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Tell your truth…

Tell your truth…


When life becomes confusing, crazy and overwhelming, the truth can bring us closer to who we want to be as a person.

It makes us real, soft, full and perhaps more focused. Sometimes the truth ain’t easy to tell. Sometimes we are shy and fearful. Afraid of the consequences. Afraid of something beautiful even.  Afraid to love and afraid to be seen for who we really are.

Sometimes the truth literally falls out of our mouths, in a hurry, rushed and thoughtless. It stings and hurts, us and others.  At other times, the truth kept inside can paralyse us.  The truth can set us free on many levels…

If we remain true to ourselves, our passions, our fire, our stories – then we remain in our power.  We can stay centred and in our hearts.

When we forget our truth or we spend time in denial, shit can spin out of control and we forget our true selves. That’s when illness can strike and even depression.

The truth pretty much trumps all other versions of reality.  Unless it doesn’t and the truth is OK and left buried deep and hidden. Although, you’ll always know where to find this kind of truth. As it’s never really gone. Sometimes it will erupt like a volcano. This isn’t good or bad, it just is…

We all have secrets, that’s called real life. The truth can be painful and harsh, it can be liberating and give you clarity. It all brings us closer to our true nature.

Like all things, our truth is an energy and can be directed as a force for good. Too much false stuff can weaken our sense of self or make us into clones..  Staying true to yourself is a challenge and is a practice. A daily, gentle reminder that we can be who we want to be and more…

It has to be your truth though, and not the truth that others want for you. Your own truth will have alchemy.

True love,



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There is enough…

There is enough…


I believe in independence. But I also believe in unity. I believe in people power and I believe that humans are inherently good. There is beauty and power in sharing. It’s how our race evolved and how we will survive in the future. By working stuff out together, for the many and not for the few.

There is power in grief and sadness. Rock bottom can (if you let it) be the springboard to love and peace and well-being. There is friction in confusion. Friction is good, it heats us up and gets us fired up for change.

I believe the world is abundant. There are enough resources, we just haven’t found a way yet to distribute them. I believe that in 300 years, we will look back at the human race with excitement but also disbelief. As a race, we are still in toddlerhood.

There’s enough of everything. We just don’t know how to share yet. We aren’t ready to organise ourselves efficiently enough to ensure the have’s share with the have not’s. Old paradigms always break down eventually to make space for regeneration and growth. This is not a time for cruel jokes and racist taunts. Not that there is ever a time for that!  But we need to go with the flow, move onwards and keep reminding ourselves there’s more than enough to go round: resources, food, water, love…

There’s enough love in our hearts to heal almost any wound. There’s enough love in our minds to make peace with our enemies. There’s enough common sense to know that one-up-man-ship sends us spiralling into war.

Vitriol in your heart can kill you. Sadness and stress will weaken your immune system and make you ill. These are facts. I have never understood why humans feel the need to be so awful, negative and mean to each other. Whether it’s a shitty comment on social media or the bully in the workplace. I’ve experienced both of the above. Only recently, my 12-year-old sister took part in a photographic series called ‘Freckles’. While her picture got nearly 4,000 likes on Instagram and dozens of lovely comments, there were a handful of aggressive and ugly words from grown adult humans, which were, quite frankly embarrassing.

Humans were given minds to think and be logical and hearts to love and find peace. Both need to be used, together, to solve problems and puzzles and navigate through life. There is love in conviction. There is love in being strong. There’s love and strength in being vulnerable.  There is love in being yourself.

We over think and exhaust ourselves and are sometimes too tired to love. When you see a piece of work created or executed with love, you know it. When you see a family that love each other – besides the heartbreak and dysfunction, you see it.

There’s always enough love. Coming from a place of love doesn’t mean being walked all over. It means I’m in my power and I have an infinite well of love for life. Then applying it to the mundane. The mundane can become magical when love is present.


Always love,

Kerrie xox








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Putting yourself first is sacred and very sexy…

Putting yourself first is sacred…and very sexy…


Putting yourself first is actually a very sacred act and a sexy one too.

It’s also a must.

So many women, mothers or not, working or not, are in the habit of putting all their own needs behind everyone else’s in the family. For some, it’s become a habit to be a little bit of a martyr in the household, for others it’s simply survival. But for those who love more than anything to be of service to their families –  that is the ultimate act of love and is held in the highest regard. I for one love cooking but hate housework and ironing! And I’m honest about it! We all have to do stuff we don’t like.  But this is not what I’m talking about.

