you have been rushing like a crazy lady… Yep, that was me this week! Bummer!

I know, I’m not great at always saying no to others and yes to myself –  but I’m getting better. Looking after yourself is actually a necessity, not a luxury..

This year I committed to saying yes to more relaxation with my friends…  So this weekend I went to a gorgeous spa retreat.. We worked out in the gym, we sat in the jacuzzi, sweated it out in the sauna, drank bubbles by the pool, ate gorgeous food (chocolate pudding), swam it off, then lounged in the sunshine, giggling about old times and chasing peacocks…. We laughed a lot. It was so lovely.

It wasn’t extravagant, it wasn’t forever, it was just stopping and saying yes to us, as busy women, who work and need recharging…

Your easy actionables:

Ask yourself – what do I need to do to recharge?

~Check out some spas or other treats and get something booked and in the diary. In the next two days!

~Or just get the kids looked after for the day while you go shopping. ASAP!

~Set a date night with your partner or besties… This weekend!

~Do or watch something that makes you laugh.. Today!

Here are a couple of pics that might inspire you to book your time out..


image (2)Peacock


Have a big, beautiful and rested week..

Kerrie xox




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