Progress, Perfection, Permission & Persistence

Progress, Perfection, Permission & Persistence……

…..and why we need a little of all four for creative success

Most things we do – or don’t do – in life come from a place of confidence or from a place of fear.

We are either confident enough to do something, make something, try something, create something. Or we are fearful of it. Then we don’t do it. Or we procrastinate the arse off it, and perhaps hopefully do it eventually. Neither are wrong. I just know so many creatives who are stuck, because of this fear.

However, both fear and confidence are important and almost an integral part of the process in creation. Understanding this logic is imperative and is often the trigger that can move us back into a place of creative movement and momentum.

I know when I started my blogs back in January, I was TERRIFIED! What people would think of me? I thought.  Would they accept my ideas and would they like what they heard…?

Now, I realise that I just have to keep writing and sharing. It’s not up to me who likes or doesn’t like my stuff. I’m just sharing from the heart.  I know that people read my blogs as I now have over 5,000 hits to my website a month, or thereabouts. I am also enjoying the consistency of writing and find it cathartic. I really miss it when I don’t blog.  (I’ve only missed three weeks when I went away during the summer).

Progress is about movement. And it’s also taking life into account.   Progress is taking steps, big or small towards a desired outcome. Progress just keeps going, even when we loose a the way a little and end up walking backwards.

Perfection is not always a good thing. It can turn a great idea into ‘this project is too big or too noble, then I potentially can’t handle it, so I maybe shouldn’t do it’?  Perfectionism promotes the notion of ‘Am I good enough?’ There’s no harm in absolute wanting to do our best, but not at the cost of NOT doing whatsoever.

Permission is the piece often missing from the creative jigsaw puzzle. It’s permission to feel the fear, it’s permission to fail and permission to fuck-up. When we give ourselves permission, we give our creativity the permission to live and breathe through us.

Persistence is different to consistency, but we need a little of both. Consistency promotes routine, whereas persistence is about sheer determination. I like persistence and know I have a lot of it, as well as determination. Occasionally we might want to have to take a break from something. Don’t beat yourself up. Your project might just need a re-frame and some time to germinate.

We are afraid to fall, yet the true falling is to never start.


-There is is no such thing as the perfect moment, only this moment, that can be made perfect with our say so.

-Being ‘ready’ is a bit of a myth. Sometimes we have to step into the fear and start.

-Our processes of progress and consistency are ours and ours alone. Trust your own weird and wild ways of growth. It’s all evolution.

-There are hundreds of elements to creative process and practice and it’s up to you to untangle yours and make it your own. It may take hours, days, weeks, months or even years.

-If you’re making progress then you’re bringing your creativity or art to life, and if you know that’s what you were here to do, then don’t stop.  Keep it up, the world needs you, we all need you.


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Have a big, beautiful week.

Kerrie xox

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