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Last weekend I was lucky enough to work and help out at my favourite place in the world: Alternatives. One of the worlds leading centres for self-development, and known internationally as the UK’s landmark speaking platform for spiritual teachers, alternative thinkers, conscious business leaders and visionary thought provokers for the past 30+ years.

I worked here as a Team Member for four years and it completely changed my entire existence. As a self professed self-development geek, I still go back and help occasionally too, as the events are brilliant and world class.

The Wealth Chef on Saturday was no different. Ann Wilson is quite possibly, one of the best female speakers I’ve seen -and I’ve seen hundreds. Although they speak on different topics, she has a similar vibe to Marianne Williamson, who is my favourite speaker ever..  Ann is from South Africa; she’s witty, smart and dressed like a sex-bomb with killer heels and bright red lipstick.

We spent 4 hours in a masterclass and went through several exercises from her book – The Wealth Chef, which is published by Hay House. The pace was perfect and she made the exercises fun and informal. She made the sound of becoming finically free sound easy and achievable!

The venue’s are always different each week and I do love this particular venue, Heythrop College – which nestled away in a corner of a beautiful leafy square in London’s Kensington. It’s filled with the hustle and bustle of a theology college and has some really stunning and tranquil gardens.

The biggest take-away’s from the event were:

  • Learning the difference between saving and investing.
  • Income is not the most important thing. Assets and knowledge are.
  • Your assets create your financial freedom. Not your income.
  • You can create financial freedom from investing in Index Tracker stocks and shares.

I’m certainly no finance guru, far from it, but I’m really inspired to learn and know more and Ann’s approach and techniques are excellent.

If you need a jump start in any area of life, I recommend this place from the bottom of my heart. The events are good fun and amazing, you will meet like minded people and learn from the best…From the friendly team members who work there, to the inspiring venues and the world class speakers….

As always, a perfectly executed event Alternatives, until next time!


Some pics:

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Have a big beautiful, eventful week.


Kerrie xox


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