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The pleasure and the pain….

The pleasure and pain of life…

So, last week it was my dad’s birthday and on the day of his birthday, we went to listen to him deliver a moving and touching speech to a few hundred people at a packed out church in Bedford, UK.

It was World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims, of which my beloved 19 year old brother was one of them… He died suddenly on Halloween 1998, when the car he was a passenger in hit a tree at high speed on a rainy night.

The sudden death of a family member brings dark times. It’s hard to see or feel the light for a while. But slowly, the sensations of pleasure come back into your life… At first they are unwanted sensations, the guilt pings us back into the pain. The pain becomes comfortable…Eventually the pleasure brings new waves of euphoria and the realisation that life cannot be stopped. It is a force.

One such ‘light’ for our family was the Road Victims Trust. They are a charity who provide counselling and support to those left behind following the death of a loved one. Often people are so consumed with their own grief that they can’t look into each others eyes or feel each others hearts, or hear each others voices. So, to have a service, like this, that is free, and is there for you and your needs – is literally a God-send!

During the service, my heart was with those families left behind in the Paris massacres. A mindless, violent act that can’t be taken back. I really hope those families get the support they need to move on with their lives eventually.

Life is a dance of pleasure and pain… I’ve worked in the self development industry for many years and there’s an ideology that we’re looking for a perfectly happy, pain free existence… I don’t actually think it can exist… At least not right now…

Pain is an indicator… a yard stick that we can move. It shows us where we are at and that we need to work through stuff to push through to the other side… Pain can be found in family and friends, accidents and mindless behaviour…attempting to forgive and learning to understand others..

Pleasure is desire, love, open-ness, connection, soul-stirring conversations. It’s the flashes of inspiration, the warmth of an embrace and laughter of your little ones… It’s the happiness found in family and friends, forgiveness, true empathy and more love…

It’s all energy and it’s there for a reason… To bring us back to the into alignment, bind us and make us whole and present… It’s not meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be real.

Have a beautiful one…

Kerrie xox

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Birth, death and everything in between…

Birth, death and everything in between…

The last few weeks have been filled with important occurrences.

The 4th birthday of my daughter, the anniversary of the death of my brother and.. most importantly the birth of my new little nephew…

He’s called Ralphie and his middle name is Kevin, after my brother, who died. And he’s totally mesmerising. He was huge! 8lb 11oz here in the UK and 3.94  KG for those of you elsewhere… And my sister – for the record – is tiny. A UK size 6 and a very petite person. She’s a super-star.

Life’s made up of many of these little and not so little events. While birth and death are completely seismic, birthdays are beautiful little rituals. All are important –  they are extraordinary, key moments that offer us chances to love a little more… And keep us in tune with the natural rhythms of life.

Smack bang in the middle of these events, a few days after the birth of my nephew, my younger sister began to feel unwell. She had constant cramp in one of her sides. And after much pain and being unable to walk. She left her baby at home with her partner and went off to A&E with our mum.  The following day (in between pumping lots of breast milk), she went down to theatre and they removed her appendix and some debris from her fallopian tube.  She is absolutely fine now and we have an excellent health service here (lucky for us).  Something we take for granted a little. She was back home breastfeeding her little soldier by the next evening. This luck might not have been granted to our sisters across the globe in poorer places or to those women living in refugee camps.

Life is strange…in that it has so many twists and turns, ups and downs, but what makes it all seem right, okay and beautiful is family. Strong or not, together or not, dysfunctional or not. Of course, we are not always strong. Things fall apart, people fall apart, life comes apart at the seams. We get caught up in our own drama’s and others….

But where would we be without it all?  Life’s happenings are the heartbeat that pump us up in the present, and keep us going. Whether that be forwards, side-wards or backwards for a time. Then there’s stoppage time and downtime. Play time and love time. Time to reflect and time to re-evaluate.

Life always offers us beautiful chances to go a little deeper… For me it’s all about the appreciation of it all…

Have a brave, beautiful week…

Kerrie xox

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How to be our authentic selves…

How to be our authentic selves…

Myself and my group ‘Weird Sisters’ met last night… It’s a group of women who come together to explore spiritual and ethereal concepts and ideas once a month. Last night we worked on the idea of being more of our true selves and having the confidence to express ourselves fully. 

When you think about acting from a place of and being your absolute authentic selves… Do you feel free and alive or do you feel contracted and afraid?

