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S&S Events Blog – Winter Solstice Celebrations

Wow! Christmas has finally hit me! (In a good way)… I worked at the Winter Solstice Celebration last night at Alternatives at St James in Piccadilly and NOW I feel in the Christmas spirit!  Along with several hundred other people… From age 10 up to 95 years old! (I know this because it was announced that a lady in the audience was actually 95 that day and had been going to Alternatives for 30 years)…

I’ve been rushing around for a few weeks, yet I haven’t bought a thing.. (Well apart from a spa day for me and my sisters in January)! And I even heard myself groan at the first Xmas song belted out on radio 1 on the 1st of December. I’m certainly not a Christmas party pooper but I’m a 12 days before Christmas kinda gal! That is until my daughter absolutely insisted on me putting the tree an decorations up on the first weekend in December! I have a feeling that this is what happens when kids pick up on the Christmas vibe..

So, back to the solstice.. I LOVE this celebration. It’s to celebrate the longest night of the year and it has to be one of my favourites…   I love the light but I love the dark too. It’s time to reflect on and germinate ideas. Time to rest and rejuvenate.

The night opened with reflections and meditations from the directors. The whole audience lit candles.. We listened to poems and talked to people we’ve never met before. YES! We actually talked to people we didn’t know.

We listened to gospel choirs and a community choir. We chanted and danced. We ate and laughed. I love the diversity of the Solstice celebrations and the talent that it brings. We had artist Sarah Warwick singing her own songs and leading the community choir. And the  IDMC Choir belting out a few numbers from their current Christmas album and tour…

The night finished with some African drumming and dancing. It was such a happy time! I want to do it every night until Christmas.. OK, maybe not, that would be tiring, but I really loved this… Thanks Alternatives for another awesome night…

Here’s a quote from a Spiritual Reveller, Leni Neo…. ‘I feel so blessed to have been able to attend such a magical, uplifting & inspiring evening. The atmosphere created was enchanting & the energy floating among us was profoundly healing. I departed knowing I had experienced something so special, with a glowing, grateful heart; my soul buzzing with joy. A tremendous, heart-felt thank you to all those who made this exhilarating event happen. I look forward to next year’s celebration with excited anticipation’.

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Have a big, beautiful, eventful week..

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Events Blog – Purely Angels Meditation

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a meditation class in Cockfosters, London.

It was held by Sabi Hilmi of Purely Angels. She’s Britain’s leading Angel Expert and author of ‘The Secrets of Angel Healing’ published by Penguin books.

I met Sabi several years ago and have attended several of her events, as well as having tried her various healing sessions. Having worked in the self-development field for many years.. I know Sabi’s work is up there with the best.

The venue on arrival was snug and warm. And it needs to be in this weather! The room was dimly lit and cozy with soft music playing in the background . With lots of blankets and cushions to keep us comfy.

It is only the second week and we were nearly full, so this is testament to Sabi’s work. We pulled cards and discussed our journey on getting there.. We then did two separate guided meditations and used the power of intention to draw us deeper into the meditation. Sabi is a very talented intuitive guide with an unusual voice, tone and ability to tap in to deep human emotions and experiences.

The class is suitable for everyone, as Sabi’s unique guided meditation is slow and visual, yet provocative and powerful. We were invited to share on our experiences if we wished and it’s always nice to share, as we get much from each others stories…

I’m not an organised meditator. (I’m trying though)!  I have a busy four year old, so fit it in where I can. I love to run, alone in the country, so I use this time to meditate..

A meditation class such as this is a great way to get started to to re-connect to self or a higher power or the universe or whatever it is you wish to connect to more..

Thank you Sabi, a first class meditation session.. I’ll be back again…

Classes are at The Hot Yoga Studio, Cockfosters.

Price: £10

Check out Sabi’s Facebook Page


And a few pics…



Big Love,



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The Sh*t Hot Events Blog – The Wealth Chef

Last weekend I was lucky enough to work and help out at my favourite place in the world: Alternatives. One of the worlds leading centres for self-development, and known internationally as the UK’s landmark speaking platform for spiritual teachers, alternative thinkers, conscious business leaders and visionary thought provokers for the past 30+ years.

I worked here as a Team Member for four years and it completely changed my entire existence. As a self professed self-development geek, I still go back and help occasionally too, as the events are brilliant and world class.

