There is enough…

There is enough…


I believe in independence. But I also believe in unity. I believe in people power and I believe that humans are inherently good. There is beauty and power in sharing. It’s how our race evolved and how we will survive in the future. By working stuff out together, for the many and not for the few.

There is power in grief and sadness. Rock bottom can (if you let it) be the springboard to love and peace and well-being. There is friction in confusion. Friction is good, it heats us up and gets us fired up for change.

I believe the world is abundant. There are enough resources, we just haven’t found a way yet to distribute them. I believe that in 300 years, we will look back at the human race with excitement but also disbelief. As a race, we are still in toddlerhood.

There’s enough of everything. We just don’t know how to share yet. We aren’t ready to organise ourselves efficiently enough to ensure the have’s share with the have not’s. Old paradigms always break down eventually to make space for regeneration and growth. This is not a time for cruel jokes and racist taunts. Not that there is ever a time for that!  But we need to go with the flow, move onwards and keep reminding ourselves there’s more than enough to go round: resources, food, water, love…

There’s enough love in our hearts to heal almost any wound. There’s enough love in our minds to make peace with our enemies. There’s enough common sense to know that one-up-man-ship sends us spiralling into war.

Vitriol in your heart can kill you. Sadness and stress will weaken your immune system and make you ill. These are facts. I have never understood why humans feel the need to be so awful, negative and mean to each other. Whether it’s a shitty comment on social media or the bully in the workplace. I’ve experienced both of the above. Only recently, my 12-year-old sister took part in a photographic series called ‘Freckles’. While her picture got nearly 4,000 likes on Instagram and dozens of lovely comments, there were a handful of aggressive and ugly words from grown adult humans, which were, quite frankly embarrassing.

Humans were given minds to think and be logical and hearts to love and find peace. Both need to be used, together, to solve problems and puzzles and navigate through life. There is love in conviction. There is love in being strong. There’s love and strength in being vulnerable.  There is love in being yourself.

We over think and exhaust ourselves and are sometimes too tired to love. When you see a piece of work created or executed with love, you know it. When you see a family that love each other – besides the heartbreak and dysfunction, you see it.

There’s always enough love. Coming from a place of love doesn’t mean being walked all over. It means I’m in my power and I have an infinite well of love for life. Then applying it to the mundane. The mundane can become magical when love is present.


Always love,

Kerrie xox








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