I’ve been exploring this concept a lot since the break up with my husband…In fact, we do shed old selves several times throughout our lives.  Usually following a big break up or the loss of a loved one and the birth of a new one! I reckon I’ve had a few past selves…!

It was interesting to listen to some of the women in the room, and some of them said about how they often  suppressed their creative urges to fit in with the opinions of others. Living up to other peoples expectations.

Often as children, and as women we are expected to be good.  We let our lives play out allowing the expectations of others to rule our navigation. We revert to living our lives in other peoples value systems. This doesn’t serve us and never will. Of course, we have to live with some kind of filter, as we would never fit in otherwise and that could be a lonely place too…

Some questions for us:

What are our core values?

Are we operating from them?

Are we running away from them?

What would I do if I didn’t care what anyone else thought of me? 

And here are some ideas:

  • Worry less about our perceived image
  • Be more of the real me
  • Be wild and free
  • Say yes and no more
  • Give more compliments
  • Swear more
  • Be more playful and cheeky and let our laughter out
  • Have more courage and confidence in our voice and values
  • Prioritise our wellbeing – yes – even above your family sometimes

Telling our truth is not easy, but it does get easier with practice.

At a fashion show recently, Helen Mirren said, she wishes she’d have told people to fuck off more… “We were sort of brought up to be polite and sometimes politeness, in certain circumstances, is not what’s required,” she said. “You’ve got to have the courage to stand up for yourself occasionally when it’s needed.”

And I love this –  our generation can say no more and more with conviction and staying true to our real selves…

Let your  truth and inspiration lead you, step into your power ladies…  I’ll leave you with a quote from Katherine Hepburn.. ‘If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun..’ 

Have a big, beautiful week.

Kerrie xox


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25 Perfect Examples of Self-Care at Work

This past week, following a bout of back-to-school illness in our house, and recovery that took more than a couple of days,  I’ve been talking to my Sacred & Sexy Creative Community about what self care means to them.

As women, we often have a focus on others and not ourselves. We put others’ needs before our own and we prioritise everyone else’s schedule ahead of our ours. We were potentially taught to do this from a young age. We are usually the primary care-givers and are the ones holding the household together.

Not for one minute am I saying we should refuse to do all or any of the above. Family life could potentially fall apart if we were heading out for massages, mani/pedi’s and reiki every night during the dinner hour. But what I am saying is that I believe that if you have a happy, relaxed, focused woman –  you have a happy household.

I enjoy picking my daughter from school, and being able to attend little events and milestones. That’s one of the perks of working for yourself. But working for yourself (and others) can come at a price. You can work into the night, you may invest all of your money into your business and be totally skint, and you are often so tired, you end up saying no to everything you used to enjoy!  I have been all of the above!

So, I’ve been on a quest to find out what Self-Care means to creative entrepreneurs from all industries and from all over the world. Here’s what they said was most important to them… 

1. “Making myself say no when I don’t want to do something is one way I have learned to look after myself. I spent years saying a half hearted “yes” and then carrying around resentment and feeling exhausted. It’s hard to do as I like to think of myself as a helpful person and will go to great lengths not to upset anyone, but I’ve learned that if I don’t care for myself I have less to give to others”. Jackie Marsden, Sexual Health Nurse / Trainer & Writer, UK

2. “I exercise –  I do yoga..swim and powerplate mixed with cardio and leg weights”. Nickie Theobald, Model & Make-Up Artist, Ibiza

3.  “I have 6 sacred disciplines, but I’ll share this one: connect with a warm body each day. Big, heartfelt hug and soul connection with your kin. Share your energy!” Kate Berquist, Health Coach, USA

4. “Walking is my biggest self care tip. I walk 2 hours a day and have discovered so many benefits”. Karen Hodgson, Spiritual Promoter of Spiritual Technology, Ideas and Tools, Australia 

5. “Just meditation”.  Nikki Nightowler, Teaching Assistant, UK

6. “Yoga, meditation and a clean vegan diet”. Flavia Bernardes, Illustrator, Ireland 

7. “No rules — that is one of my biggest self care things. No rules to beat myself up with. Also managing money in a way that keeps me feeling safe. Plus nourishing food”.  Leila Hussain, Writer & Poet, UK

8. “My first self care tip is to have my access bars run (a technique for energy work focused on the scalp) to create space and ease in my life. Dancing one song a day keeps the mind away and yoga every day”. 
Marizete Da Silva,  Consciousness Facilitator, Yoga Teacher & Journalist, USA

