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The Magic of Powerful Branding and You

In the last month, I’ve taken part in two sets of branding exercises. One for a company I am a freelance producer for and one for an organisation forum I sit on as part of a creative collective. Both have been huge eye openers for me in terms of how much the creative world and biz is hinged and leveraged on powerful creative branding.
The process of branding is exciting to be a part of and gives you a deeper understanding of who you are, what creative offer you are serving to the world, how you make people’s lives better and finally – and perhaps the most important – the bigger why – why you do what you do to make the world a better place….
Whether it is brand, re-brand or project identification exercises – this process is creative alchemy for your business. Once the brand has been visualised, deliberated and conjured you then need to figure out how your branding will be shared with the world. What are the formats, spaces and platforms you will use? Who exactly are you talking to and how often? Who is your community and how are you socialising with them? Your brand is your vibrational stamp and tells the world about your service before you actually offer them anything solid. You have to plot the moves like a dot-to-dot drawing to produce a brand story that’s totally unique to you and your services.

Here are some crucial Q’s to get you thinking about your powerful brand:
* Who are you?
* What is your ‘Creative Offer’?
* What kind of reputation do you really want to have and where are your community talking about or endorsing you?
* How well is your biz socialising and where?
*  How do you make people’s lives better and take away their pains?
* What is your core purpose?
* What is the bigger why?
Your powerful branding needs to do the following:

Make people aware of you – make people love you – make people love and buy your stuff. It’s actually quite simple.
Happy branding ladies..!
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

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Unlocking Creativity

What are other words or meanings for ‘creation’? Perhaps… Imagination – Vision – Inspiration – Originality – Moxie – Playfulness – Spirit – Ingenuity – Inventiveness – Construction – Conception – Formation – Design – Build – Present – Perform – Show – Tell… And the list goes on.

The word itself and the meanings are boundless, that’s because it is intertwined with our existence. In most democratic countries, we are free to express who we are, what we love, who we dream of being and what our essence is. This can be articulated in endless forms; paint, ink, bricks and mortar, metals, stones, sex, dance, motion, sport, idea’s, spoken word, melody and lyric, again – the list goes on.

Never has there been a better time to create, move, shake, hear and be heard on our planet. The internet is sweeping us into a new age of co-creation. More ideas are shared now than ever before. There are 7 billion people on the planet – and 3 billion are using the net. It is now our main creative platform, through which we present our services to the world. Ideas are our new currency. And like all things creative that make us money, serve us and others- they all start in idea form first.

Ask yourself these questions – Are you creative enough? Are you creating enough? Are you craving more creativity? Whatever that means for you. In a time where we are all so stretched for hours and we are time poor – creativity can be drained out of us and we feel like there’s nothing left on the alter for generating.

For me, I regain creative clarity when I put it back as a priority in my life. I am more free and more me. I run and use that as a meditation, I practice new mantras, I wonder, ask questions, think, feel, discuss, play and rouse the poet within. I journal and write, I move and shake. I’m still and silent. I’m all things opposites. I’m a mum, and then I’m a daughter. I look at the stars, I watch the news, I dream, I cry and laugh. I weave it into my day, where I can. I am forever (but not always) mindful of the powerful role of creation and who I am becoming.

We are co-creators living out a crazily creative experience on this planet that’s doing 1675 km per hour hurtling through the carnival of space.

I love Julia Cameron’s idea about recovering the artist within in the Artists Way. We are all born artists. We just have to bring ourselves back to centre and allow our core creative desires to come forth.

I always start with lists; notions, loves and feelings – and you can answer these too: write the answers down.

• What things (material or metaphysical) do I truly love in life?

• What are my biggest passions?

• What do I long for?

• What brings me alive?

• What can I do more of to fit all of the above in my daily life?

The time of infinite creativity has arrived and it is all about our uniqueness. There might be 7 billion of us here – but none of us are the same. We all have our unique gift and it is our right to share it.

Be bold. Contribute your creativity; the world will be a better place for it.

Big beautiful love,

Kerrie x

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Creating Conditions for Change

