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What to do when it’s time to stop everything and take a break!

What to do when it’s time to stop everything and take a break!
This week has been pretty immense and intense for me. It always is when things come to an end.
I had two endings this week:
1) I completed BSchool –which has been an intense 9 week online course to build a big, beautiful business.
2) An art project I produced and directed has wrapped up.

Sometimes I get a little stressed and need to tap in to my techniques for overwhelm and calm. As I know lots of people do. But do you know how to help yourself when overload strikes?

1) Spend time with those you love. This for me is spending time with my daughter doing things we love. So this weekend we went to a ‘paint your own pottery’ place in beautiful St Albans and had fun with friends. We got messy and creative, giggled together, drank hot chocolates and ate lollies.

Check out Pots of Art here: It was brilliant fun.


2) Lock in Down Time. This weekend I watched three movies: 50 Shades of Grey, Interstellar and James and the Giant Peach. I usually watch only one a month, so this was a movie marathon for me. It was a close the curtains and snuggle up with the doggy kind of affair. Bliss!

3) Ask for help. I felt frazzled by Friday, and needed some time alone. Away from EVERYONE! So, I called in help from my (super)mum. She whisked my little one off for the whole day on Sunday. I took advantage and decided to – finish a book I’ve been reading, sit and stare out of the window, play with the pooch, go shopping alone, go for a run, have a candle-lit bath….

4) Take time away from work. I LOVE to work. And my job doesn’t feel like work, so I’m usually happy to work at the weekend. BUT there are times, when it is necessary to switch off.
I made a promise to myself that when I am a little stressed – it’s time to turn it all off. So, I did. It makes Monday that little more exciting.

5) Self-Care Time. This is discussed all the time now. Self-Care is the #1 business strategy nowadays. Especially for women who have kids and are running around like headless chickens. Self-Care is whatever you build into your life as care and coping strategies.They don’t have to be major. Just little things that slow you down and make your heart sing.

The above are my strategies and I loved having a relaxing time this weekend purposefully not doing much. The buzzword here is ‘Time’. It’s all bout making time for yourself.  I’m now planning in my next relaxing weekend! I hope you are too!
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

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Healing and Creativity

What do healing and creativity have in common? Everything I tell you!

Yesterday I went on a Women’s Healing Circle day. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, as it was recommended by a friend. Plus, the lady who runs the event – Denise Barbi, intuits the days proceedings rather than plans them out, so I couldn’t research before hand, which is what I usually like to do!  I am  a born enthusiast and I’ll give almost anything a try, so I was excited to hear that it was a day involving many things and modalities, some of which I’ve tried before.

We arrived at the centre, which was out on holistic farm in Bedfordshire’s Woodland. There are sacred spaces; springs, wells, labyrinths and even an underground meditation chamber! I was in my seventh heaven!


Most of the morning was spent in a cosy room called The Birch. Where we meditated, played with Guidance Cards and talked. After lunch we went to the underground meditation chamber and began the release of old fears. Then we followed the facilitator Denise out through the fields to the labyrinth, while she was drumming. I felt like I was in a cult movie scene but I loved it.

Once back in The Birch room, we made Worry Dollies and then did some Vision Boarding. Plus a we had a some Womb Healing from Denise, to welcome in the Spring and manifest new desires.

Healing is whatever you invite into your life to release old stuff and bring you to new spaces and places. Did I have a healing? Yes I did. If you show up with an open heart and open mind, there’s always room for more healing. I woke up this morning feeling rejuvenated, focused, calm and happy.

What I love about what Denise has created – was the safe space – to be ourselves. It was the nurturing energy she brought to hold the space and the fun she injected into all the exercises.

When was the last time you invested a little time and money on yourself, your healing and creativity?

Exercise: Find a Meet-Up, workshop or event that resonates with you, where you can go, explore, have fun, be inspired and most importantly – where you can connect with like-minded people and make new wishes and dreams for the future.

I have been on my spiritual journey for many years and attended hundreds of events. There is nothing better when the speaker is fun, light hearted and has a great sense of humour. Denise is all of those and I highly recommend the day.

The next Women’s Healing Circle is: Sunday June 14th 2015. 11am-5pm. Cost: £40.

Denise Barbi can be contacted here:

The Clophill Centre can be found here:


Big beautiful love,


Kerrie x





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Sand, Sea and Creativity

Why are sand, sea and creativity good for you?