We are told time and time again that by giving to others we give to ourselves.  This is true. But not if our own tanks are empty. Life’s like a set of complicated cogs and you give each cog a priority above the other.

When we make our own wellbeing and self-care and having fun a priority, that means we are giving to ourselves, making us happy, filling up our tanks, which in turn overflows into energy for our beloveds.

At this moment, I am writing this blog with my four-year-old girl sitting on my knee while my dog watches us.  And I’ve spent the last hour or so, working out childcare for work for tomorrow, so I can work around her.

What I do know, is leaving the tank completely empty drains you of vital energy. It can make you sick. It’s the wasteground where forgotten potential lives and it can breed resentment. Being eternally broke and stuck in the same routine can be like hell too. Living out the same old patterns is pretty sh*t and never figuring out what you want is a recipe for an unfulfilled life.

So, do whatever it takes to get your agenda on to the priority leaderboard at least once per week. Whether it’s exercise, a night out, a massage, lunch with the girls, a date out alone or something that just makes you feel good and alive! Time to eliminate the excuses. It’s all about feeling alive!


I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival…’ Audre Lorde


Sacred & Sexy Love,

Kerrie xox








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Beauty is not what you look like…


Beauty is not what you look like…

Beauty is a feeling. Real beauty is an act. It’s an act of being loving, being loved, being vulnerable, being creative. It’s an act of inner work.

We can’t be beautiful all of the time. And that would be boring and send us to sleep for 100 years, just like Sleeping Beauty…

Beauty is in the small things we do each day, that reflect our human nature.

It’s in the detail and attention in our craft, it’s in the love we share with our family, in the laughs we have with friends. In how we treat our neighbours and pets.

And of course, we can’t be kind all of the time either, as sometimes the beauty is in standing up for yourself and say a big, fat NO. Beauty is in having the strength to say ‘f*ck you’ from time to time and when it’s needed.  Beauty is in the confidence to be yourself. Whoever that may be…

Beauty is in the compliments we give – not only to people’s physical appearances but for the kind gestures and sweet things we do for each other. Outer beauty is attractive but real inner beauty is mesmerising.

I am mindful of what I tell my daughter…I often say to her.. ‘You are smart, kind and clever’. I want her to know that there’s more to compliments than just her physical appearance. Yes, she’s very cute and very sporty and smart too. But I want her to know that there’s more beauty in trying her best than there is in how lovely her dress or hair looks.

Of course, we want to hear that we are accepted and little girls love to hear they look pretty. Being pretty has become more of an emphasis over the past ten years. Although, humans are addicted to aesthetic beauty, and we have been for centuries.

We should be encouraging our children to work on the beautiful side of their personalities, just as much as how to contour their make-up, get good abs and take a decent selfie. This goes for the boys too!

As human consciousness grows and we learn more about the world around us, we understand that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. There are mini-movements everywhere. This is such an exciting time to be alive! But we can’t all be brain surgeons, we can’t all be athletes, or astronauts, or presidents or super models. We all have our unique gifts and it is through those gifts, we bring our true essence… Our inner beauty.

‘In the end, you will not see the physical beauty in others that caught your eye, but the fire that burned within them.’ Shannon L. Alder.

Big beautiful love,



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Create your own magic…

Create your own magic…


Life moves so fast. We spend hours wasting time these days… Trawling through social media, looking at other people’s lives, reading gossip, comparing yourself against everyone else’s made up life, catching up on ‘essential news’. So much so, that we risk taking the time and making the space that’s needed to create our very own magic.

I’m totally guilty of this too at times. Watching others can become an addiction, if we’re not careful. It’s all too easy to forget that it’s all a construction. The late night rants, the perfect pictures, the SOS call’s for help, the dramatic posts…I love social media and wouldn’t be without it. It’s an extension of our expression.

We also make our lives so busy and full that we distort our own dreams. And we can put others lives at a higher priority than our own…

If we have magic in our hearts that needs to be birthed, then we need to nurture the time we have. Use it wisely, protect it, give the dream wings, journal, think, take action, small steps, big leaps, talk it though, or keep it a secret –  which ever is more powerful to you. Shape it, let it sit for a while, let it sink in. Then take more action…

I remember as a kid, I would lay on my futon in my bedroom in the loft, listening to the rain on the window, making up fantastical stories in my head… This is where my love of story- telling began.. As adults we don’t get much time to day dream any more…

There needs to be periods of saturation and getting fired up, being inspired.. Then time to incubate, fertilise, labour and birth the magic..

