Sweet Surrender – learning to do slow benefits your business and health

Sweet Surrender – I’m learning to do slow…

When my daughter was about 1.5 years, she had already been walking / running around like a loony for 8 months. She could not sit still –  EVER. She gets bored quickly. I even took her to see the health visitor once, as I was a tad worried (first child issues) and what she said surprised me. She said “Perhaps she get’s it from you? Are you a little manic..?” I couldn’t answer as I needed time to think about it (overtired, as per). But after a couple of weeks I actually agreed… I’m a little manic too and have perhaps have a busyness addiction.

In world where we are getting increasingly busier.. I’m asking female entrepreneurs how hard is it to switch off and do… well, nothing..?

I put this to the test this summer, as I had began to feel really worn out from working into the night more than a few nights a week. And sometimes it’s a must, especially for single mums like myself who work for themselves.

OK, so I was still doing a bit of work, I will admit (I can’t help it), but I decided to cut it right down and just do the essentials after reading a couple of books:

The Art of Extreme Self Care by Cheryl Richardson 


Sacred Success by Barbara Stanny 

I went away to Austria to visit my best friend who (luckily for me) owns a house in the mountains and then just worked part time for the rest of the summer holidays, while my little one was off.

So, what did I do whilst hardly working? I read books, watched movies, mountain trekked, cooked, listened to music, went out for play dates, picnics and team outings, played golf, went swimming and running… and I thought about work a lot! I couldn’t help it.

The negative side – I actually had to go cold turkey from my continual checking of my iPhone. Even my mum was looking at me feeling a little sorry for me…

The plus side – I’ve had sooo many ideas flowing to me since then.

This place is what some call the ‘White Space’. And I now realised how important this place is for entrepreneurs. It is a place of recognition and restoration. It is where we re-evaluate and re-assemble. It’s where we find our next big, bold, brave moves. Most importantly, it’s also where we find the energy to execute them.

Barbara Stanny interviews many super successful female entrepreneurs in her book Sacred Success and what was apparent for them all was periods of ‘doing nothing or stopping’ before they discovered the next big thing for their business.

I will from now on savour the sweetness of surrender and make sure I’m making time for white space in my life and business.

Are you making a place for ‘White Space’? If not now, when..?

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Have a big, brave week, whether it’s all white space or a super busy one…

Kerrie xox

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