Last week, I spent a glorious few days away at the Great British Seaside.

Me and a group of some of my oldest, best friends and all of our children went on a caravanning holiday to Great Yarmouth. It was sunny but a bit chilly, busy but restful too. We stayed in a large caravan that had three bedrooms – although there were 8 of us! It was cramped but it was so much fun!

It is so important for us to get out of the grind – even if we love our grind – which I do, and for the soul to take a break from the norm and just totally be… If I’m honest – I was actually thinking to myself, before we left – ‘Oh, I haven’t really got the time for this….’ But, boy am I glad I did! It was just the fun I needed.

I was still thinking about work – but purely from an inspired point of view. And I didn’t quite take a digital detox (I love Instagramming my pictures). But I didn’t do any physical work – and sometimes – it just has to happen.

Our resort had some great entertainment too- we saw some Strictly Come Dancing stars and some Britain’s got Talent Stars. We swam and laughed, ate chips and seafood, drank cocktails on the beach and devoured ice-cream and chocolate. We went to the fair and made sandcastles…

Most of all – we got to just be together and hang out. I feel very lucky to have such amazing old friends. We all love each other very much and have been through so much together.


So, now I’m home and rearing to start work again and feel more creative than ever! I’ve had some amazing feedback from clients and some much needed planning time for my future products. I’m so grateful that I got a few beautiful days of fun to recharge the batteries.

Your actionables this week are:

• What can you do to re-connect to others? Can you book a break – even if it’s just for a day, somewhere away from home and out of the house or workspace? If you can’t book it just yet – pencil it in the diary and start researching it.
• Be with some people you love – it lifts your mood. Try not to talk about work too.
• If you are under a lot of pressure at work and are feeling stressed – your body and mind are telling you something – that thing is….. TAKE A BREAK!

Enjoy your restful, creative week.
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

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What is Creative Career Coaching?

What is Creative Career Coaching?

Have you ever thought about getting coaching? Or mentoring? Or some sort of guidance that will really help bring you to the position or situation that you have been desiring in your life and work?

I got my first coach at age 26 and I met him monthly at the Soho Club in London, a private members club when I was starting my first business. I paid him quite handsomely and was quite overwhelmed by it all if I’m honest! However, I am so glad I did. It has taught me the value of getting excellent advice, guidance and support from someone further ahead than me. Since then – I’ve had several Coaches and Mentors for different paths and projects I’ve taken and know how invaluable they are.

Coaching is now one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and the industry will continue to do so. It is proven that coaches can help improve productivity and are a huge return on investment. Coaching or mentoring helps people and business focus on what is most important for them at a precise time.

There are now coaching and mentoring services for almost everything you can do in your life; from life, wellness, relationship, business, performance, fitness and financial coaches and mentors. Coaching gives you support you at the place you are at and it enhances your chances of getting to where you want to go.

But what I love most about Coaching and Danielle Laporte (creator of Desire Map) says this best, is:
Coaching is about acquiring a feeling. It is about your core desire feelings and how you want to feel when you actually achieve your goals alongside the results.

Interesting Coaching Facts:
~ Coaching is a result-driven process aimed directly at you and your creative business or artistry through goal setting, personal outcomes and managing and cultivating change.
~ Coaching and Mentoring is a proven method where you gain tools and implementation ideas for your exact situation and positioning.
~ It ‘gets’ you to your desired result way faster than conventional training or education and is tailored just for you.
~ It is always designed to focus on your individual entrepreneurial and creative needs and learning styles.
~ It can help you fine tune or transfer the skills you already have and it works well to get you lift off in your personal circumstance.

If you think Creative Career Coaching could be what helps your business or project get ‘lift-off’, then sign up here for you FREE 30 minute Clarity Call with Kerrie now.

Have a great, creative week.
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

International Coach Federation, USA
Coaching Academy, UK

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Meditation and Creativity

Does meditation directly affect creativity?


Yes – it not only clears your cache, it enhances your creative well-being too. Here’s how I know….

Wow, what a totally profound weekend I had at the Global Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire.
It is run by the Brahma Kumaris who are a world leading Spiritual University and have hundreds of centres worldwide with their Headquarters in India. They consider themselves students of Rajayoga (royal thought) which is a mind yoga directed by you- the detached observer and connecting directly to your source.

