Tell your truth…

Tell your truth…


When life becomes confusing, crazy and overwhelming, the truth can bring us closer to who we want to be as a person.

It makes us real, soft, full and perhaps more focused. Sometimes the truth ain’t easy to tell. Sometimes we are shy and fearful. Afraid of the consequences. Afraid of something beautiful even.  Afraid to love and afraid to be seen for who we really are.

Sometimes the truth literally falls out of our mouths, in a hurry, rushed and thoughtless. It stings and hurts, us and others.  At other times, the truth kept inside can paralyse us.  The truth can set us free on many levels…

If we remain true to ourselves, our passions, our fire, our stories – then we remain in our power.  We can stay centred and in our hearts.

When we forget our truth or we spend time in denial, shit can spin out of control and we forget our true selves. That’s when illness can strike and even depression.

The truth pretty much trumps all other versions of reality.  Unless it doesn’t and the truth is OK and left buried deep and hidden. Although, you’ll always know where to find this kind of truth. As it’s never really gone. Sometimes it will erupt like a volcano. This isn’t good or bad, it just is…

We all have secrets, that’s called real life. The truth can be painful and harsh, it can be liberating and give you clarity. It all brings us closer to our true nature.

Like all things, our truth is an energy and can be directed as a force for good. Too much false stuff can weaken our sense of self or make us into clones..  Staying true to yourself is a challenge and is a practice. A daily, gentle reminder that we can be who we want to be and more…

It has to be your truth though, and not the truth that others want for you. Your own truth will have alchemy.

True love,



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