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Wow! Christmas has finally hit me! (In a good way)… I worked at the Winter Solstice Celebration last night at Alternatives at St James in Piccadilly and NOW I feel in the Christmas spirit!  Along with several hundred other people… From age 10 up to 95 years old! (I know this because it was announced that a lady in the audience was actually 95 that day and had been going to Alternatives for 30 years)…

I’ve been rushing around for a few weeks, yet I haven’t bought a thing.. (Well apart from a spa day for me and my sisters in January)! And I even heard myself groan at the first Xmas song belted out on radio 1 on the 1st of December. I’m certainly not a Christmas party pooper but I’m a 12 days before Christmas kinda gal! That is until my daughter absolutely insisted on me putting the tree an decorations up on the first weekend in December! I have a feeling that this is what happens when kids pick up on the Christmas vibe..

So, back to the solstice.. I LOVE this celebration. It’s to celebrate the longest night of the year and it has to be one of my favourites…   I love the light but I love the dark too. It’s time to reflect on and germinate ideas. Time to rest and rejuvenate.

The night opened with reflections and meditations from the directors. The whole audience lit candles.. We listened to poems and talked to people we’ve never met before. YES! We actually talked to people we didn’t know.

We listened to gospel choirs and a community choir. We chanted and danced. We ate and laughed. I love the diversity of the Solstice celebrations and the talent that it brings. We had artist Sarah Warwick singing her own songs and leading the community choir. And the  IDMC Choir belting out a few numbers from their current Christmas album and tour…

The night finished with some African drumming and dancing. It was such a happy time! I want to do it every night until Christmas.. OK, maybe not, that would be tiring, but I really loved this… Thanks Alternatives for another awesome night…

Here’s a quote from a Spiritual Reveller, Leni Neo…. ‘I feel so blessed to have been able to attend such a magical, uplifting & inspiring evening. The atmosphere created was enchanting & the energy floating among us was profoundly healing. I departed knowing I had experienced something so special, with a glowing, grateful heart; my soul buzzing with joy. A tremendous, heart-felt thank you to all those who made this exhilarating event happen. I look forward to next year’s celebration with excited anticipation’.

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Have a big, beautiful, eventful week..

Kerrie xox


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