Healing and Creativity

What do healing and creativity have in common? Everything I tell you!

Yesterday I went on a Women’s Healing Circle day. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, as it was recommended by a friend. Plus, the lady who runs the event – Denise Barbi, intuits the days proceedings rather than plans them out, so I couldn’t research before hand, which is what I usually like to do!  I am  a born enthusiast and I’ll give almost anything a try, so I was excited to hear that it was a day involving many things and modalities, some of which I’ve tried before.

We arrived at the centre, which was out on holistic farm in Bedfordshire’s Woodland. There are sacred spaces; springs, wells, labyrinths and even an underground meditation chamber! I was in my seventh heaven!


Most of the morning was spent in a cosy room called The Birch. Where we meditated, played with Guidance Cards and talked. After lunch we went to the underground meditation chamber and began the release of old fears. Then we followed the facilitator Denise out through the fields to the labyrinth, while she was drumming. I felt like I was in a cult movie scene but I loved it.

Once back in The Birch room, we made Worry Dollies and then did some Vision Boarding. Plus a we had a some Womb Healing from Denise, to welcome in the Spring and manifest new desires.

Healing is whatever you invite into your life to release old stuff and bring you to new spaces and places. Did I have a healing? Yes I did. If you show up with an open heart and open mind, there’s always room for more healing. I woke up this morning feeling rejuvenated, focused, calm and happy.

What I love about what Denise has created – was the safe space – to be ourselves. It was the nurturing energy she brought to hold the space and the fun she injected into all the exercises.

When was the last time you invested a little time and money on yourself, your healing and creativity?

Exercise: Find a Meet-Up, workshop or event that resonates with you, where you can go, explore, have fun, be inspired and most importantly – where you can connect with like-minded people and make new wishes and dreams for the future.

I have been on my spiritual journey for many years and attended hundreds of events. There is nothing better when the speaker is fun, light hearted and has a great sense of humour. Denise is all of those and I highly recommend the day.

The next Women’s Healing Circle is: Sunday June 14th 2015. 11am-5pm. Cost: £40.

Denise Barbi can be contacted here:


The Clophill Centre can be found here:



Big beautiful love,


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