Give More, Create More

Want to give more and create more?

Have you been thinking about giving to a charity or to those who need it lately? But been wondering about who to give it to and how? Some people these days are wary of giving and wonder where their money goes.

The world is a rich place, full of natural resources and it has more than enough to go around. But at this moment in time: 2015 – we don’t all get to share the worlds wealth. Warren Buffett calls this ‘the Ovarian Lottery’ and many of us born in the West, won this lottery in some form. Most (but not all) of us born in the West are not starving and we have economic options. We have access to education and some kind of health service. In the UK, we have an amazing and free national health service, that – if we are honest, many people take for granted and complain about.



I usually have about four charities I give to: Firstly for me – I give to those in desperate situations. Like those in Nepal right now, following the horrific aftermath of the earthquake. I choose a regular donation charity in the UK -I am currently giving to Unicef  as they are well vetted and they do brilliant work with the worlds children. Then I find something local and fun to get involved with.



The Brits love to get involved with giving or paying it forward. Where I grew up – a small town in Bedfordshire – there is always something to get involved in to make a difference. Both my parents taught me the value in giving back too, something I hope to pass to my daughter. Her family originate from a very poor village in Bolivia and I know someday she will understand how lucky she is to be born here in the UK.
This weekend; myself and some friends took part in the Electric Run in London on Saturday night. It is the world’s brightest run, with thousands running the 5k route around a lit up Wembley Stadium and finishing with a huge after party dancing the night away to Kiss FM DJ’s. We had a blast and stayed dancing till the very last tune. It was an excuse to hang out, exercise and party. It was also a reason to do a little good.

We have an old school friend, who is battling cancer for the third time. Her name is Nichola Satchell. She has two young girls and they are her everything. Each time she has battled cancer; I have so admired her strength and tenacity and also in her ‘giving back’ ethic. She has raised tens thousands of pounds for various charities and it’s what has spurred her on. So brave and bold. You can read her story here:

The two things that bind us together – creativity and paying it forward… Giving back can be fun and fantastic. If you’re not already a serial giver-backer, then find something today. The feel good factor gives you a high. That’s the universe telling us to do more of that stuff!
Make a difference; be bold and creative too…
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie xox

2 thoughts on “Give More, Create More

  1. Nicola lucas - May 7, 2015

    Hey Kerrie! I love what you are doing, you are a real inspiration , I am now in Bournemouth I work for myself doing care work, I need to do more I am at a crossroads , any ideas that will help. Xx Nicola

  2. kerriedg - May 7, 2015

    Hey Nicola, Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the lovely comment! That means a lot. What are you wanting and craving from life love? That’s your first question.

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