What to do when it’s time to stop everything and take a break!

What to do when it’s time to stop everything and take a break!
This week has been pretty immense and intense for me. It always is when things come to an end.
I had two endings this week:
1) I completed BSchool –which has been an intense 9 week online course to build a big, beautiful business.
2) An art project I produced and directed has wrapped up.

Sometimes I get a little stressed and need to tap in to my techniques for overwhelm and calm. As I know lots of people do. But do you know how to help yourself when overload strikes?

1) Spend time with those you love. This for me is spending time with my daughter doing things we love. So this weekend we went to a ‘paint your own pottery’ place in beautiful St Albans and had fun with friends. We got messy and creative, giggled together, drank hot chocolates and ate lollies.

Check out Pots of Art here: It was brilliant fun.


2) Lock in Down Time. This weekend I watched three movies: 50 Shades of Grey, Interstellar and James and the Giant Peach. I usually watch only one a month, so this was a movie marathon for me. It was a close the curtains and snuggle up with the doggy kind of affair. Bliss!

3) Ask for help. I felt frazzled by Friday, and needed some time alone. Away from EVERYONE! So, I called in help from my (super)mum. She whisked my little one off for the whole day on Sunday. I took advantage and decided to – finish a book I’ve been reading, sit and stare out of the window, play with the pooch, go shopping alone, go for a run, have a candle-lit bath….

4) Take time away from work. I LOVE to work. And my job doesn’t feel like work, so I’m usually happy to work at the weekend. BUT there are times, when it is necessary to switch off.
I made a promise to myself that when I am a little stressed – it’s time to turn it all off. So, I did. It makes Monday that little more exciting.

5) Self-Care Time. This is discussed all the time now. Self-Care is the #1 business strategy nowadays. Especially for women who have kids and are running around like headless chickens. Self-Care is whatever you build into your life as care and coping strategies.They don’t have to be major. Just little things that slow you down and make your heart sing.

The above are my strategies and I loved having a relaxing time this weekend purposefully not doing much. The buzzword here is ‘Time’. It’s all bout making time for yourself.  I’m now planning in my next relaxing weekend! I hope you are too!
Big beautiful love,
Kerrie x

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