True Love Rocks

True Love Rocks

Well, I had a sweet weekend and it was full of sweet surprises..

I went to one of my oldest and bestest friends 40th birthday parties. It was at a cute little venue in the town that I live… Her name is Buckie – well it’s actually Clair – but her surname is Buck, and we call many of our friends by their surname. And it suits her, she’s a teeny petite woman with a massive aura! She’s like a spitfire…

We were all instructed to be there early… So after a bottle of champagne at home with some mates, we headed there at about 7.30pm. We were the first to arrive, which is pretty unheard of for me.. As any of my friends can tell you..

We ate and chatted and drank mini bottles of Prosecco with straws until the majority of guests arrived.. The dance floor was getting busy at about 9pm…  Which is pretty early, but we were all loving being together.. It’s not that often that all our friends are together in one place to party!

I popped to the loo and as I came out I realised the music had stopped.. and as I got towards the dance floor I realised there was a speech going on! It was my friends partner Darren who is also a DJ… BUT then I noticed that she was wearing a bridal gown with a cute little headband and a bouquet of roses in hand…. I was trying to suss out what was going on for a few seconds as Darren’s words became a bit of a fuzz…

Then it hit me! She’d got married! They’d got married…!

Only for a split second was I surprised.. Then, I was like, of course they did, they are madly in love and are totally meant for each other..

In fact, I’ve never seen her so happy and settled. I’ve known Darren for many years, but at a distant really… He’s a great guy, genuine and kind and generous. Clair has two boys from previous marriages. And Darren is awesome with them too!

Buckie, I’ve been hanging out with since I was about 13, and we used to get up to all sorts of mischief together, alongside our other friends… (Another story)…!

The party then became turbo-charged.. Even the bride was seen doing the caterpillar on the dance floor among other party tricks and stunts…

This is Clair’s (and Darren’s) third marriage each. So, I supposed this is where we were all surprised… But in a good way.

Having married and separated myself I was so, so happy for them and also eager to know about her feelings… And this is what she told me…

“I never thought I would find happiness again, let alone marry again after my second divorce. But it never made me lose my faith in marriage. I met Darren 20 years ago when we worked together… When we finally got together in 2011, I knew this really was the one…Although I’d done it before, I never said forever (I know this is bad, but I never thought forever). I absolutely knew he was, and is…My plans for the future are nothing majorly complicated… I now have all I ever wanted… But OUR plans are to keep happy, healthy enjoy and take in all our fab times together… And mostly to keep true to each other.  I thank for everything in my life at least 10 times a day…”

This is a true love story. They are a couple who actually make me happy to watch them… And I kept welling up as I looked at all their photo’s..

With a lot of the current news being so sad and full of war of late.. This is a beautiful piece of news that I needed to share… My point being, that there’s always room for more love.

Congratulations Buckie and Darren, you guys rock!

Here’s a cute pic of them kissing! You’re welcome!




Big, beautiful love,

Kerrie xox

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  1. Claire - December 10, 2015

    Beautiful word Doogles X love Suggie X made me well up at work x

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