9. “Talking to myself nicely, like I would talk to a friend”. Heidi Pryce, Veterinary Nurse, UK

10. “Self recognition in the mirror. I use affirmations which are appropriate for whatever aspect of myself I am working on at that time. E.g self-belief when going self employed
‘I am good enough to have my own business. I have extensive knowledge and valuable skills, which will benefit others worldwide”. 
Helen Courteney  – Award Winning Author, Self Realisation Mentor, UK

11. “Simply bath and bed”. Fay Johnstone, Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist & Meditation Teacher, Scotland

12. “Congratulating myself on a good job instead of criticising myself for not doing a good enough job, and smiling”. Annie Rose, Sexual Health Nurse, UK

13. “Hmmmm I have more than 1 in equal place so take which suits you! Yoga, Gratitude journal, Meditation, Juices”. Stacey Bout, Holistic Kinesiologist, Australia 

14. “When I go to bed and get up I recall 5 things that I’m grateful for and try and stay in the attitude of gratitude”. Liz Hoar, Reiki Practitioner, UK

15. “Stop giving others second chances. it saves my sanity”.  Sarah Steele, Executive Coach & Speaker, USA

16. “Exercise. It energizes my body and mind. I love Zumba, but yoga, walking, or whatever suits you is great”. Sarah Schwab, Content Creation Coach, USA

17. “Sleep or just the permission to lay in bed”.  Corrin Elizabeth Knight,  Spiritual Healer, USA

18. “Buy yourself a bunch of flowers”. Claire Foal, Blogger, Australia

19. “Listen to motivating Cd’s so that no one can destroy me by harsh words. I am good enough after all”. Carol Wright, Entrepreneur, UK

20. “Having boundaries and not allowing others to compromise them. Plus meditation and a super awesome bubble bath with a good book and scrumptious beverage once in awhile”. Shari Mallinson, Artist, Canada 

21. “Doing less and delegate tasks in order to create white space for myself. Having the courage to take breaks, laugh, have fun and give time to the things I really enjoy. Be honest with myself…..these are some of the things I’ve been doing that have made miracles for me lately”.  Adina Camelia, Aspiring Coach, Romania 

22. “Honouring myself in the morning…setting the stage for my day with daily rituals..meditation, body movement, morning pages, nourishing breakfast and hot water with lemon”. Dana Pettit Canneto, Body Awakening Catalyst for Women, USA 

23. “I have two young children and the way I start my day before the chaos begins is to make a glass of water with lemon and honey. It cleansing and hydrating, and a ritual for self care before I take care of others”. Stacie Jacin,  Landscape & Garden Designer, USA

24. “Happiness is family when they are happy it makes me happy”.  Romana Richards, Lecturer,  Trinidad and Tobago

25. “Treating every day as a special occasion – i.e. treating yourself well”.  Charlotte Pingriff, Artist & Author, UK

I LOVE this list! The great thing about the majority of the above is that most of it is FREE. It is stuff we can just implement in to our everyday lives.

OK, so mine is as follows: Hot water and lemon  as I awake,  laying in bed snuggling in the morning with my little girl, eating really well 90% of the time, and going for a few runs a week…Catching a few movies, planning exciting trips away.


  1. An important thing – and us mums shouldn’t forget this – is to ask for help. Your wellbeing is critical not only to your business but to your family life as well. Ask for help so occasionally you can free up some time to do stuff you love or to just do nothing.
  2. Learn a technique that helps you slow down and be a little still. There is magic in stillness.
  3. Take up something that has interested you for a while, whether it’s a year long course that you’ve been thinking about taking or a crochet or fitness class on a Tuesday night.

Finally, if you already are doing too much, remember it’s OK to say NO too!

Wanna join the sacred & Sexy Creative Community on Facebook? There are more than 1,000 female entrepreneurs and we love new members! JOIN HERE! 

Have a big, beautiful week..

Kerrie xox


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Sweet Surrender – learning to do slow benefits your business and health

Sweet Surrender – I’m learning to do slow…

When my daughter was about 1.5 years, she had already been walking / running around like a loony for 8 months. She could not sit still –  EVER. She gets bored quickly. I even took her to see the health visitor once, as I was a tad worried (first child issues) and what she said surprised me. She said “Perhaps she get’s it from you? Are you a little manic..?” I couldn’t answer as I needed time to think about it (overtired, as per). But after a couple of weeks I actually agreed… I’m a little manic too and have perhaps have a busyness addiction.