To allow space for the magic to be born, we need to create space in our heads and lives. That sometimes means stepping away from drama, unsubscribing to lists, unfollowing others, stepping bravely back on to our own path, no matter how many times we fall…

Then getting to work, allowing the magic to come in…

“By choosing to be our most authentic and loving self, we leave a trail of magic everywhere..” Emmanuel Dagher


Big, magic, love…

Kerrie xox




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I feel my way…


Amplification: I feel my way…

Sometimes, our feelings can have a lot to answer for… They take us in all kinds of directions and off on crazy tangents.

They bring us a rainbow of emotions; joy, love, fear, anxiety… Not to mention confusion, guilt, and everything in between. Life changes in every moment.  Day by day, hour by hour, second by second..And our feelings reflect in those changes.

We are often at the mercy of our feelings… There have been times in my own life where I felt suffocated by my own feelings. Why do we get trapped by our own feelings? They can cause arguments, feuds and misunderstandings. They can also bring about true love, weddings, happiness and new life!

We can always ask ourselves how we can reduce negative feelings… Watching the news and reading news papers can induce fear. That’s what it’s there for.. Media can cause uncertainty, paranoia and blame.. Then the blame culture in turn disempowers us and can paralyse us as individuals and as nations.

But negative emotions can also inspire us to change ourselves; our thinking or to make a difference in the world around us. Not all negative emotions are bad either… Our nervous system is a navigational system, designed to help us feel our way through life. We read a situation, get internal feedback and can then act.

Humans, were made to not just survive, but thrive. To connect and love, to be whole and real. And to remember that sometimes it’s OK to be a bit lost. To drift, be sad and empty. Only when your vessel is empty, you can choose to refill and start again…

To gather ourselves up and start again once more. It’s all OK. To make mistakes. It’s all OK. Grief can rip us apart. It’s still all OK…

I saw this lovely quote this week from Heart Centered Rebalancing and it really resonated…

“You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying.  What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass…”


Big beautiful, messy love..

Kerrie xox

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Build your life around love….


Amplification: Build your life around love…

We use many metaphorical frameworks in life.  We make our decisions based on them. We form friendships around them.  We make priorities based on them. They are the scaffolding of our daily lives.

Just like grapevines and ivy need structures to grow and flourish on – our lives need frames on which to drape our human nature on. If our structures are built on superficial stuff; money, material objects, trends, fads, clothes and stories, our human nature doesn’t quite thrive as it should.

The stuff and things we love are without a doubt the fabric of life. But they are not the actual structure. Because what’s left when they change, disintegrate, fall away, fall apart?  Potential voids, black holes, gaps and canyons…

I’m not saying for one second that these elements of the fabric aren’t important or fun. They are! I love my stuff! I love my clothes, my jewellery, my fancy dress up stuff, my running trainers, the pictures I hang on my walls, the products I use to make me feel fresh and smooth and pretty on the weekends, the books I read, the places I love to travel to, my phone and laptop and the music I dance to. These possessions help us to creatively express who are are as humans.

Love is the frame on which to hang our fabric of life. Love is the force that holds our world together. It is an energy field, the cosmic glue, that binds us and holds us, connects us to one another. To our family, friends, lovers, mates, acquaintances, colleagues, to our pets and to nature…

It can help us forgive when there’s no apology. It’s the support we can give each other when the going gets tough, it’s the laughs we have when things go wrong. It’s the helping hand we can give when the shit hits the fan. It’s the way we look at each other in times of darkness and light, it’s the way we encourage each other when we fall down. It’s sharing what we have when we don’t have enough. It bonds us with our nearest and dearest and binds communities in times of crisis and it’s the tiny day to day things that let our neighbours and strangers know we care.

Love is the GPS which can help us navigate our way through life. Everything else, our baggage, our hordes, can literally fall away at any point….

But when it’s all stripped back, when stuff decomposes, slips away or is lost, the only thing we are left with is love.

I LOVE this quote from Daniel Pinchbeck..

“The universe only pretends to be made of matter.  Secretly, it’s made of love’.

Big beautiful, messy love,