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Why a Creative Entrepreneur?

Why a Creative Entrepreneur?

There are so many reasons to be a creative entrepreneur. There has NEVER been a better time!

The creative industries are currently the fastest growing sector here in the UK. The UK creative industries were worth a record £76.9 billion to the UK economy in 2013, after growing by almost 10 per cent year on year for the past 3 years. Great Britain forges the way with our creative exports in advertising, architecture, crafts, design, film, games, publishing, museums and galleries, music, technology and television.

What is unique about British Creativity? Is it our British-ness maybe? Perhaps it is our rich mix of history, heritage, culture, excellent education and a stable and vibrant multi-cultural population. We are originators and amplifiers, leaders and believers. UK creative exports are also at their highest. With 1 in 12 jobs in the UK in the creative economy – that equated to 1.71m jobs in 2013. The UK is the second largest exporter worldwide of music and independent television programmes, and home to the biggest games developer market in Europe. I am proud to say that Great Creative Britain is leading the way with its innovation and imagination.

Artists, artisans and creatives are now working harder than ever before: Because, not only are they artists – they are entrepreneurs too. No longer are they shutting themselves away from the world to create in solitude. You are now your network, your brand, your community, your circle, your marketplace. Oftentimes, artists have a multiplicity of talents too – being able to cross over from musician to designer, dancer to photographer. This is both a gift and a challenge. And the downfall to this could be that we spend time trying to please our customers, rather than create what is in our souls. Creating from our souls must come first. You must honor the inner vessel that has the urge to create and this should happen in a sacred space. The sharing and sales need to then happen in public.

The world is changing daily and it is without a doubt becoming more creative. Whether you are in the UK or not – the same applies everywhere and anywhere in the world. There really is no better time than the now. The world needs you and your gifts – cultivate and share them, expose and allow them; both in public and in solitude. Learn your craft, know your technology and platforms, learn how to curate, market and hustle.The artist can no longer completely turn their backs on the world – we must interact. Art is not just for the few – but for us all.

Exercise: Write down three paragraphs on how the world would benefit or already benefits from your art or creativity. Share this beauty with three people – today.

“I would say to anyone – If you are thinking about doing something in the ‘Creative Industries’ – there is no place better in the world than to do it in the United Kingdom”. Nicola Mendelsohn- Facebook Vice-president for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Data from -Creative Industries Council 2014.