In world where we are getting increasingly busier.. I’m asking female entrepreneurs how hard is it to switch off and do… well, nothing..?

I put this to the test this summer, as I had began to feel really worn out from working into the night more than a few nights a week. And sometimes it’s a must, especially for single mums like myself who work for themselves.

OK, so I was still doing a bit of work, I will admit (I can’t help it), but I decided to cut it right down and just do the essentials after reading a couple of books:

The Art of Extreme Self Care by Cheryl Richardson 


Sacred Success by Barbara Stanny 

I went away to Austria to visit my best friend who (luckily for me) owns a house in the mountains and then just worked part time for the rest of the summer holidays, while my little one was off.

So, what did I do whilst hardly working? I read books, watched movies, mountain trekked, cooked, listened to music, went out for play dates, picnics and team outings, played golf, went swimming and running… and I thought about work a lot! I couldn’t help it.

The negative side – I actually had to go cold turkey from my continual checking of my iPhone. Even my mum was looking at me feeling a little sorry for me…

The plus side – I’ve had sooo many ideas flowing to me since then.

This place is what some call the ‘White Space’. And I now realised how important this place is for entrepreneurs. It is a place of recognition and restoration. It is where we re-evaluate and re-assemble. It’s where we find our next big, bold, brave moves. Most importantly, it’s also where we find the energy to execute them.

Barbara Stanny interviews many super successful female entrepreneurs in her book Sacred Success and what was apparent for them all was periods of ‘doing nothing or stopping’ before they discovered the next big thing for their business.

I will from now on savour the sweetness of surrender and make sure I’m making time for white space in my life and business.

Are you making a place for ‘White Space’? If not now, when..?

If you want more resources, tips, tricks and sweet stuff delivered to your inbox then come over to and sign up!

Have a big, brave week, whether it’s all white space or a super busy one…

Kerrie xox

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Give More, Create More

Want to give more and create more?

Have you been thinking about giving to a charity or to those who need it lately? But been wondering about who to give it to and how? Some people these days are wary of giving and wonder where their money goes.

The world is a rich place, full of natural resources and it has more than enough to go around. But at this moment in time: 2015 – we don’t all get to share the worlds wealth. Warren Buffett calls this ‘the Ovarian Lottery’ and many of us born in the West, won this lottery in some form. Most (but not all) of us born in the West are not starving and we have economic options. We have access to education and some kind of health service. In the UK, we have an amazing and free national health service, that – if we are honest, many people take for granted and complain about.



I usually have about four charities I give to: Firstly for me – I give to those in desperate situations. Like those in Nepal right now, following the horrific aftermath of the earthquake. I choose a regular donation charity in the UK -I am currently giving to Unicef  as they are well vetted and they do brilliant work with the worlds children. Then I find something local and fun to get involved with.



The Brits love to get involved with giving or paying it forward. Where I grew up – a small town in Bedfordshire – there is always something to get involved in to make a difference. Both my parents taught me the value in giving back too, something I hope to pass to my daughter. Her family originate from a very poor village in Bolivia and I know someday she will understand how lucky she is to be born here in the UK.
This weekend; myself and some friends took part in the Electric Run in London on Saturday night. It is the world’s brightest run, with thousands running the 5k route around a lit up Wembley Stadium and finishing with a huge after party dancing the night away to Kiss FM DJ’s. We had a blast and stayed dancing till the very last tune. It was an excuse to hang out, exercise and party. It was also a reason to do a little good.

We have an old school friend, who is battling cancer for the third time. Her name is Nichola Satchell. She has two young girls and they are her everything. Each time she has battled cancer; I have so admired her strength and tenacity and also in her ‘giving back’ ethic. She has raised tens thousands of pounds for various charities and it’s what has spurred her on. So brave and bold. You can read her story here:

The two things that bind us together – creativity and paying it forward… Giving back can be fun and fantastic. If you’re not already a serial giver-backer, then find something today. The feel good factor gives you a high. That’s the universe telling us to do more of that stuff!
Make a difference; be bold and creative too…
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie xox

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What to do when it’s time to stop everything and take a break!

What to do when it’s time to stop everything and take a break!
This week has been pretty immense and intense for me. It always is when things come to an end.
I had two endings this week:
1) I completed BSchool –which has been an intense 9 week online course to build a big, beautiful business.
2) An art project I produced and directed has wrapped up.