The Wealth Chef on Saturday was no different. Ann Wilson is quite possibly, one of the best female speakers I’ve seen -and I’ve seen hundreds. Although they speak on different topics, she has a similar vibe to Marianne Williamson, who is my favourite speaker ever..  Ann is from South Africa; she’s witty, smart and dressed like a sex-bomb with killer heels and bright red lipstick.

We spent 4 hours in a masterclass and went through several exercises from her book – The Wealth Chef, which is published by Hay House. The pace was perfect and she made the exercises fun and informal. She made the sound of becoming finically free sound easy and achievable!

The venue’s are always different each week and I do love this particular venue, Heythrop College – which nestled away in a corner of a beautiful leafy square in London’s Kensington. It’s filled with the hustle and bustle of a theology college and has some really stunning and tranquil gardens.

The biggest take-away’s from the event were:

  • Learning the difference between saving and investing.
  • Income is not the most important thing. Assets and knowledge are.
  • Your assets create your financial freedom. Not your income.
  • You can create financial freedom from investing in Index Tracker stocks and shares.

I’m certainly no finance guru, far from it, but I’m really inspired to learn and know more and Ann’s approach and techniques are excellent.

If you need a jump start in any area of life, I recommend this place from the bottom of my heart. The events are good fun and amazing, you will meet like minded people and learn from the best…From the friendly team members who work there, to the inspiring venues and the world class speakers….

As always, a perfectly executed event Alternatives, until next time!


Some pics:

I’ve made all the mistakes there are in events organisation –  so you don’t have to! If you want advice to launch your own live event get in touch HERE and we’ll set up a free call and I’ll gift you my ‘7 Steps to Launching your Live Event and Checklist.

Have a big beautiful, eventful week.


Kerrie xox


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The Sh*t Hot Events Blog – Oval Apple Festival

T Shit Hot Events Blog

This weekend myself and some best friends and our kids went over to lovely Harpenden to the Oval Apple Festival.

The Oval is a small private residential close, (in the shape of an oval, funnily enough), which is now run by a charitable, religious organisation called Youth With A Mission.

It was a totally magical day out. All age groups were there, frolicking in the autumn sunshine; playing archery, taking speedy tractor rides, apple bobbing, having hay fights and eating hog roast.

They open up their doors several times a year for different occasions, and they are in fact open most days as they have a lovely little cafe on site, as well as a church, residential apartment blocks, two schools, an apple orchard, farm land, playing fields and the gem was an old factory building. From the outside it looks like a scruffy old brick building but inside it’s a huge, old majestic, shabby wooden barn. It was decorated with bunting and old school apple games and filled with stalls of all home-made wares and goodies. A young folk band were entertaining us, which the kids were bustin’ some moves to. There was even a toffee-apple stall, one of my old fave treats!

This event was fantastic and the vibe was immeasurable. It was also free! We got their early and were the last to leave. When an event is planned with such love, care and thought, it is really felt in the atmosphere.

The verdict is….


Shit Hot events 5 starsYou can find the Oval Website here: and Facebook here:

Thanks for a really lovely and fun day out…  We all wanted to move in by the time it finished!

Here are a couple of pics…


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Have a big, beautiful, eventful week..

Kerrie xox


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The Sh*t Hot Events Blog – Bedford Park

T Shit Hot Events BlogA couple of weeks ago – I went to Bedford Park to see two of my favourite old bands UB40 and The Brand New Heavies.

It was a beautiful sunny day and we got there early to drink bubbles and eat in the park before we went in. We were told that alcohol wasn’t to be brought into the park as there would be a licensed bar inside. So admittedly we guzzled many bottles before going in.

The music was 5 STARS, let’s not make any mistake about that. All bands were on form and had the crowd singing and dancing into the night. The sound was pretty good for open air and the vibe was relaxed and fun. There were all ages there too, which is always great to see!

The tickets were £35 which wasn’t a bad price with the two headliners and other good bands in the mix. We could enter the park from about 5.30pm and the queue was HUGE to get in, so we sat in the park outside to guzzle more bottles and watched the queue go down. When we got into the venue, the place was well laid out and the staff were all polite.

HOWEVER – there were not enough porta-loos for a few thousand people – there were huge queues for these AND even worse – the licensed bar they mentioned –  it was a gazebo with a couple of members of bar staff serving!!! After not being allowed to bring alcohol into the venue, we queued for over an hour to get served a few beers! OK, we did stock up but still – this is an absolute no-no.