Something I have come across so many times – with my clients and even myself sometimes is – that we are willing for changes to happen and really desire a shift in circumstances or situation but we do not create the momentum needed or create the conditions for change. Creating the right conditions for change can be a simple procedure or a mammoth operation – depending on – yes you guessed it: how you want to look at it. You get to decide – will it be easy or hard?
What an inspiring week I’ve had in London at Amnesty International learning NLP (Neuro Linguistical Programing) – Behavioural Patterning. It sounds a little like gobbledygook but it was so useful and interesting and it really got to heart of the process of change.
Our teacher – himself an NLP master who’s worked with Bandler (NLP co-creator), was hilarious and a bit of a comedian. He reminded me of John Candy’s Coach Character –Irv Blitzer from Cool Runnings – the film where four Jamaicans try their luck at Bobsledding at the Calgary Winter Games. He not only looked like him, but sounded like him too – both fellow Americans.
I loved this film; in fact my whole family loved it. And perhaps this film is also quite a representation of how these four wannabe bobsledders made a change for themselves and the sport. They arrived total underdogs and left applauded losers – however, when they went back four years later – they were accepted as equals.
Change is what humans do and need to do to survive. They need to adapt and adjust, modify and evolve if they want to thrive. Children are the most flexible among us. They are in the flow of life and can acclimatise to most situations – even difficult ones. The most successful businesses are those that adapt in the face of adversity and adjust their sails accordingly.
So how do we make progress and change in our lives? For me it’s always about getting really clear on what I want and figuring out the consequences for all outcomes.
It’s also about letting humour and light hearted fun play a part in the process of change. Taking yourself seriously enough but not too seriously. If we can laugh at our resistance to change, then we can see the situation as absurd, break the spell, then move onwards and hopefully upwards.
I am a lover of change – in fact – I believe that there may be a little bit of Romany Traveller in there, as I get a strong urge to move with the wind. I love packing a bag and setting off on travels and I enjoy the feeling of (some) uncertainty. Many people are the polar opposite of this.
If you have an issue in your life right now that needs change, then:
• Pay it attention – figure out what all the consequences are if you do not act
• Decide what the priorities are – take some action
• If it’s a small issue – try to see the humour in something that is eating up your energy – take some action
• If it’s a biggie – ask for help and support – take some action
• Lastly – Take some action!
I hope that your week is full of any needed change – big or small.
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

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Creativity is a Force


Creativity is an actual force of nature or life or whatever you want to call it. It can – allowed to flourish – have a life of its own. And creativity can be brought in to all your daily endeavours, large or small. Most importantly – creativity can breathe and bring beautiful life to the smallest of mundane things or tasks.
Many people don’t think of themselves as creative, but in fact – just being human is creative. Each day has creative pulse, rhythms and process – from dressing in the morning to make yourself feel well presented or empowered, cooking lovely food and treats, engaging in conversation with others, laughing and joking, storytelling, making future plans for holidays and exciting trips and playing with our kids on the floor each night and stepping in to their worlds. Even our bodies are at biological creative play – a dance of molecules, atoms, energies and vibrations – light and movement.
Creativity is described as a ‘phenomenon’ or a ‘state’. It is the conjuring up of new ideas, plans, projects and generally being open to inventiveness and innovation. Without creativity, humans would just be ‘functioning’ and not in any way flourishing. I actually don’t believe that humans could exist without creativity. Surely all the mass migrations across continents and the sharing of linguistics came down to more than just an evolutionary need? It was also due to the need for creativity and the need to share ideas, seeds, culture and love – and then therefore to survive and thrive.
Creativity plays an important role within all the primary hierarchy of needs, as it makes up half of the need itself. We could all potentially bring more creativity into the smallest of tasks. I know from spending time in economically poor places and with people who have way less than we do here – that they are hugely inventive and creative with their daily menus and their décor and their fashion… and they are very culturally rich! And most often, they do not feel poor. Their traditions are basically creative heritage passed down through the generations which strings them all together, like a time line of pearls, shining the light of creativity.
All successful business is hinged on creativity, of some kind. And the ‘creative sector’ is rapidly growing – with more creative services being exploited via the web nowadays. There has never been a better time to be in a creative career, which is music to my ears!
How do we ‘be’ or ‘become’ more creative? Perhaps it’s the uncomplicated art of acknowledging and allowing our creative force to flow through us and out of us rather than ignoring and stifling it.
It can be as simple as:
• Showing up in the moment – being fully present and enjoying what the magical NOW is offering you
• Taking up that online hobby course you’ve been fancying for months
• Journaling – when you have a spare few minutes and letting the ideas flow
• Taking ten minutes to day dream
• Learning a new instrument that you’ve always dreamt of
• Visiting that art gallery or seeing a show

We are on this earth to express ourselves fully. Whatever that means to most of us, if we allow it – it will all be unique and enriching. More music to my ears…..
Enjoy your creative week!
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

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Forgiveness as Empowerment

My last year has been one of many amazing ups and deep downs. I have felt a lot of pain and a lot of love too from many angles – both in personal relationships and in work.