I arrived mesmerised by the breath-taking beauty of the majestic grounds and the historical Nuneham House where it is nestled. I left being moved on a profound level and feeling hugely creatively inspired. We walked, talked, sang and  chanted.. We connected, soul -gazed and danced.. We ate and laughed, we listened and reached inside ourselves…

Now, I already had a meditation practice – but it was as and when. Scattered and almost shoved in, at some point during my very busy day. I have a three year old little girl, who likes lots of attention – rightly so! And I run a business. So, I felt I was doing OK, managing a few minutes meditation each day. And yes, it a few minutes meditation is definitely better than no meditation.

The course is a three day retreat for people who want to learn about the spiritual wisdom and benefits of meditation. For me meditation was almost a way of clearing the cache and kind of emptying out my thoughts and mind-junk. But what I learned this weekend was that true meditation is so much more than emptying out the ‘Thought Recycle Bin’! It is about direct contact with source. It is about filling up with God-energy and totally understanding that my body is just a physical extension of that source and my soul is one with it. I feel like I’ve turned up the volume of my soul and amplified my whole being. I feel full to the brim and was able to practice today and ramp up that feeling.

The key, we were told – is practice and consistency, which of course applies to everything in life! The crux is – the less we identify with the self and the past, the more open we are in the present. I loved that…
So, here are some tips they gave us to meditate really well and with ease:



• Prioritise at the very least ten minutes each day to spend on a gentle meditation and your mind-set. Set your intention to make it happen. It’s a daily choice.



• Start by understanding that ‘you’ are not your body or your things, your house or your car – you are a soul and extension of light. You can be the detached observer, by choosing so.



• Begin your meditation sitting in a chair with your hands on your lap. Be alert and sit up. Take your mediation practice away from your bedroom if at all possible. Set your phone for five minutes or put on a piece of relaxation music, that matches your desired time. Breath and relax. Keeping your eyes gently open. Imagine there is a star in your forehead behind your eyes and focus on this star, keeping you eyes open and zoning out of the place you are in.  Breath gently and keep bringing any thoughts back to the star. It is normal to have racing thoughts and only with consistent practice do they begin to slow and stop.




Here is a beautiful and short mediation from the website. It is short and subtle, but is also warm and empowering:
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x



PS – This amazing retreat was donation based and you really couldn’t put a price tag on it. If you want to book on the course or find out more about the Brahma Kumaris – you can enroll here:

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Creative Connections and Cohorts

Tips to make great creative connections and cohorts:
Day dreaming is important and spending time alone is hugely important too. But one of the most powerful things you can do to leverage your creative ideas’ is to share and connect with others about them. This gives them ‘lift off.’ Are you a lone wolf or do you run with the pack? I do a bit of both and that suits me well. Having run two of my own businesses, I know this works for me. My production company expands with each project then contracts again. I like to think of it as a breathing entity with a life of its own. I love my own company and am totally happy with that. But then I crave creative conversation.
Being a lone wolf is an integral part of the process for some, such as inventors. But there needs to be some running with the pack, to get your creative ideas out to the ether.
Your renegades, affiliates, co-creators, friends and conspirators play an important part of presenting your work to the world and can help make things happen with you and for you.
Life can be lonely for entrepreneurs, and people who run online businesses too. So, I make sure I have lots of face to face contact planned in each month. Inspiration happens when you are in motion, when you are talking to people, hanging out with friends, laughing, making a mess with people, decorating, doing the garden, taking a walk with the dog. So get out there and get connecting.

Your tips to making excellent creative connections and cohorts:

1) Check out the local networking groups and get signed up. This was one of the best things I did running my own business. We also talk over email, Skype and face to face too. Use your Social Networks to nurture new relationships.

2) Make sure you talk with your people as much as possible. Whether it’s virtually or in person over a coffee. Find people in similar industries to you. You will have endless ‘stuff’ to talk about and because sometimes family and close friends just don’t get it! Or get you!

3) Helping each other stay accountable in a gentle way is great too. Myself and a few good friends who also have creative businesses do this. When we can, we have a working breakfast together and connect about our projects.

4) Be as supportive as you can to others – wherever you are on your journey. We all need support and it’s likely to come back to you tenfold. Not to the point that you are burning yourself out, just where and how you can that sits in alignment with you.