Sometimes I get a little stressed and need to tap in to my techniques for overwhelm and calm. As I know lots of people do. But do you know how to help yourself when overload strikes?

1) Spend time with those you love. This for me is spending time with my daughter doing things we love. So this weekend we went to a ‘paint your own pottery’ place in beautiful St Albans and had fun with friends. We got messy and creative, giggled together, drank hot chocolates and ate lollies.

Check out Pots of Art here: It was brilliant fun.


2) Lock in Down Time. This weekend I watched three movies: 50 Shades of Grey, Interstellar and James and the Giant Peach. I usually watch only one a month, so this was a movie marathon for me. It was a close the curtains and snuggle up with the doggy kind of affair. Bliss!

3) Ask for help. I felt frazzled by Friday, and needed some time alone. Away from EVERYONE! So, I called in help from my (super)mum. She whisked my little one off for the whole day on Sunday. I took advantage and decided to – finish a book I’ve been reading, sit and stare out of the window, play with the pooch, go shopping alone, go for a run, have a candle-lit bath….

4) Take time away from work. I LOVE to work. And my job doesn’t feel like work, so I’m usually happy to work at the weekend. BUT there are times, when it is necessary to switch off.
I made a promise to myself that when I am a little stressed – it’s time to turn it all off. So, I did. It makes Monday that little more exciting.

5) Self-Care Time. This is discussed all the time now. Self-Care is the #1 business strategy nowadays. Especially for women who have kids and are running around like headless chickens. Self-Care is whatever you build into your life as care and coping strategies.They don’t have to be major. Just little things that slow you down and make your heart sing.

The above are my strategies and I loved having a relaxing time this weekend purposefully not doing much. The buzzword here is ‘Time’. It’s all bout making time for yourself.  I’m now planning in my next relaxing weekend! I hope you are too!
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

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Healing and Creativity

What do healing and creativity have in common? Everything I tell you!

Yesterday I went on a Women’s Healing Circle day. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, as it was recommended by a friend. Plus, the lady who runs the event – Denise Barbi, intuits the days proceedings rather than plans them out, so I couldn’t research before hand, which is what I usually like to do!  I am  a born enthusiast and I’ll give almost anything a try, so I was excited to hear that it was a day involving many things and modalities, some of which I’ve tried before.

We arrived at the centre, which was out on holistic farm in Bedfordshire’s Woodland. There are sacred spaces; springs, wells, labyrinths and even an underground meditation chamber! I was in my seventh heaven!


Most of the morning was spent in a cosy room called The Birch. Where we meditated, played with Guidance Cards and talked. After lunch we went to the underground meditation chamber and began the release of old fears. Then we followed the facilitator Denise out through the fields to the labyrinth, while she was drumming. I felt like I was in a cult movie scene but I loved it.

Once back in The Birch room, we made Worry Dollies and then did some Vision Boarding. Plus a we had a some Womb Healing from Denise, to welcome in the Spring and manifest new desires.

Healing is whatever you invite into your life to release old stuff and bring you to new spaces and places. Did I have a healing? Yes I did. If you show up with an open heart and open mind, there’s always room for more healing. I woke up this morning feeling rejuvenated, focused, calm and happy.

What I love about what Denise has created – was the safe space – to be ourselves. It was the nurturing energy she brought to hold the space and the fun she injected into all the exercises.

When was the last time you invested a little time and money on yourself, your healing and creativity?

Exercise: Find a Meet-Up, workshop or event that resonates with you, where you can go, explore, have fun, be inspired and most importantly – where you can connect with like-minded people and make new wishes and dreams for the future.

I have been on my spiritual journey for many years and attended hundreds of events. There is nothing better when the speaker is fun, light hearted and has a great sense of humour. Denise is all of those and I highly recommend the day.

The next Women’s Healing Circle is: Sunday June 14th 2015. 11am-5pm. Cost: £40.

Denise Barbi can be contacted here:

The Clophill Centre can be found here:


Big beautiful love,


Kerrie x





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Sand, Sea and Creativity

Why are sand, sea and creativity good for you?

Last week, I spent a glorious few days away at the Great British Seaside.

Me and a group of some of my oldest, best friends and all of our children went on a caravanning holiday to Great Yarmouth. It was sunny but a bit chilly, busy but restful too. We stayed in a large caravan that had three bedrooms – although there were 8 of us! It was cramped but it was so much fun!

