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Last night I had the pleasure of attending a meditation class in Cockfosters, London.

It was held by Sabi Hilmi of Purely Angels. She’s Britain’s leading Angel Expert and author of ‘The Secrets of Angel Healing’ published by Penguin books.

I met Sabi several years ago and have attended several of her events, as well as having tried her various healing sessions. Having worked in the self-development field for many years.. I know Sabi’s work is up there with the best.

The venue on arrival was snug and warm. And it needs to be in this weather! The room was dimly lit and cozy with soft music playing in the background . With lots of blankets and cushions to keep us comfy.

It is only the second week and we were nearly full, so this is testament to Sabi’s work. We pulled cards and discussed our journey on getting there.. We then did two separate guided meditations and used the power of intention to draw us deeper into the meditation. Sabi is a very talented intuitive guide with an unusual voice, tone and ability to tap in to deep human emotions and experiences.

The class is suitable for everyone, as Sabi’s unique guided meditation is slow and visual, yet provocative and powerful. We were invited to share on our experiences if we wished and it’s always nice to share, as we get much from each others stories…

I’m not an organised meditator. (I’m trying though)!  I have a busy four year old, so fit it in where I can. I love to run, alone in the country, so I use this time to meditate..

A meditation class such as this is a great way to get started to to re-connect to self or a higher power or the universe or whatever it is you wish to connect to more..

Thank you Sabi, a first class meditation session.. I’ll be back again…

Classes are at The Hot Yoga Studio, Cockfosters.

Price: £10

Check out Sabi’s Facebook Page


And a few pics…



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