I’m sure that most things in life come down to forgiveness. It’s such a powerful tool. But I am really beginning to learn that the more we can use it – the more we can set ourselves and others free. The more forgiveness we use the more self-power we have to transform our own lives.
Of course, some people can and will take advantage of others at times but – most of us are inherently good, most of the time. Forgiveness is not about allowing people to take us for ride’s and abuse us. It’s about seeing others as whole, dimensional and imperfect beings that have their right to their opinion and cultural framework. But it is also detaching from them with love or whatever you feel towards them and moving on from them if needed. And some-times it is needed.
Forgiveness for me has taken me out of victim mode and taken me back to empowered mode. It has taken me from anguish to peace and from the mundane to miraculous. It has helped me face the truth head on, accept it and move forward from it.
It has reset my settings and in a world where we are so involved with each other with social media etc. It has evoked in me the power to sanction my own happiness on my terms.
Many years ago, I remember relying on others heavily to make me feel secure and happy and would often feel let down when others took me for granted or let me down.
Since I really started to take my own well-being as my own responsibility – then I woke up to see how strong I really was – and that it was actually all up to me.
In 1998, my brother died in a car crash. He died as the front seat passenger. The driver was drunk. The driver was also one of my brother’s good friends. The car was driving too fast. The car was also too powerful for a young lad. For years I was torn between hate and sorrow for this young man. Today I feel compassion for him. Whilst his behavior was reckless – I know he didn’t do it on purpose. No amount of hate will ever bring my brother back. But forgiveness has set me free on many levels.
Today I am a mother to an amazing three year old. Children have forgiveness written into their souls.
They are so in the moment, they are present and powerful. My daughter teaches me about this (and other things) each and every day. Just like children, being forgiving does not mean that we do not feel pain, disappointment or frustration. It means that we can choose, at any moment to re-centre ourselves and bring ourselves back to the present and out of the past or future. Too much worrying about the past and future does not serve us or anyone else for that matter.
What we focus on – we get more of. So I am aware of shifting my focus back to my personal peace and power is what gives me the empowerment as fuel of my life. I have also learnt to forgive myself more.
I am a producer of live events: Music, theatre and art. I work with many artists of all kinds and we serve audiences and participants. I work with people with swollen egos and people who are potentially too soft. I speak my truth and try to be as honest as possible, instead of letting it eat you up and get you down. Once you have broached any subjects that are eating you up, you can release it and move onwards. This isn’t easy to begin with; however I do know people respect you for it in the end.
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x






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Crazy Creative Beginnings..

Wow, what a time Christmas and New Year really is… Today my daughter started at her new little nursery school and I’ve been reflecting about the magic that the festive period conjures for us.
It’s a time of beautiful beginnings, blessed good byes, hopeful moments and crazy creativity.
We buy gifts, adorn our houses with sparkly décor and spend time with loved ones. We indulge ourselves, feast, miss loved ones no longer here and find ourselves quietly (or not so) reflecting on the past year and what meaning (if any) it has had…..
I LOVE Christmas and New Year, but I am always ready to let it go, welcome in the new and kiss the old goodbye.
I know there are so many cliches attached to New Year and resolutions but the festive period is such an important time for many of us. Even if we are not people of faith or belief – the story of the birth of Christ holds such power in its metaphor and it can really resonate within us of what it really means to be a human being, besides all the consumerism and wrapping paper….
I have a beautiful three year old daughter, who is exceptionally inquisitive and has also LOVED Christmas this year. Besides asking Santa Clause for a ‘family of elephants’ and constantly asking if she was on Santa’s ‘nice list’, I made a real effort to not let the real story of Christmas slip away unnoticed. We attended mass as well as Winter Wonderland…. We played Nativity role play with the beautiful figurines my mother bought us… We practiced gratitude for all the special people in our lives as well as the lovely gifts we received. As much as I tried to simplify Christmas and give it some other meaning – every morning my daughter climbed into bed with me, looked at me with her big brown eyes and squeaked “has Santa bought me more presents mummy”…
And I’d have to explain for the 88th time that he only comes once a year and that some children, including her own family in rural villages in Bolivia – don’t get any presents at all. I’d point out all her new gifts – and who’d bought them, and explain how lucky she is, while also not wanting to squash her desires either (PHEW! It can be precarious at times)!
After watching my daughter set all her new toys aside and play endlessly with the small box of toys that a neighbour had brought round as she had finished playing with it. I realised that children (and us adults) want surprise, more than anything else. They want anticipation and all things new. She wanted to unwrap things – she didn’t really care too much what was inside – she just liked the feeling of anticipation.
I really felt this too! Not that I want to be unwrapping presents all the time – that would be exhausting! But I like the anticipation of renewal. Humans need a combination of stability and consistency but just as important – we all need uncertainty and anticipation… With a little bit of magic thrown on top!
I am a creative person and my mind thinks in a non-linear fashion. Christmas is a non-linear time for us all. It’s a time for a bit of end of year chaos before we set it all right again.
This year it’s been a really important time for me – I have planned out the entire year ahead and gotten really excited about all my crazy creative projects, ideas and collaborations.
Happy New Year Everyone! Let 2015 be crazy and creative (as well as ordered and well planned)!

Big beautiful love,

Kerrie x


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