It is so important for us to get out of the grind – even if we love our grind – which I do, and for the soul to take a break from the norm and just totally be… If I’m honest – I was actually thinking to myself, before we left – ‘Oh, I haven’t really got the time for this….’ But, boy am I glad I did! It was just the fun I needed.

I was still thinking about work – but purely from an inspired point of view. And I didn’t quite take a digital detox (I love Instagramming my pictures). But I didn’t do any physical work – and sometimes – it just has to happen.

Our resort had some great entertainment too- we saw some Strictly Come Dancing stars and some Britain’s got Talent Stars. We swam and laughed, ate chips and seafood, drank cocktails on the beach and devoured ice-cream and chocolate. We went to the fair and made sandcastles…

Most of all – we got to just be together and hang out. I feel very lucky to have such amazing old friends. We all love each other very much and have been through so much together.


So, now I’m home and rearing to start work again and feel more creative than ever! I’ve had some amazing feedback from clients and some much needed planning time for my future products. I’m so grateful that I got a few beautiful days of fun to recharge the batteries.

Your actionables this week are:

• What can you do to re-connect to others? Can you book a break – even if it’s just for a day, somewhere away from home and out of the house or workspace? If you can’t book it just yet – pencil it in the diary and start researching it.
• Be with some people you love – it lifts your mood. Try not to talk about work too.
• If you are under a lot of pressure at work and are feeling stressed – your body and mind are telling you something – that thing is….. TAKE A BREAK!

Enjoy your restful, creative week.
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

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Meditation and Creativity

Does meditation directly affect creativity?


Yes – it not only clears your cache, it enhances your creative well-being too. Here’s how I know….

Wow, what a totally profound weekend I had at the Global Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire.
It is run by the Brahma Kumaris who are a world leading Spiritual University and have hundreds of centres worldwide with their Headquarters in India. They consider themselves students of Rajayoga (royal thought) which is a mind yoga directed by you- the detached observer and connecting directly to your source.

I arrived mesmerised by the breath-taking beauty of the majestic grounds and the historical Nuneham House where it is nestled. I left being moved on a profound level and feeling hugely creatively inspired. We walked, talked, sang and  chanted.. We connected, soul -gazed and danced.. We ate and laughed, we listened and reached inside ourselves…

Now, I already had a meditation practice – but it was as and when. Scattered and almost shoved in, at some point during my very busy day. I have a three year old little girl, who likes lots of attention – rightly so! And I run a business. So, I felt I was doing OK, managing a few minutes meditation each day. And yes, it a few minutes meditation is definitely better than no meditation.

The course is a three day retreat for people who want to learn about the spiritual wisdom and benefits of meditation. For me meditation was almost a way of clearing the cache and kind of emptying out my thoughts and mind-junk. But what I learned this weekend was that true meditation is so much more than emptying out the ‘Thought Recycle Bin’! It is about direct contact with source. It is about filling up with God-energy and totally understanding that my body is just a physical extension of that source and my soul is one with it. I feel like I’ve turned up the volume of my soul and amplified my whole being. I feel full to the brim and was able to practice today and ramp up that feeling.

The key, we were told – is practice and consistency, which of course applies to everything in life! The crux is – the less we identify with the self and the past, the more open we are in the present. I loved that…
So, here are some tips they gave us to meditate really well and with ease:



• Prioritise at the very least ten minutes each day to spend on a gentle meditation and your mind-set. Set your intention to make it happen. It’s a daily choice.



• Start by understanding that ‘you’ are not your body or your things, your house or your car – you are a soul and extension of light. You can be the detached observer, by choosing so.



• Begin your meditation sitting in a chair with your hands on your lap. Be alert and sit up. Take your mediation practice away from your bedroom if at all possible. Set your phone for five minutes or put on a piece of relaxation music, that matches your desired time. Breath and relax. Keeping your eyes gently open. Imagine there is a star in your forehead behind your eyes and focus on this star, keeping you eyes open and zoning out of the place you are in.  Breath gently and keep bringing any thoughts back to the star. It is normal to have racing thoughts and only with consistent practice do they begin to slow and stop.




Here is a beautiful and short mediation from the website. It is short and subtle, but is also warm and empowering:
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x



PS – This amazing retreat was donation based and you really couldn’t put a price tag on it. If you want to book on the course or find out more about the Brahma Kumaris – you can enroll here:

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