What’s your Woo-Woo?

So, I’ve half written a book. I started in when I was pregnant in 2011.  It’s plotted out all the way to the end and some chapters are finished. It’s a children’s novel and I think it has potential… It makes me happy when I think about it. If that mean’s anything!

Storytelling is a passion of mine, since my college days, where myself and fellow students took theatre in education sessions to kids in schools in Luton in the UK.

So, this book.. It’s one of my biggest dreams and I can’t seem to get it finished! What’s all that about? I am busy though. A story we all tell ourselves. I’m a single mum to a spritely 3 year old. I work and I blog and I have a good social life. (Lucky me)!

But, why is it that some of our biggest dreams get shelved…?

I’ve heard that Harry Potter was shelved for a while and I know it had masses of rejection before it found success.

I’ve been wondering about the fear of failure and if I have it around my book! As I’ve struggled with it in the past. I wrote a blog for 4 months and didn’t tell anyone about it for fear of visibility.

So, I’ve made a promise to myself to get started and make some bold moves on behalf of my dream. This means: super early mornings, a structured plan to fit more writing in and a little bit of woo-woo sprinkled on top.  Maybe a bit of theta meditation and lots of running! I get lots of ideas when I’m running.

As always, a great place to turn is the Sacred & Sexy Community on Facebook. So, here’s a little share of what a bit of Woo-Woo means to them whilst striving:

‘This may be a boring answer but I get most of my ideas whilst walking or driving, and sometimes washing the dishes. So while I do a lot of “research”, I find that when I just reflecting and pondering that things click in my head.’ Lana Le, Illustrator 

‘I write a blog for moms so my inspiration for each week comes from everyday moments but from a woo-woo perspective once I get the idea it’s almost like it clicks in my brain. Then I literally start writing in my mind and it’s like the words consume me until I can dump them onto paper. Sounds bizarre, I know. I have to get them out. I’ve been known to pull over and write in the side of the road while the kids groan and tell me they are going to be late!’ Jennifer Diaz, Blogger

‘Do something totally out of your comfort zone first. Like run up the down escalator like a kid. Sing out loud while walking down the street. Totally empowering. Breaks the shackles of normal thinking (and maybe rational thinking)’! Molly Green, Career Coach 

‘It’s not very woo woo but I start my day with a meditation and some handwriting before I go into my real work-related writing. Even when I have tough ideas I can’t easily work through I will write it all out by hand. Maybe it’s because I’m a lefty and it stimulates the right side of my brain but my thinking always comes out differently on paper vs on a keyboard’. Laura Jones, 

‘Wine always helps me write. So does coffee. But I have started pulling oracle cards and asking “what would it take to make this writing the best I can do”? Lacy Laubacher, MisfitMystic

‘Writing does not always come easily so it helps to connect to the Divine. I put my arms up to the sky, tilt my head back, and ask for God, Spirit, Higher Power to work through me and send me whatever I am supposed to create and share’. Karen Costello, Life Coach

‘I go to the source of all within myself and open up to what’s there trusting all I need to know now is shown to me. Being present is my way’. Denise Barbi, Reverend, Intuitive Healer & Teacher 

Some beautiful stuff here and as aways inspirational…

This quote sums up how I’m feeling right now..

“Why do I talk about the benefits of failure? Simply because failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me.” – J.K. Rowling

What about you and your big dreams? Need more Woo-Woo in your life?  If you’d like to join our special community of women, then we’d love to see you there. Click here! 

Have a big beautiful week ladies..

Kerrie xox

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