5) If you are stuck over something with your work – then put it out there. Be brave. Ask questions.Trust that the universe has your back and that one of your cohorts can help.

There’s a very famous quote from Jim Rohn that say’s “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I love this but only partly agree.

Life isn’t supposed to be streamlined to the point that you are running away from family and friends, because they don’t share your creative vision or world views. Life is supposed to spontaneous and free, fun and meaningful to you. But what you can be is a light bringer and a way shower to others when needed. Sometimes it is needed. Other times, you will need to be mindful of the company you keep. The stronger you become –  the less you need other people’s energy and vibration to validate yours.
Shine bright and be brave.
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

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Easy steps to create a Sacred Space

Easy steps to create a Sacred Space:
This should really be titled ‘Creating Space for the Sacred’. Because, in reality, we do not need a physical space to be or perform the sacred or to create our art. But we do need to ask ourselves: ‘what does sacred mean to us and how can we access the sacred more easily’?
To me it is several powerful things – It is space for quiet (I have a very lively three year old little girl), it is me time. It is my running routine where I repeat powerful intentions and mantras in my mind. It is my bath as I listen to music and relax. It is my work space where I light candles and write. It is my evening yoga before bed and my reading upon waking. It is my daily green smoothie. It is also my time with my friends to laugh and talk, to cook tasty food from scratch and it is making the time to watch a movie uninterrupted.
One thing it doesn’t have to be is complicated. In a world where we over stimulate ourselves and over-complicate everything – we sometimes need to take the pressure off of ourselves and not make this another thing to add to the ‘to-do-list’.
The second thing we can ask is: What do we want out of our new found sacred space? Is it to help dream up big life plans? Or to move forwards with all the projects we have bursting out of our minds?
For our art and creativity to be born into this world, we absolutely have to find some kind of solace, space and sacred stillness or sacred friction.


In today’s world, we are addicted to being busy and hyper connected. We live in hyperactive spaces, which pollute our minds with images and idea’s that are not our own. For there to be both inner and outer sacred space we should aim for progress and not perfection. Each day is a new day and we can begin again on our pilgrimage for sacred space. Some days I can fit in a full hour of sacred space time, and others it’s 15 minutes. If you have children at home, you know life can be unpredictable. So, do the best you can to plan it in and ask others to support you too. When you start taking yourself seriously, others will too.

I love visiting chapels and temples as they feel sacred on a vibrational level. This is because they are infused with intentional prayer and thought. I love popping into the church at the end of my road during the day and I’m the only one there. The stillness is pregnant with possibility, ripe with potentiality.
When working through the steps below – the most important thing to be factored in is actually TIME.


You should see your growth and creativity as a priority in your life, so make sure you are creating time for your evolution and art. That really means saying no to stuff – commitments and parties too. This was my hardest thing to do. I am a social butterfly and I hated to see the fun go on without me. But it did, and guess what? I got busier with my big life plans and things started to come to fruition much quicker, because I wasn’t always hung over and suffering. My life and work gives me such a buzz now, I have as much fun working as I do partying!



Small steps to help nurture a sacred space:

1) Cleaning and De-Cluttering – When was the last time you had a good clear out of old unwanted things and other stuff with old or negative energy? Take time each week to clear your space and your mind.


2) Intentional Rituals –Turning the TV off and keeping them out of bedrooms. This was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Bedrooms are for all things sacred. Doing something intentional to set up your day, like reading and making it a ritual. Just start with a promise of 5 minutes per day and build up.


3) Regular Exercise & Self Care- A spiritual practice is called a practice, because we do need to actually practice. You don’t attend the gym once and expect to be physically fit. Yoga can be both meditative and physically challenging. A lovely walk in nature is always an enchanting thing to do. You also won’t find your sacred space at the bottom of a bottle of beer or wine. Whilst I love champagne and all things wine, I made my life work and family a higher priority. This took me until my thirties to establish and my life is far more balanced now. On the flip side! If you haven’t been out to have fun in ages – get your self out there! Go and dance the night away. Dancing is sacred too! 🙂

4) Meditation and Music – These two are incredibly important. Meditation does not have to be done in silence, sitting in a painful position. To quieten what Buddha called our ‘drunken monkey minds’ we can find a few minutes to light a candle, breath into our bellies and intentionally ask for peace and space. For me, I have to work with inspiring music. It moves me and takes me on my journey. It gives me flow and allowing when I’m creating.

