Meditation and Creativity

Does meditation directly affect creativity?


Yes – it not only clears your cache, it enhances your creative well-being too. Here’s how I know….

Wow, what a totally profound weekend I had at the Global Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire.
It is run by the Brahma Kumaris who are a world leading Spiritual University and have hundreds of centres worldwide with their Headquarters in India. They consider themselves students of Rajayoga (royal thought) which is a mind yoga directed by you- the detached observer and connecting directly to your source.

I arrived mesmerised by the breath-taking beauty of the majestic grounds and the historical Nuneham House where it is nestled. I left being moved on a profound level and feeling hugely creatively inspired. We walked, talked, sang and  chanted.. We connected, soul -gazed and danced.. We ate and laughed, we listened and reached inside ourselves…

Now, I already had a meditation practice – but it was as and when. Scattered and almost shoved in, at some point during my very busy day. I have a three year old little girl, who likes lots of attention – rightly so! And I run a business. So, I felt I was doing OK, managing a few minutes meditation each day. And yes, it a few minutes meditation is definitely better than no meditation.

The course is a three day retreat for people who want to learn about the spiritual wisdom and benefits of meditation. For me meditation was almost a way of clearing the cache and kind of emptying out my thoughts and mind-junk. But what I learned this weekend was that true meditation is so much more than emptying out the ‘Thought Recycle Bin’! It is about direct contact with source. It is about filling up with God-energy and totally understanding that my body is just a physical extension of that source and my soul is one with it. I feel like I’ve turned up the volume of my soul and amplified my whole being. I feel full to the brim and was able to practice today and ramp up that feeling.

The key, we were told – is practice and consistency, which of course applies to everything in life! The crux is – the less we identify with the self and the past, the more open we are in the present. I loved that…
So, here are some tips they gave us to meditate really well and with ease:



• Prioritise at the very least ten minutes each day to spend on a gentle meditation and your mind-set. Set your intention to make it happen. It’s a daily choice.



• Start by understanding that ‘you’ are not your body or your things, your house or your car – you are a soul and extension of light. You can be the detached observer, by choosing so.



• Begin your meditation sitting in a chair with your hands on your lap. Be alert and sit up. Take your mediation practice away from your bedroom if at all possible. Set your phone for five minutes or put on a piece of relaxation music, that matches your desired time. Breath and relax. Keeping your eyes gently open. Imagine there is a star in your forehead behind your eyes and focus on this star, keeping you eyes open and zoning out of the place you are in.  Breath gently and keep bringing any thoughts back to the star. It is normal to have racing thoughts and only with consistent practice do they begin to slow and stop.




Here is a beautiful and short mediation from the website. It is short and subtle, but is also warm and empowering:
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x



PS – This amazing retreat was donation based and you really couldn’t put a price tag on it. If you want to book on the course or find out more about the Brahma Kumaris – you can enroll here:

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