What does Creative Confidence mean to you?

What does Creative Confidence mean to you?


This week, I’ve some exciting and interesting discussion about what Creative Confidence means to people – following last week’s blog on that subject.  Whilst most people got it, someone asked: ‘what does creative confidence actually mean…?’

After much deliberation about an exact answer (and I’m no oracle), my feeling is:


It’s actually up to you…


Since then, I’ve been on a little research mission to get into the hearts and minds of you creative types.  This week I interviewed people on what creative confidence means to them…


The conclusion I’ve kinda come to – is that it’s such a personal thing. We all approach our work in different ways. We express ourselves with uniqueness and that is our gift.

One strong commonality though- is our need to express our true selves, without judgement of others. To be heard – exactly as we are.


Here are some beautiful and vulnerable insights from amazing creatives from across the globe:

1)      Laureen Oliphant –  Writer

Being willing to create, produce, bring forth things that make you feel passionate and happy without worrying about whether others will like you or criticize you for it. And without stopping and never finishing it because you worried how you’ll feel about it in the future.

2)      Kamila Dowgiert – Art Student

I believe in expressing myself through art. To me, creative confidence means not being afraid to show the world your emotions and beliefs through what you have created, such as a painting, sketch or a photograph.

3)      Elizabeth Noell –  Writer & Licensed Desire Map Facilitator

It means giving myself permission to create however, wherever or whatever without fear of reprisal of any sort.

4)      Irena Kirn – Life Change Architect

It’s knowing your own authenticity, listening to your own Intuition and trusting your own Creative Process (knowing you are Whole and you are an important, unique part of the Whole – Nature).

5)      Caren Rich – Autism Expert, Psychology Professor & Licensed Desire Map Facilitator.

Being a trailblazer, one step in front of the other; ownership of what you create.

6)      Laurence Payot – Artist

For me creative confidence means trusting your instinct. Sometimes it can take months or years to get something that feels ‘good’ and ‘right’, and only I know when it is. Creativity is all about choices, and being confident enough to say no when things don’t feel right also.

7)      Helen Woollams – Fashion Designer

Creative confidence is the undeniable urge to explore and discover through my art. The passion that comes from setting new standards for myself; excitement in exploiting my licence for individuality. I do however think that it is a double edge sword as there are times when I loose complete confidence; it almost works in a regular cycle of highs and lows.

8)      Kirsty Calo – Life Coach

To me creative confidence is having the faith and the flow to create from my heart and be completely true to who I am in everything I do. I feel that I don’t have to hide or apologise or censor what I create because it’s coming from me and it just feels right! When I’m lacking in creative confidence I overthink and create from a place of ‘would people like this?’ Which stifles me and leads to feeling unsure of myself, and really frustrated inside. Creative confidence gives me the freedom to express myself and my purpose and passion on my terms!

9)      Timmika Ramsay – Singer & Student

Creative confidence is finding the beauty in failure – not everything I try to create is going to be amazing but I know if I keep on pushing and allowing myself to not get it right I will eventually find something magical.. Expanding my imagination has given me creative confidence: playing like a child to create a piece of music or to write a play. I It also is experiencing life and taking little parts of my life and other life’s and mixing it all together into something wonderful.. After all art is the imitation of life.

10)  Blaze Schwaller – Portrait Painter

Creating something without worrying about if it fails, confident that its purpose will be served no matter how it is received – by me or anyone else. Permission to create from the heart without worrying about what others might think about me, and without me worrying about my skill level or lack thereof.

11)  Nina Schmidt – Artist & Graphic Designer

Creative confidence for me comes with experience. So I have to be willing try a lot and make a mess. For a long time.

12)  Maria Samuel – Make-Up Artist

When I feel confident, happy and positive then I feel creative. With peace in my heart and mind I can feel creative. Creativity will not flow if I’m anxious or stressed.

13)  Claire London – Artist

I guess creative confidence to me is all about following my heart seeing my visions for what they are and being true to my reasons for creating them. By enjoying what the universe shows me. The feeling you are always in tune spiritually. Creative confidence is all about learning to build dreams.

14)  Jackie Notman – Transformational Guide

Creating without the need for approval from others or without the fear of judgement from others

15)  Ken Harge – Student

It’s to KNOW that the good stuff will come. I’d say when you have creative confidence you stop the resistance and let the great ideas come through. I think it’s actually easier to be creatively confident than not.

16)  Heidi Linehan – Photographer

Feeling free to do what you feel without worry for what others think.

17)   Barbie Wharton Quinn – Event Manager

Using my voice and being ok with whoever hears it!

18)  Neha Awasthi – Spirited Weightloss Coach

Creative confidence to me means being in tune with the inner self and having the courage to listen, follow what is it telling me and to finally share it with the world.

19) Ciaran Robinson – Artist

I guess for me creative confidence (in may area of creating works of art) is a mix of both experience and clarity of an idea. The light goes on in your head and you know exactly how you are going to execute it.

20) Alexandra Wenman – Healer, Writer & Speaker

Whenever I create something I know is really powerful – whether it is a piece of poetry or a guided meditation or a beautiful drawing – it almost feels as thought it comes from outside of me. I fall into a kind of melancholy reverie and I am able to let go and let whatever it is flow through me. Whenever I tap into this, I know magic is going to happen. That’s my key to creative confidence.



To me, it is about making space to create, staying dedicated, being brave, taking leaps of faith, leaning on others when needs be, taking advice and trusting that it will all work out.


Your Actionable: Be yourself, trust your gut, and be brave. Let your inner creative take control sometimes – they know where they are headed.

As always, thanks for reading…If you liked this, then share that love and the post!


Big beautiful love,
Kerrie xox

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3 thoughts on “What does Creative Confidence mean to you?

  1. Blaze Schwaller - June 8, 2015

    So wonderful to see how other artists and creative people feel about creative confidence and freedom. I am feeling inspired just reading it all! http://www.blazebrightly.com 😀

  2. Jackie Notman - June 8, 2015

    What an honour to be included amongst so many creatively thoughtful people. Thank you Kerrie. I love that even the definition of creative confidence is down to our own creativity! http://www.jackienotman.co.uk

  3. kerriedg - June 9, 2015

    Thank you Jackie, it was really special to hear everyones inner feelings and thoughts about it.
    Thanks for taking part!

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