Having grown up in pubs and night clubs (my dads and his brothers) and having run hundreds of events, it is the number one rule to have enough bar staff and loos…

In fact – people were just peeing anywhere because the queues were so big! Luckily there were loads of trees in the park!

So, for the events organisation – this event gets:

Events 2 starsIt would have got more – but the facilities and amenities are a major part of the experience. Take note event organisers… It’s crucial to get this stuff right. Otherwise, you’ll have people peeing up the gazebos! 🙂

I’ve made all the mistakes there are in events organisation –  so you don’t have to! If you want advice to launch your own live event get in touch HERE and we’ll set up a free call and I’ll gift you my ‘7 Steps to Launching your Live Event and Checklist’.

Have a big, beautiful, eventful week…

Kerrie xox





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The Sh*t Hot Events Blog – Luton Mela 2015

T Shit Hot Events Blog

This weekend I went to the Luton Mela Festival with my mum and daughter. The last time I went to the Mela was in 2013 and I had started to go blind in my right eye due to a detached retina.. (another story)… So, I must admit, my mind was elsewhere back then! Both times however, I really enjoyed myself – but this year was definitely better in terms of event organisation.

Mela means ‘to meet’ in Sanskrit and it celebrates the South Asian religious, cultural and artistic practices and programmes…

The Luton Mela is run by a mainly voluntary committee, made up of people who operate from a community building in Luton. The event has a long history, from the first event in 2000 with a few hundred people attending to this year pulling crowds of 40,000 over the weekend…!

There is an emphasis on food and we sampled a few stalls –  the Indian cuisine was divine and the service matched.

The vibe is great at the Mela, it really is a nice family day out. Whilst there are no bars, there are many food outlets, info stalls, kids fair rides, horse and pony rides and two stages playing simultaneously. The main stage presents all the Asian acts from DJ’s, MC’s, dancing and traditional singing. The world stage has other local talent playing throughout the day. There were no queues for the loos, it wasn’t over crowded and all the security were super polite.

We had a really fun, family day out and couldn’t fault it. And it’s Free!

A few pics of the event…

IMG_6715 (1)IMG_6720IMG_6712IMG_6723IMG_6717IMG_6719

And the verdict….. 

Events 4 stars

Well done to the Luton Mela Team, another fantastic event – getting better and growing bigger each year! Looking forward to next year…

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Kerrie xox

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The Sh*t Hot Events Blog – CityGirl Live Event

T Shit Hot Events BlogYesterday, I was lucky enough to support Grace Kelly of CityGirl Confidence at her first live CityGirl event. I went to help her in the morning for set up – and she was poised, relaxed and excited. Just how you should be, hosting your first live event.. even if inside you are nervous. (Some nerves are good BTW).

Grace and I used to attend many self development events together several years ago, when we both lived in London. We have always shared a passion of live events and self development. We went to book launches, spiritual events, workshops and seminars. We met at Alternatives, where I worked as a Team Member for four years, the place that gave me a whole new lease of life and re-ignited my purpose.

When Grace bravely started hosting her own I also gave her a hand then… Some of Grace’s past events have included venues like  basements in Piccadilly, to penthouses in Covent Garden and intimate halls in West London.

Grace, prior to CityGirl going global, was a true inspiration anyway. She’s relaxed, fun, warm and totally down to earth. She mixes her spirituality with her love of glamour and designer so well and isn’t afraid of exactly who she is and where she’s heading.

The event yesterday was so well put together, from the choice of venue – the boutique Bentley Hotel in SW London – to the service and technical support. The blend of opulent and classic surroundings and fun Italian tunes made it relaxed yet purposeful and fun. The art on the walls was a little crazy… along with the animal print fabrics.  But it added to the fun of the day! I felt like I was transported back to the 30’s in a middle eastern hotel…

I loved all the exercises that Grace took us through too. And the coaching was laser sharp and focused. The pace was excellent and I could feel the atmosphere in the room was charged and that everyone was getting loads from it. The only downfall is that it went too quickly!

A perfectly put together event. Well done Grace and CityGirl Team. You rock!


Here are a couple of pics:

london grp image

Grace and Francesco Kerrie pic London


Looking forward to another! Look out Los Angeles – CityGirl is coming…



… And the verdict….

Shit Hot events 5 stars

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Kerrie xox