Sand, Sea and Creativity

Why are sand, sea and creativity good for you?

Last week, I spent a glorious few days away at the Great British Seaside.

Me and a group of some of my oldest, best friends and all of our children went on a caravanning holiday to Great Yarmouth. It was sunny but a bit chilly, busy but restful too. We stayed in a large caravan that had three bedrooms – although there were 8 of us! It was cramped but it was so much fun!

It is so important for us to get out of the grind – even if we love our grind – which I do, and for the soul to take a break from the norm and just totally be… If I’m honest – I was actually thinking to myself, before we left – ‘Oh, I haven’t really got the time for this….’ But, boy am I glad I did! It was just the fun I needed.

I was still thinking about work – but purely from an inspired point of view. And I didn’t quite take a digital detox (I love Instagramming my pictures). But I didn’t do any physical work – and sometimes – it just has to happen.

Our resort had some great entertainment too- we saw some Strictly Come Dancing stars and some Britain’s got Talent Stars. We swam and laughed, ate chips and seafood, drank cocktails on the beach and devoured ice-cream and chocolate. We went to the fair and made sandcastles…

Most of all – we got to just be together and hang out. I feel very lucky to have such amazing old friends. We all love each other very much and have been through so much together.


So, now I’m home and rearing to start work again and feel more creative than ever! I’ve had some amazing feedback from clients and some much needed planning time for my future products. I’m so grateful that I got a few beautiful days of fun to recharge the batteries.

Your actionables this week are:

• What can you do to re-connect to others? Can you book a break – even if it’s just for a day, somewhere away from home and out of the house or workspace? If you can’t book it just yet – pencil it in the diary and start researching it.
• Be with some people you love – it lifts your mood. Try not to talk about work too.
• If you are under a lot of pressure at work and are feeling stressed – your body and mind are telling you something – that thing is….. TAKE A BREAK!

Enjoy your restful, creative week.
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

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