5) Altars, Gratitude Tables, Creation Desks – My desk has mantra’s, spiritual icons, nature (a plant) and crystals and candles. It still gets messy, as I’m a messy worker but it’s a beautiful space where I like to be. I also have a little shrine to Buddha in my bedroom. My sacred spaces are my anchor and I feel calm when I am in them. Take a few minutes to make a space today, if you haven’t already and practice your attitude of gratitude.


It is the small steps of daily preparation can really add up. Then slowly your sacred space becomes just that – totally sacred and a tip top priority for you.



I hope this has inspired you to create your inner and outer sacred spaces.


Big beautiful love,

Kerrie x

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Why a Creative Entrepreneur?

Why a Creative Entrepreneur?

There are so many reasons to be a creative entrepreneur. There has NEVER been a better time!

The creative industries are currently the fastest growing sector here in the UK. The UK creative industries were worth a record £76.9 billion to the UK economy in 2013, after growing by almost 10 per cent year on year for the past 3 years. Great Britain forges the way with our creative exports in advertising, architecture, crafts, design, film, games, publishing, museums and galleries, music, technology and television.

What is unique about British Creativity? Is it our British-ness maybe? Perhaps it is our rich mix of history, heritage, culture, excellent education and a stable and vibrant multi-cultural population. We are originators and amplifiers, leaders and believers. UK creative exports are also at their highest. With 1 in 12 jobs in the UK in the creative economy – that equated to 1.71m jobs in 2013. The UK is the second largest exporter worldwide of music and independent television programmes, and home to the biggest games developer market in Europe. I am proud to say that Great Creative Britain is leading the way with its innovation and imagination.

Artists, artisans and creatives are now working harder than ever before: Because, not only are they artists – they are entrepreneurs too. No longer are they shutting themselves away from the world to create in solitude. You are now your network, your brand, your community, your circle, your marketplace. Oftentimes, artists have a multiplicity of talents too – being able to cross over from musician to designer, dancer to photographer. This is both a gift and a challenge. And the downfall to this could be that we spend time trying to please our customers, rather than create what is in our souls. Creating from our souls must come first. You must honor the inner vessel that has the urge to create and this should happen in a sacred space. The sharing and sales need to then happen in public.

The world is changing daily and it is without a doubt becoming more creative. Whether you are in the UK or not – the same applies everywhere and anywhere in the world. There really is no better time than the now. The world needs you and your gifts – cultivate and share them, expose and allow them; both in public and in solitude. Learn your craft, know your technology and platforms, learn how to curate, market and hustle.The artist can no longer completely turn their backs on the world – we must interact. Art is not just for the few – but for us all.

Exercise: Write down three paragraphs on how the world would benefit or already benefits from your art or creativity. Share this beauty with three people – today.

“I would say to anyone – If you are thinking about doing something in the ‘Creative Industries’ – there is no place better in the world than to do it in the United Kingdom”. Nicola Mendelsohn- Facebook Vice-president for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Data from -Creative Industries Council 2014.

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Five steps to being a Brave Creative

Have you thought a lot about how you become a brave creative and more able to take risks?
The word ‘genius’ is rooted all the way back to ancient Rome, when folk would relate a person’s talent to a supernatural power or deity outside of the person. So many creative geniuses across all genres have expressed the idea that their ‘material’ is almost downloaded into their minds or they receive ‘fragments’ of story or lyric or melody – or images flash into their thoughts like bolts of inspiration.
It wasn’t till the 18th Century, that the more modern idea that the genius talent is just something within us became more prevalent.
Of course many well-known geniuses have rehearsed, practiced and trialled like workhorses for hours, days, months and years. But what do they have in common? The ability to listen to their inner guidance.
We all have this inner guidance.
We are born with it. We just have to learn to listen to it and be guided by it. Some geniuses are possessed by it. Some are turned insane by theirs. Others can live with their genius, like an old friend.
I love this quote from Patricia Polacco. She is an author and illustrator from the USA who has written dozens of children’s books. As a child, she really struggled as she couldn’t read or write till she was 14 years old and was diagnosed with severe dyslexia.
“Genius is neither learned nor acquired.
It is knowing without experience.
It is risking without fear of failure.
It is perception without touch.
It is understanding without research.
It is certainty without proof.
It is ability without practice.
It is invention without limitations.
It is imagination without boundaries.
It is creativity without constraints.
It is…extraordinary intelligence!”
The other main ingredient is to be able to take creative risks and stop controlling the inspired thoughts, ideas and instincts.
Here are 5 steps to help you be a brave creative and tap into your genius:

• Clarity comes from action and engagement – not from thought alone. Take a walk, get moving. You will literally feel the feedback. Ask the universe for guidance. Be specific. Get clear on what you want / need to know or express.

• Creativity is a rhythm of periods of inspiration, saturation, incubation, emptiness, stillness and vacuum. These are natural elements of the laws of the universe. Celebrate them and move with and through them. Embrace the complexity and simplicity of this.

• Show up! Stop controlling your creative impulses – internalising them can make you a little crazy. Acknowledge them when they happen and more will follow and flow. Allow the fragments of insights and material to be downloaded.

• We can all tap into our source. To do this we need to’ listen’ to our guidance. For some of us it’s all about being more still, switching off the TV or devices we have. For others it could be traveling to somewhere colourful and chaotic – like South America or Asia. Inspiration can be found literally anywhere. If you are stuck at a cross roads with a project or can’t get it off the ground – ask the universe for help, shout it out, speak to others.

• Lastly, be brave! Take more risks, start that blog, create that new project or product, film that new webinar. Make a start and honor your creative life and abilities. The world needs you and your gifts.

You do not have to be perfect! It does not have to be perfect! The time does not have to be perfect! Just start.

Big, beautiful and brave love,
Kerrie x

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True Creative Manifestation

This weekend, I was very lucky. I went to London Fashion Week – Fashions Finest Show in Holborn. It was so much fun. There was creativity in abundance, the energy was buzzing and there was such a good vibe at the beautiful Grand Connaught Rooms.

I attended with friends who are make-up artists, hair and wig specialists for big west end shows and musicians. When you are a creative, you usually always appreciate most other art forms in all its glory.
We also met and networked with other fashion lovers – from Brazil, the UK and Europe and there were even a few celebs there – although I must admit, they were ones I didn’t know…
All this said – I honestly didn’t expect I was going to enjoy the show so much. There was some exceptional talent there. From African underwear designs, classic and classy evening wear and beautiful shiny autumn coloured knits.

We waited for the final exhibit from Hellavagirl.
The pumping music went quiet and the whole place fell still and silent.
A music box started playing (it could only be Bjork).
It tinkered and twanged.
Then Helen’s first model stepped out.
The whole audience gasped and the theatre began.
The pieces were so breathtakingly sequined and shimmery – electric pink, hot reads and vibrant greens. With all the colours of a distant fairy tale land and where beautiful rockstars sing each other lullabies.


The press who were at the back near me stood tall like meercats and started clicking away like crazy.
Hellavagirls garments are like individual pieces of art. The entire place fell in love with them. She got a standing ovation at the end and EVERYONE wanted pictures and interviews after the show had finished.

Why am I writing all of this?

Because a few months ago, I worked with Helen the designer at Hellavagirl and she took my Creative Genius Intensive.
We spent a whole day together working out all of her core desires and mapped out her whole year ahead in detail. We worked on her brand and her ideal clients and how we build her community.
Helen is a superstar in her own right and all the talent is hers! I just helped her align it all and get her on the track of organised goal setting, career orientation and self- care rituals. I felt proud when Helen came to me afterwards and she thanked me for the insights I shared and that she now needs some more coaching!

When you are living out your true purpose and are aligning yourself with your goals, there is nowhere else to go apart from hitting the target of success. This is the magic of purposeful manifestation.
Tips for Manifesting your Creative Career and Genius:

• Success leaves a foot print – check out all of your business / creative heroines and idols and gain clarity from them and their brand. Use them as avatars for your own business.

• Get advice where ever you can and get mentored from someone further down the pathway of success, they are invaluable sources of support.

• Get help and support in your business. You can’t do it all. Get interns or hire a book keeper, so you can stay in your zone of genius more of the time.

• Say ‘No’ more frequently to things that are not serving you.

• Self-care is your number one priority. Look after yourself and your business can follow. Begin a meditation practice, journal, exercise and eat well. They are my favoured rituals and serve me – but you can adapt and find your own.

Enjoy manifesting your creative genius this week!
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

You can see Hellavagirl’s range here:

Photo credit: Ioana Mitroi

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